Recap: Voltes V: Legacy, Episode 13 – “Stop acting like you know anything about me!”

Recap: Voltes V: Legacy, Episode 13 – Destroy Voltes VVoltes V Legacy Episode 13 Recap

After it’s calmed down a bit at CBF, Jamie finds Mark and asks him how his check-up went. He’s says he’s all clear and she asks him to join her for a meal at the mess hall. Mark tells her to go ask the Armstrong Bros instead. Jamie wanted them all to eat together, but the Armstrong Bros have already left, so it’s just the two of them. Mark says Jamie should just go home and celebrate with her father and her family then.

Jamie says she understands how it must have felt for Mark earlier with no family to congratulate him. But she knows they’d be proud of him if they had been there too.

Voltes V Legacy Episode 13 Recap Voltes V Legacy Episode 13 Recap

Mark says this is not the right time to talk about this. Jamie tries to say that she and her father also have their little disagreements, but Mark snaps at her and says she doesn’t know anything about him. Jamie just wants to help, but Mark says he doesn’t need it. He says sorry and walks away.

Over by the water, the Armstrong Bros approach Mama Armstrong. They tell her they understand how worried she was about them, but they’re fine and are invincible against bullets anyway. Mama Armstrong says Boazanian weapons are much more powerful than just guns. And if they had lost earlier, then all three of them would’ve died.

Steve says they trust her, their father and Dr. Smith. That’s why they have confidence in Voltes V. Big Bert says Mama Armstrong should trust her and Papa Armstrong’s creations as well as trust in them as well.

Voltes V Legacy Episode 13 Recap

Mama Armstrong just tells her sons to be safe and not allow themselves to be put in harm’s way.

Up on the ship, the generals have been able to collect a lot of new information about Earth’s defenses. Later, Zardoz reports the bad news to Emperor Zambojil who immediately scolds him for the failure, saying he is an embarrassment to their peoples. Zardoz apologizes and says he will not return to Boazania until he conquers Earth.

After Zambojil hangs up on Zardoz, Oslack warns the emperor not to trust Zardoz too much considering he is the son of a traitor.

Zardoz heads back to the bridge of the ship, still unable to understand how the Earthlings were able to defeat them. The generals are hard at work trying to figure out where they got the technology to build Voltes V.

They discover that Voltes V has five pilots, so even if one were to go down, there’s still four others that can take the controls. That and also how the robo has energy not found on planet Earth. It is possible the power comes from Boazan. Zandra says the Earthlings have no way of reaching their planet, so there is no way they could’ve gotten this energy from there. Zardoz wonders if Hrothgar has anything to do with this.

Zardoz orders his generals to find where they are hiding this Voltes V.

Voltes V Legacy Episode 13 Recap

Later, Zardoz allows Zandra to enter his bedroom. He is out of his war clothes and Zandra asks if there’s anything else he would like her to do. He asks if he can really trust her. She says that she has always been in awe of his talent and intelligence. That’s why she offers her entire self to him.

After a little bow from Zandra, Zardoz begins to caress her face. He calls her a star and they kiss.

Back at CBF, General Robinson punishes Eva and friends for their rule breaking. He orders them to halt their training and instead report to Research & Development and become RaDtech specialists.

Voltes V Legacy Episode 13 Recap

Eva asks for permission to speak and says she wants to fight on the Frontline Pilipinas as part of the Voltes team. She asks for another chance. But General Robinson says sometimes, there are no second chances. It is unfair to the five to just replace them after having risked their lives the way they did.

Eva asks if that means those five will be the final five pilots of Voltes V. “Do you think mas deserving ka?” General Robinson asks.

Tomas steps forward to speak up and, much to Eva’s annoyance, says they think Steve and the others deserve their positions and they acknowledge that they made a big mistake. General Robinson thanks Tomas and says he appreciates him saying that. Eva glares at Tomas.

