Music Monday, May 22, 2023 – YOUNITE, ATBO, J.UNA, Yaochen

Enjoy these tracks from YOUNITE, ATBO, J.UNA and Yaochen.

“Waterfall” by YOUNITE

Great to have YOUNITE back with fresh music. And their latest title track “Waterfall” is fresh indeed. The R&B-infused pop dance track has an awesomely nostalgic vibe. All while the group exudes a cool, youthful swagger. The music video is a perfect pairing with the song. The rest of the album BIT Part.1 has a complimentary feel to the title track. My favorites are “Trip” and “Slogan.”

“Next to Me” by ATBO

ATBO shows a different side of themselves with their latest title track “Next to Me.” It is a brighter song than their previous releases and it still shows off the group’s talent and charisma. A fun, uplifting song with an infusion of funky synth. The rest of the solid album The Beginning : 飛上 has a diverse mix of tracks.

“Yes! Love” by J.UNA

Talented soloist J.UNA returns with “Yes! Love.” It is a wonderfully romantic and warm track that allows J.UNA’s soft vocals glide across the meaningful lyrics. A great vibe that best exemplifies the theme of his EP Road Trip.

“Yaochen” by Yaochen

This was definitely a great introduction to Yaochen! The solo artist under JYP’s Fan Ling Culture in China released the self-titled song “Yaochen” and it leaves a great first impression for someone like me who is only meeting him now. He delivers a charismatic and confident performance that has me looking forward to what he has in store next!

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