Recap: Kamen Rider Geats, Episode 44 – Genesis VI: Neon, Shines

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 44 Recap Review

Papa Kurama fights hard to save Neon, saying he will not allow a repeat of what happened all those years ago. Neon does not understand since she’s not really his daughter. But Papa Kurama says she IS his daughter and she has helped him regain the ability to love others. Something he thought he lost long ago.

“I love you, Neon.”

Beroba laughs as she shoots at Neon, but Papa Kurama shields her and absorbs the attack instead. He uses his last bits of strength to slash at a charging Burari, sending him flying back and being forced to dehenshin.

Neon breaks free of her ziptie and helps her father stand. Beroba leaves as Papa Kurama dehenshins and falls to his knees. Suddenly, the ghost of Akari appears and she transforms into Neon. He pulls her into a hug, the father and current daughter reunited.

Papa Kurama collapses and he is rushed to the hospital.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 44 Recap Review

Ace returns to the green room after driving Kekera away. Michinaga tells him about his visit with Daichi. They agree that based on the little that Daichi has said, Sara could’ve been saved had Keiwa not screwed everything up with his world.

Ace says all they have to do is return everything to normal and save Tsumuri. Michinaga wonders what Beroba wants to do with Neon. Ace says she and Jitto are just using Neon and Keiwa for their plans.

Jitto is chatting with Tsumuri, telling her that Ace will grow weaker without comrades by his side. And once he dies, she will become the Goddess. She says she has no desire to be the Goddess of Creation and only wants a world of happiness for everyone. Jitto thinks Ace being alive is what is helping Tsumuri retain her free will and clinging to life.

Keiwa is surprised Beroba and Kekera kidnapped Neon. But they both just brush it off as being part of this game. And that includes Keiwa eventually being able to save his family.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 44 Recap Review

Just then, Michinaga is trying to force his way into their hideout. He comes face to face with Keiwa and they both henshin. But Keiwa is much too powerful now against Michi.

Michinaga asks if Keiwa is going to turn a blind eye to what happened to Neon. Keiwa says there is nothing wrong with wanting his family to be happy. Michinaga says he believes in Keiwa’s ideal world.

Keiwa confronts Jitto and asks if defeating Geats will really complete the Goddess. Jitto asks Keiwa what his desire is now. Keiwa wants to revive his family and he does not care what happens after.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 44 Recap Review

Tsumuri cannot believe it. She asks if that wish will really make Keiwa happy. Of course, he answers. But Tsumuri asks why he looks so miserable then. Keiwa excuses himself. Tsumuri asks where the Keiwa who wanted world peace has gone. Keiwa answers that there is no point if his own family cannot be happy.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 44 Recap Review

Back at the hospital, Mama Kurama arrives and immediately hugs Neon. She tells her that all the days they spent together were real.

Papa Kurama has been taken care of and is awake. He tells Neon that she deserved happy moments during the years she spent with them. Mama Kurama says that is still possible moving forward.

Papa Kurama gives Neon his Core ID and says he hopes she can find her true happiness. Neon thanks him, but says she has already found her happiness.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 44 Recap Review

Suddenly, Beroba arrives and begins attacking the hospital. Papa and Mama Kurama try to stop Neon from running out, but she says she is part of the Kurama Family and it is her duty to protect the world.

Beroba laughs at Neon, saying she will only find despair here and not happiness. Neon says she’s already found genuine love and happiness. She whips out a Driver and the Core ID. Beroba laughs some more, but Neon says she will be able to henshin as long as she continues to wish for it.

Recap: Kamen Rider Geats, Episode 44 – Genesis VI: Neon, Shines

Beroba goes Premium and shoots at Neon, but Neon is able to successfully henshin to Na-Go Fantasy.

Neon vows not to let Beroba spread despair ever again. They battle. Beroba says no one wants to watch a happy ending, but Neon says this world does not exist for their entertainment.

Neon is able to deliver a barrage of attacks before a Fantasy Strike finisher at Beroba who is forced to dehenshin.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 44 Recap Review

A bloody Beroba stumbles away, but is found by Michinaga who mocks her for being miserable now.