Voltes V Legacy Episode 13 Recap

Outside, Mark is with his trusty horse Alpha telling him all about what’s happened so far. Mark is so happy Dr. Smith allowed Alpha to join him at CBF since he is his only loyal friend. Especially since Steve and Jamie has their parents with them here at camp.

Mark considers Alpha his only family and the only one who truly loves him.

As Mark walks with Alpha, Jamie appears to overhear him. She goes to see Dr. Smith to talk about Mark. He asks her to be patient with Mark since he can be a bit rude sometimes. Jamie says she knows he feels hurt because of his mother. Knowing Dr. Smith was the one who brought Mark to CBF, she asks if she can know about his background and why he hates mothers.

Voltes V Legacy Episode 13 Recap

Dr. Smith tells Jamie to hold on a minute. All of that is confidential information. Jamie insists that he is their teammate and it is difficult to work with someone who is aloof, cranky and moody like him. They don’t know him very well and it is difficult to understand him.

Dr. Smith ends up agreeing and decides to tell her all about his life.

Later, Jamie heads to Research & Development and asks PJ for a hard drive for Dr. Alonzo. But Eva, Tomas and Ally glare at Jamie. Before she leaves, Jamie says bye and looks forward to seeing them at the celebration.

Voltes V Legacy Episode 13 Recap

Eva says they are not going because they have no reason to celebrate since they have no father of power here at CBF. Jamie says she knows Eva is disappointed, but she should’ve taken their responsibility seriously.

Voltes V Legacy Episode 13 Recap

The world is at war. So Eva shouldn’t blame Jamie or her father for what happened to them.

Back up on the ship, it appears Zuhl might have found the location of Voltes V.

Voltes V Legacy Episode 13 Recap

Episode Thoughts

Ah!!! First thing this episode, a Jamie and Mark moment? Yes please! Then we got another later, but then we also got Jamie being a big Marites trying to get info on Mark’s life. Lolol

I’m looking forward to seeing Jamie soften our typical Toei tsundere blue hero in Mark. But after Jamie’s scene with Dr. Smith, I’m also looking forward to seeing Mark be upset with her being so nosy and Dr. Smith just telling anyone about his personal life. It’s a great opportunity for some nice performances. And it also adds a lot of opportunities for great story too.

The scene with Mark and Alpha was really sad. And it went a long way to helping endear his character. Yes, he’s “aloof” and “cranky” and “moody.” But unlike certain other people at CBF *cough*Armstrongs*cough*, you can at least understand Mark a little more.

Lol anyway, hoping Steve and Bert get the same amount of character filling too later on. And Jamie also.

It was another satisfying moment with General Robinson scolding Eva and friends. It was funny seeing Tomas step forward to essentially stop Eva from digging a deeper hole for them. But then he also glared at Jamie later too, so it seems he wasn’t too sincere. Kinda weird though seeing him that way considering he and Mark seemed to share the same anti-PK feelings. But at the same time, I guess it shows you can be a jerk whether or not you are a privileged kid. lol

The scene with the Armstrongs was short, but good. Again, showing Mama Armstrong’s concern for her kids.

And all these scenes were good as part of the immediate aftermath of the first big battle. Basically, a calm between storms.

Meanwhile, it appears Zardoz and Friends have been on the ship too long. Zardoz has needs and Zandra is more than willing to help fulfill them. Lolol On one hand, it feels like they’re moving a bit fast considering how slow they were last two weeks. But again, I just hope that the show has enough material to cover the rest of the *check count* 67 episodes!

Overall, a good breather of an episode after the excellent last two. We’ll see how this week ends!

Voltes V: Legacy Episode 13 is available on GMA Network’s official YouTube channel:

However, it is restricted to the Philippines only. Hopefully it will be made available worldwide soon!

I’ve seen people talk about how people worldwide should subscribe to GMA Pinoy TV in order to watch the series. I’d recommend that if you are interested in watching lots of Filipino programming. But if you only want to watch Voltes V: Legacy, I don’t think it’d be a good investment. Especially since you can’t watch the series on demand anyway. GMA Pinoy TV is a linear, premium TV channel on most cable and satellite systems.

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