Thursday Tunes, May 25, 2023 – ENHYPEN, ORBIT, Yaochen, VI’ENX

Some great new tracks before the week ends! Here’s ENHYPEN, ORBIT, Yaochen and VI’ENX.

“Bite Me” by ENHYPEN

Oh! Well then. Definitely not what I was expecting from ENHYPEN, but also not surprising to see from them either. “Bite Me” is an amazing step forward for the talented group. This dark, sexy pop dance track is irresistibly catchy and immediately appealing after just one listen. A couple more rounds on repeat and it could very easily become a new favorite! Of the other songs on the album Dark Blood, I like “Chaconne.” But my other favorite is definitely “Bills.”

“Fun” by ORβIT

It’s great to see ORβIT back with some fresh music. And fresh it is with the aptly-titled “Fun.” The pop-dance track is an energetic, summery vibe and a refreshing track to add to the group’s already strong discography. The boys look and sound great as they deliver a strong and, yes, fun performance. Younghoon and Heecheo are proudly serving their country at the moment and their fellow bandmates are definitely doing well holding down the ORβIT fort while they’re away. A great song!

“Lonely” by Yaochen

I very much enjoyed getting introduced to Yaochen last week. So it was awesome to find out that he actually just released a mini album! And this week, he released a music video for the song “Lonely.” “Lonely” is definitely a different vibe from the self-titled “Yaochen.” And I quite like “Lonely” a lot. The midtempo track with its personal lyrics has a wonderful nostalgic feel. I love that he is able to show off a different side of himself and his music through this track. And again, an excellent introduction to this talented rookie artist!

“On My Way” by VI’ENX

Rookie pre-debut group VI’ENX from NATURE SPACE is definitely off to a great start. “On My Way” is a strong track to introduce themselves with. The meaningful lyrics paired with the energetic fusion of styles in a pop-dance track definitely has you looking forward to the group’s official debut, hopefully soon!

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