Recap: Voltes V: Legacy, Episode 11 – “Yeehaw! Let’s go get them aliens!”

Recap: Voltes V: Legacy, Episode 11 – Volt In

Voltes V Legacy Episode 11 Recap

Dr. Smith tells the four cadets to hurry and prepare to hop into the Volt Machines. Dr. Mary Ann, however, points out that there’s only four of them and they’re missing one. Little Jon tugs on Dr. Smith’s sleeve and says, don’t ask him how, but he’s studied every part of the Voltes robo. So he’s ready to go as well.

Bert tells Little Jon this isn’t a game. Mama Armstrong tells him “Enough.”

Mama Armstrong asks Little Jon not to join in the chaos. But when cascade breakdowns are detected in the Volt Machines and no one at CBF can figure out what’s going on, Little Jon easily takes care of the problem, much to everyone’s surprise.

Voltes V Legacy Episode 11 Recap

Steve asks Little Jon if he’s sure he’s actually done something right. Of course, Little Jon says. Mama Armstrong confirms, but she still refuses to allow him to join the team. Dr. Smith reminds her about the destiny they talked about.

After thinking about everything that’s happened so far, Mama Armstrong quietly nods. The five are dragged out to get dressed in their suits. Seeing she is still worried, Dr. Smith tries to comfort Dr. Mary Ann.

Voltes V Legacy Episode 11 Recap

Dr. Smith gives them a pep talk as they walk back to the command center. The fate of the Earth lies in their hands.

Voltes V Legacy Episode 11 Recap

Mama Armstrong asks her boys to be good, be brave and be safe. She asks Mark and Jamie to be careful. And she gives Little Jon a hug. She tells each of them which Volt Machine is theirs and then points them to the Launch Conveyors.

Voltes V Legacy Episode 11 Recap

Steve, Mark, Big Bert, Little Jon and Jamie get transported to their respective Volt Machine’s cockpits. Steve asks for some time to get acquainted with the controls, but Mark says it’s the same as in training. Just get on with it!

Dr. Smith tells Steve to take the lead while Mark is second in command. Bert will take care of weaponry and armaments, Jamie with medical and communications and Little Jon will handle engineering.

Dr. Smith counts them down and they are all launched into the sky.

Recap: Voltes V: Legacy, Episode 11 – “Yeehaw! Let’s go get them aliens!”

While the others struggle with getting the hang of the Machines, things are comfortable and easy for Little Jon who has gotten a lot of practice after having hacked the flight simulators at CBF. Mark gets excited when Big Bert says there’s a whip in the weapons list.

Dr. Mary Ann asks Jamie for an update on the team’s vital signs and she says everyone is okay.

The Voltes team get their first look at the Boazanian fighters and start to doubt if they have what it takes. Steve tells them not to let their fear take over. Little Jon agrees and encourages his teammates, but Steve tells him to not be kulit and to listen to everything he tells him.

Voltes V Legacy Episode 11 Recap

Little Jon tells his mother not to worry, this is just like a video game.

“Anong video game? Oh my God!”

The Voltes team gives their new weapons a try and they get some big hits. Dr. Mary Ann leaves to help with the medical team to set up triage for any potential casualties.

Voltes V Legacy Episode 11 Recap

Up on the ship, Zardoz is confident that they will conquer Erthu in no time. He orders the release of Dokugaga. Zandra laughs as she excitedly flips the switch, saying it’s time to watch the planet cower in fear.

Back at CBF, Eva and friends force their way to the command center. Eva tells Dr. Smith that they are under attack. Dr. Smith says he obviously knows that already and tells them their fellow cadets have already hopped into the Volt Machines. They are shocked to see Little Jon in the cockpit.

“Yes! Mabuti pa yung bata. Hindi katulad ninyo!”

Dr. Smith tells them to get the hell out and then asks a specialist to drag them away. Eva gives Dr. Smith the sideeye as they are forced out.

Voltes V Legacy Episode 11 Recap

General Robinson speaks to EDF forces to inform them of the arrival of a Boazanian Beast Fighter. He gives them their mission to engage and destroy this entity.

Zardoz watches the breaking news report and chuckles at the “Beast Fighter” name. He likes it.

Dokugaga has no problem swatting away the human fighter jets. It easily picks up a warship and hurls it at tanks waiting on land.

Voltes V Legacy Episode 11 Recap

Jamie catches Boazanian fighters flying up behind Little Jon and blows them away. He thanks her for saving him.

The Voltes team see the Boazanians begin to retreat. Dr. Smith tells the team about the Beast Fighter and they get their first look at the “kaiju.”

Steve orders his team to begin their attack. But nothing seems to even leave a scratch on the Beast Fighter.

Voltes V Legacy Episode 11 Recap

Dr. Smith says it’s time for them to Volt In and combine into a big robo. Dr. Mary Ann tells them to fly in a V-formation with Steve front and center.

Once they’ve done that, Dr. Mary Ann tells them to press the red button to start the Volt In sequence. And it begins.

Voltes V Legacy Episode 11 Recap

Episode Thoughts

This is what we all came for! Like I said last week, even if things can get slow or questionable, episodes like this will make it all worth it. The visuals are stunning and help to really immerse you into the exciting action. And this being the first time the Voltes team comes together, all the uncertainty and the adjustments in dealing with these big machines adds to the tension and excitement of the scenes.

We may have seen most of these moments in the first episode, but they were still as thrilling to watch as they were back then during the premiere. Now, I won’t say that the last two weeks had anything to do with that feeling. Because I felt the same way after Episode 1 without even knowing any of these people. And that’s a testament to how well these action scenes, both the CGI and the human actors, have been executed.

I still think this should’ve been the Week 1 cliffhanger. But oh well. We’re finally here and that’s all that matters for now.

I keep repeating myself, but Little Jon and Mama Armstrong are once again the MVPs. A mother’s worry and wanting to protect her young son and a son’s confidence in his skills; it’s a great story to watch play out. And Carla Abellana and Raphael Landicho are just so good.

Albert Martinez is also great, giving the show a bit of gravitas as basically the mentor and leader of the Voltes team.

Kinda annoyed by the bigger Armstrong Bros acting like know-it-alls again. But everything else drowned them out, so that’s good.

But how satisfying was it to see Eva and friends get dragged out of the command center. Lol Eva “informing” Dr. Smith of the alien attack was hilarious. And so perfect too to show just how unprepared, undeserving and incompetent they are. Bye!!!!

Overall, this was a great, exciting episode. Just the kind of episode we needed after these two weeks. And hopefully more of what we’ll he getting more often. I hope tomorrow’s episode is just filled with the big battle and nothing else. You owe it to us Voltes V: Legacy!

Voltes V: Legacy Episode 11 is available on GMA Network’s official YouTube channel:
However, it is restricted to the Philippines only. Hopefully it will be made available worldwide soon!

I’ve seen people talk about how people worldwide should subscribe to GMA Pinoy TV in order to watch the series. I’d recommend that if you are interested in watching lots of Filipino programming. But if you only want to watch Voltes V: Legacy, I don’t think it’d be a good investment. Especially since you can’t watch the series on demand anyway. GMA Pinoy TV is a linear, premium TV channel on most cable and satellite systems.

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  1. Medyo nakakairita talaga sila Steve and Big Bert. Ewan ko kung ganyan sila sa anime, pero wala silang appeal as characters. Hindi sila endearing tulad nila Little Jon, Jamie and Mark.

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