Recap: Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger, Episode 3 – Dedication to Selfishness

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 3 Recap

Gira and Yanma arrive in the bright shining country of beauty and medicine, Ishabana and are welcomed by its leader Himeno Ran. Yanma, captivated by Himeno, says he has an owie when she asks if they’re okay. But she’s actually more intrigued by Gira.

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 3 Recap

Himeno calls on her butler Sebastian who quickly slaps handcuffs on Gira who they later have tied up and hanging in front of the throne. Himeno says she will release him if he hands over God Kuwagata which she merely wants to appreciate.

Yanma tells Gira to just hand it over. Gira doesn’t understand since Himeno is just a selfish girl. Yanma takes offense to Gira calling her that and Gira thinks he is in love with her. Gira aggressively denies such a thing.

Sebastian suggests Himeno trade something for God Kuwagata, but she says she loves everything in her country. Himeno tells Gira that she will hand him over to Racules if he doesn’t comply. Gira excitedly says to go ahead and do it, bragging about the supposed crimes he’s committed around the world.

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 3 Recap

Himeno doesn’t understand, but Sebastian suggests Gira wants to be captured.

Gira asks if they have any rainbow jururira in this place. Himeno has no idea what that is, but Gira says it is the most heavenly food and he will talk if they can give him some. Himeno takes him up on the offer.

Meanwhile, Desnarak and Kamejim round up their troops and encourage them to kill as many humans as they can, even if they have to die for it. They must obtain the three guardian spirits of Chikyuu in order to gain the power to cover the planet in filth.

Funjimu steps forward and Desnarak deploys him and their forces to Ishabana.

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 3 Recap

Gira and Yanma follow Himeno as she is out and about amongst her people. When an Ishabanian accidentally splashes mud onto the yellow carpet, Himeno goes weak, refusing to walk on the dirtied pathway. Sebastian rushes to wipe the dirty off the carpet with his handkerchief.

Himeno regains her strength when she sees the field of flowers she had ordered Sebastian to plant yesterday. Sebastian says he had it done overnight.

Gira feels sick just watching this display, but Yanma says you can do anything with power and charisma which is what Himeno has.

Himeno sets her sights on an old home in the middle of the field of flowers. She orders Sebastian to move it. But when he says it is not possible, she orders him to blow it up instead.

Gira protests upending people’s lives in this way. Yanma doesn’t think she would ever actually do it. But after Sebastian shoos the residents of the home away, Himeno quickly pushes the detonator down and the house explodes.

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 3 Recap

A shocked Yanma walks away, but Gira says they aren’t leaving until he’s got his rainbow jururira.

Back at the palace, Gira and Yanma sit at a table with Himeno as they are served rainbow jururira made by the country’s top chef. Yanma slurps the jururira out of the bowl. Gira takes a spoonful and says it tastes good, but it is not rainbow jururira.

Himeno scolds Sebastian who apologizes since the chef was given the exact recipe based on Gira’s stories. Himeno questions if such a thing even exists. Gira says he only had it when he was young, but he can never forget the taste. That’s why he will rule the world so children can taste it once again.

Himeno says Gira is an intriguing character, but he will not set him free until he hands over Kuwagata. Sebastian slaps handcuffs on Gira once again. But Yanma protests, saying he needs Gira for himself as well.

Unbeknownst to them, Rita is watching from behind a door.

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 3 Recap

Outside, a little boy says goodbye to Gira. But suddenly, a father and daughter, who is in a wheelchair, approach the group. The father said Himeno assured them his daughter would get butter after surgery, but she still is unable to walk. The father says Himeno has ruined her future.

Himeno asks the daughter if that’s how she feels, but she does not answer. Himeno has Sebastian give the father some monetary compensation. Gira notices the father and daughter walked out of a tailor’s shop.

Later, the father is relieved that they have money for another month and it’s all because of his daughter’s legs. He apologizes to her for being such an inadequate father, but she says there no need.

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 3 Recap

That evening, Gira is mesmerized by the beautiful cherry blossom tree inside the palace.

Yanma compliments Sebastian on being a great butler and asks how long he’s been doing it. Sebastian says he’s actually 25 years old, despite his looks. He is wearing special makeup in order to look more like a butler. And his real name isn’t even Sebastian. Yanma can’t understand how a selfish girl like Himeno could be the king.

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 3 Recap

Just then, one of the maids approaches Sebastian to inform him that the Bugnarak have arrived. Himeno has already head out to the field. Gira wants to join and Sebastian hands him his sword. Sebastian hopes Gira and Yanma will be able to finally see what Himeno can truly offer.

The Bugnarak are rampaging across the city. Gira and Yanma henshin first and get to battling the Sanagims. Himeno sees the father from earlier pleading with the people holding him back that his daughter is still out in the open.

Himeno rushes to shield the daughter when she is about to get hit by Funjimu’s attack. Himeno instead gets the brunt of the attack which is a splash of filth onto her yellow dress. The daughter is worried about the dirty clothes. Himeno says she can always get new ones made, but she can never replace a life.

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 3 Recap

Himeno tells the daughter to hurry and run, knowing that she is able to use her legs since she treated her. The daughter hesitates, but Himeno tells her that it is okay to be selfish sometimes.

Himeno says only you can make your dreams come true and it all starts with being selfish. Then you can make the world how you want it.

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 3 Recap

Himeno steps forward to announce her presence. She is the queen of Ishabana and will do as she wishes on her own terms. She henshins and takes care of the Sanagims. The daughter gets up on her own feet and says she would like to become like Queen Himeno.

Gira is fascinated by the scene. Himeno says she needs God Kuwagata and Gira allows the three of them to combine Kuwagata, Tombo and Kamakiri. Together they are able to take care of the dung that’s been spread across the country and eventually Funjimu for good.

