Recap: Voltes V: Legacy, Episode 73 – “Anong kailangan niyo sa akin, mga inutil?”

Recap: Voltes V: Legacy, Episode 73 – Takeo Arisa

Voltes V Legacy Episode 73 Recap

Back at CBF, Steve hurries to find Eva and asks if she’s changed her mind about admitting to attempted murder. He is 100% sure she did it because she wants to be a Voltes pilot. But Eva says if she was really that desperate, she should’ve murdered him instead especially after he’s hurt her so much by being an asshole. So Steve better stop accusing her without any evidence. Steve says he will not hesitate to have her court-martialed.

Elsewhere, Dr. Hook tells Little Jon that he is sending him to the International Scientific Conference Summit to represent CBF and the Voltes team. Octo-1 can’t come though. But Little Jon will have his own security detail.

While Oslak revels in the success of his sabotage, Zardoz scolds Draco and Zandra for another embarrassing loss. They have another plan involving General Watson at the camp, but Zardoz has instead tasked someone else to make moves. Zandra and Draco cannot believe Zardoz has finally grown tired of them and chosen others to put his trust in.

Zardoz introduces the new arrival: Contessa Zaki, the unang tagasiyasat of the Emperor. He is sure she will not disappoint him. She feels him up, much to Zandra’s annoyance. But Zardoz doesn’t care for Zaki’s nonsense. He just wants her to win.

Voltes V Legacy Episode 73 Recap

Contessa Zaki calls in the twin alipin warriors Takeo and Arisa, much to everyone’s shock. But Zaki says these unbeatable fighters will be able to defeat Voltes V. Draco and Zandra protest their ability to do so, especially when their Beastfighters are so easily defeated.

Zardoz acknowledges those concerns, especially since the twins are just alipins. But when they face off against Zardoz’s soldiers, they easily take them down, proving their worth.

Later, Zaki tells Takeo and Arisa that she has come up with a strategy after studying the Erthuains and believes targeting the pilots is the best move.

Episode Thoughts

It might be the combination of overstaying its welcome and growing tired of the show, but Voltes V: Legacy is getting a bit absurd. Also, perhaps now, I’m more sensitive to its faults whereas at the beginning, I was far more willing to look past them.

Steve coming after Eva like that was crazy. It’s like we missed a whole chunk of story there. And also, they haven’t given the others any reason to immediately assume Eva is a murderer. She might be a jealous bitch, but to go so far as killing Jamie? These people are very judgmental and honestly, I’d love to watch them be proven wrong just to embarrass them.

But really, making Eva into a moustache-twirling cartoon villain… or really, an over-the-top typical teleserye villainess highlights the weaknesses of Voltes V: Legacy‘s execution. Having a love triangle is not a bad thing. Playing up that youthful immaturity is fine to help build up our main heroes. But the show hasn’t done that and instead moving along with these little vignette-type of stories instead of a free-flowing complete narrative.

Still, Eva made perfect point about killing Steve instead. He’s definitely done a lot to her even if she is a clingy delulu. lol

Anyway, the arrival of the new characters (last minute characters?) at least gives something different as we slog through these final four weeks. Let’s just hope they actually do score some wins against the Voltes team instead of just rinsing and repeat what we’ve gotten so far with the Beastfighters.

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