Recap: Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger: The Secrets of King Racules, Episode 2

King-Ohger Secrets of Racules Episode 2 Recap

Rita arrests Racules, upon his confession and brings him to Gokkan. Racules explains that Shugoddam had taken over development of Ohgercalibur Zero after N’Kosopa dropped it. It was Vedalia who took the lead in its research, but Rita knows Racules had threatened to execute her afterwards. Racules says he could not allow someone who knew such sensitive secrets to live.

Meanwhile, it turns out the orange figure is Shidejim who possessed Vedalia in order for him to decipher the secret of the legend mural. Kamejim orders Shidejim to hurry back, take back Vedalia’s body and finish his mission. Especially now while Racules is not at the palace.

Kamejim sends an embiggened Sanagim to Shugoddam. Morfonia hurries over to tell Rita that the Bugnarak have attacked the coroners examining the crime scene in the palace and Vedalia’s body has gone missing.

King-Ohger Secrets of Racules Episode 2 Recap

Racules expected as much as he knew that his absence would provide the perfect opportunity for all that to happen. When he had defeated Shidejim, Racules saw Vedalia’s body get ejected.

Rita realizes Racules used her to lure the Bugnarak out. Racules has some questions for this particular Bugnarak. Rita says there were no signs of Bugnarak at the scene, but a strange liquid from where Vedalia’s body was found has been tested to be not of human or Bugnarak origin.

King-Ohger Secrets of Racules Episode 2 Recap

Racules understands. Rita asks what he knows, but he just asks her to take his cuffs off. Rita slices them apart and officially acquits him.

Racules henshins and calls on King-Ohger Zero. They immediately take on the Sanagim ravaging the mountains outside Shugoddam’s capital.

King-Ohger Secrets of Racules Episode 2 Recap

Meanwhile, Shidejim is in the throne room of the palace looking for the sword. But Racules arrives and Shidejim realizes King-Ohger Zero was just a decoy. In fact, Racules admits it is on autopilot.

But the most important thing now is Racules’ questions for Shidejim.

King-Ohger Secrets of Racules Episode 2 Recap

Episode Thoughts

After Episode 20, I remembered I had not finished The Secrets of King Racules and thought perhaps the remaining two episodes would help fill in some of the blanks I felt afterwards.

Unfortunately, no subs yet for Episode 3 which was apparently just released today. So Episode 2 only for now. And it actually didn’t do much either. Lol

Still, I appreciate getting to see more of Racules and how he is as a king. It’s actually great to see how he can be quite clever as well. He certainly can match up with the other kings. The only question is how he ended up going down this dark path. I don’t suppose Episode 3 will reveal that. And it probably looks like it’ll be a while before the series itself will too.

Anyway, I’ve liked Racules and think he can be such a big character and story-driver. So I definitely like seeing this little mini-series/special.

King-Ohger Secrets of Racules Episode 2 Recap

Also though. why did the King-Ohger Zero/Sanagim battle look better than anything in series so far lol I think it was all CGI, but it looked really great. Slick and cool and not too over the top.

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