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 3 Recap

Over in Shugoddam, Kaguragi meets with Racules who tells him about Gira being in Ishabana. Kaguragi says to leave this to him to take care of. Gira being able to pilot a ShuGod is a problem, but he has a plan. Douga hands Kaguragi a mysterious gem.

Back in Ishabana, Himeno removes her soiled dress and gives it to Sebastian who hands it to the father tailor to be repaired.

The father is shocked that his daughter was able to walk. She says she would like to walk on her on now. The father says he will earn their money the right way from now on. And his first job will be Himeno’s dress.

Sebastian asks Gira if he understands Himeno now. Gira says Himeno enriches her people’s hearts with beauty. He flashes back to speaking with the little boy. He was actually the one whose home was blown up. But they were moved to a nice new house.

Gira understands now that people have actually been saved by Himeno’s selfishness. He wants to recruit Himeno to his team. But Himeno tells him to step aside as she is ready to begin tending to the injured.

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 3 Recap

Unfortunately, God Kabuto arrives and prepares to whisk them away. But Kuwagata swipes the three of them instead.

Episode Thoughts

The design is very old-fashioned. 🤭 Actually, for some reason this episode really felt like a more traditional Sentai season episode. And in turn, actually makes King-Ohger feel more traditional as well. That is especially compared to the more experimental things the series has done in recent years. I dunno. That’s the just the initial feeling I had after the episode ended.

But it’s very interesting how the season is shaping up so far. There’s still some aesthetic things for me to get over. But narrative-ly speaking, it’s definitely moving in a more familiar way than I might have originally felt like at the beginning.

This episode was fine. Of course Himeno wasn’t going to actually be a selfish jerk. But there was this really awkward feeling I had throughout the episode. I don’t know even how to express it. This whole idea of lifting her people up with beautiful things and all that made me think of certain world leaders who do the same kind of thing only to actually be selfish and corrupt. And so, I couldn’t help but think about that angle during the episode. Especially at the end when Gira is so enlightened by Himeno’s style of leadership.

Also interesting that even with all the beautiful things in the country, there are definitely still people with many hardships. Just like the family who had been living in the rundown house in the countryside or the father whose business wasn’t doing well at all. She obviously isn’t going to bail every single person with struggles like that. Or can she? It might be a fairy tale, after all.

Interesting, I guess. Like I mentioned after the first two episode, the real world comparisons are so weird and awkward-feeling that I can’t escape it. Maybe it’s just all part of adjusting to the new season.

Anyway, the idea of being selfish sometimes is actually a good thing. In the sense that you should also think about yourself and put yourself first from time to time rather than always giving for others and things like that. But I don’t know that that’s what they were going for with Himeno.

With the little girl, yes. She pretended not to walk knowing how her father was struggling. There’s a whole familiar story that could be done where noble intentions might end up doing more harm than good.

But again, I’m not sure that’s exactly what Himeno is doing with her peoples. But I dunno. It’s alright. I get what they’re trying to do with her I guess.

Elsewhere, it was refreshing to see all the new stock footage they used as establishing shots for Ishabana. And the CGI palace and stuff like that was okay.

Nice to see more from Yanma and his cool façade. Tsundere Blue strikes again I guess lol But I think he might be my favorite so far if only because he’s the most fun and interesting. He had a really good episode last week.

But I definitely looking forward to meeting Rita and Kaguragi. They definitely have a lot of potential.

I actually love the cool opening credits. Very different for Sentai. Seems almost-Kamen Rider-like. And it gives me hope that things will get a bit more serious and dramatic later in the season.

Overall, a solid episode even with some reservations. But definitely nothing bad.

10 thoughts on “Recap: Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger, Episode 3 – Dedication to Selfishness

  1. Not gonna lie, I was giggling when Kazuki Namioka (yes, our friendly drug, er, lockseed dealer Sid) showed up as the kid’s dad. Seems like he has the habit of popping up in a new toku after dying in the last one (he was that racist guy in KR Black Sun).

    As for Himeno, I get your sentiment. She does come off more of a psychopath instead of an eccentric but benevolent ruler with some of her antics. They could have conveyed it better instead of that house demolition joke.

    Elsewhere, I do like the fact that all the rangers can control King-ohger instead of just having red call out the attacks while the others only pose in the cockpit. This means that the robot can switch to five different fighting styles on the fly, something I really hope they do more often in the mecha fights.

  2. I didn’t get the selfish angle of the story until I read your thoughts. And if they had gone with what you described, then it would’ve worked. But I don’t think that’s what they did with Himeno. It was awkward indeed

  3. Being Selfish to change the world the way we want to isn’t exactly a bad thing. I think Himeno is used to show that angle to us. Given how each Ruler in this series is unique it is perfectly normal. But Himeno is actually looks like a spoiled queen if you ask me. So I still have a bit of issue with that like you said. Elsewhere a new gimmick for this season’s mecha is surely welcomed. Also waiting for Kaguragi’s and Rita’s focus episode. Rita’s gender being ambiguous kinda surprised me but made her more interesting and intriguing to me. I feel like I’m being Kyuun-ish regarding Rita.

    1. Yeah, being “selfish” is not a bad thing in certain ways. But I don’t think they really showed that as well as they could have.

      Looking forward to the next two weeks.

  4. Echoing some of what everyone has said, Himeno just comes across more like the typical cocky Ranger. It’s just that she’s a girly girl this time rather than the moody, angsty guy like Yanma might seem initially. But actually isn’t.

  5. Like you, I get they were TRYING to do with Himeno but the execution was sloppy. Although, there are times when being selfish can be a good thing but not all the time.

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