Beroba looks at her bloody face in a broken mirror, refusing to accept such a fate.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 44 Recap Review

Over at the green room, Neon reintroduces herself as her father’s replacement as she reenters the Game. She also knows Ace was the one who gave her the power to fight earlier when she henshined again. Ace says her parents’ wishes helped to make that happen as well.

Ace explains that need to set the world straight as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, Kekera reiterates to Keiwa that Geats needs to defeated.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 44 Recap Review

Episode Thoughts

Geats is so strange to me. lol Why does it feel like its core theme is there and present, yet not at the same time.

This episode made me feel that Geats is all about the idea of what constitutes happiness. What does happiness mean to you? And of course the DGP should help flesh out that discussion. Will the thing you ultimately desire bring you happiness? Will you be truly happy once you “win” and fulfill your desire and wish?

From there, the other branches of the story tree (not to be confused with Daichi’s magic tree lol) should easily grow. For example, there’s family. And from there, more branches should sprout up.

This episode was all about family. At least, Neon and Keiwa’s family. Which is kind of funny considering Ace was previously all about finding his family, or at least his mother. And when we finally get a “family” episode, he’s almost nowhere to be seen lol

But for Keiwa, obviously he wants to save his family. It’s not unreasonable to believe someone would do anything and everything for their family. Even if it means having to come at the expense of other people’s happiness. That’s fine for Keiwa. Now. But it would’ve been much better had they fleshed out how his parents’ death affected him and Sara. And drive home the fact that the DGP was the cause of their deaths and all subsequent hardships and struggles he and Sara may have experienced.

Instead, Keiwa’s heel turn feels hollow and forced, even if still fun to watch.

That’s at the same time as feeling from the beginning that Ace vs. Keiwa was inevitable. But not for the reasons they’ve recently established. It does somewhat bring back cringe-inducing memories of Revice‘s final third. But Keiwa would have had much more justification for such a character twist if the show had done a couple of things differently with him.

With Neon, I just had to laugh at the scenes with Papa Kurama. Again, it feels like an emotional climax for a story from a completely different show. And also again, I get it and understand it. But I don’t see how we got it. It’s another good idea with poor execution. What is supposed to be a big emotional climax is instead a shallow, seemingly hastily-put together story for characters the season almost forgot existed it seems like.

With a potential core theme of the desire for happiness, the show did not do enough to explain how the DGP’s function as an escape for future people who don’t have opportunities to desire anything has really held back the possibilities.

In fleshing out the DGP and the future peoples, it would’ve made the fans like Beroba and Kekera much better positioned to become the villains they are now. And in turn, elevate the Riders as the counterpoint to the repressed peoples of the future. Which, of course, looping back is the cause of the creation of the DGP and thus, all the problems and struggles the Riders have had to endure this past year.

It’s all really quite fascinating how Geats can have everything and nothing at the same time. They seem to know exactly what they wanted to do, but had no idea how to make it happen. Too bad.

Anyway, I enjoyed Neon as Fantasy’s attacks on Beroba. Very cool the way they presented that scene. And also like how Neon’s final form is not stereotypically “girly,” which I guess I expected considering how they liked to regress Neon’s character into just a vapid social media influencer every so often during the season.

5 thoughts on “Recap: Kamen Rider Geats, Episode 44 – Genesis VI: Neon, Shines

  1. As much as I hate the previous episode because how dirtyly they are playing with Keiwa’s family I love this episode as much (although I know I will hate the next episode because dapaan return should happened earlier before neon’s final form in place of daichi) it’s a great family bonding episode and neon’s final form (although it doesn’t look like it) is very cool and henshin sequence is beautiful the only thing I dissapointed keiwa was not much shoked about neon kidnapping than he should I know he has been suffering a lot but I will be happy if he will more pissed off (which make me not to ship them anymore at least from now) and although I am not angry sad or dissapointed with it but it would be cherry on the cake if neon insert song will also play (but since my favorite I peace was not their so I kinda gave up hope for beat of my life)

    1. I agree that it doesn’t look final form, I hope we get a Fever Fantasy/Fantasy in the future (since unlike most large buckles it actually looks light enough to not get in the way when doing stunts).

    2. Yeah, it would’ve been nice to see Keiwa react more to what was happening. Especially since last episode was all about him, he kind of went back in the shadows this week.

  2. Interesting observation about the season’s theme. I think you put it more clearly than the show even knows what it wants to do with it. lol

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