Thursday Tunes, August 17, 2023 – DKB’s “Told You” and “All Yours”

Lots of potential favorite tracks of the year for me these last few weeks!

Okay, so I’ve got to explain my experience with DKB’s latest release. I rarely keep up with any artists’ comeback teaser schedule or read up on the songs or listen to teasers. I like watching the MV on the day of release and then go on to listen to the rest of the album. It’s more exciting for me that way.

“All Yours” by DKB

For DKB, I actually did end up listening to a teaser for what I thought was their title track “All Yours.” I liked the first impression and was excited that it seemed to follow in the footsteps of “I Need Love,” which slowly has become one of my favorite tracks of the year. So late Sunday/early Monday, I was eagerly waiting for 2am PT when I knew the music video would go live on YouTube. And as soon as I saw “DKB(다크비) – All Yours MV” pop up, I clicked on it immediately.

I didn’t immediately realize it, but “All Yours” is actually an all-English-language track. But what I did notice immediately was something sounding a bit off with the group’s vocals. I couldn’t put my finger on it and just chalked it up to something in post-production or sound mixing or whatever. Nonetheless, I still loved the vibe of the track and again, feeling like a true follow up to “I Need Love,” I felt like I would love the song even more as I listened to it more.

“Told You” by DKB

So later, I went to listen to the other new tracks from the album which is a repackage of I Need Love. The first track began and I was excited again since it seemed like yet another track in the same vein as “I Need Love” and “All Yours.” Then I slowly started to realize, “Wait a minute! This is the same song!” I was so confused! Lol I had to immediately look for answers and it turns out “Told You” is technically the Korean version of the English-language “All Yours.” Though in comparing the lyrics, I think both end up giving similar, though distinct vibes and emotions.

I was relieved to see on TwitterX that I wasn’t the only one who got things a bit mixed up. But from reading more on TwitterX, I discovered that the odd feeling I had with “All Yours” stemmed from the excessive autotune that was being used for the entire song. And finally, it all made sense for me. lol I have to agree with a lot of the fans. “All Yours” would definitely be even better without the unnecessary “enhancement” to the group’s already great vocals.

I still very much like the song. Interestingly enough, the more I’ve listened to “All Yours” in the last couple of days, the more I’ve grown to really like it.

Also, I’m not too keen of the post-bridge lines of “Told You,” so I tried to switch them out for the first post-bridge chorus of “All Yours” instead. And this is the result! 😊

Anyway, I can’t say enough about these tracks. A combination of dreamy nostalgia and good ol’ synth-infused pop; DKB effortlessly delivered once again. No question, they have already secured another spot on my year-end favorites list with this one alongside “I Need Love.”

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