Music Monday, March 20, 2023 – SUPERKIND, TRENDZ, TFN, Y (Golden Child)

It might be Tuesday Pacific time, but it’s never too late for some Music Monday thoughts! Here’s four diverse tracks from SUPERKIND, TRENDZ, TFN and Golden Child’s Y.

“Moody” by SUPERKIND

SUPERKIND is definitely an interesting group. They debuted last year with one virtual AI member and they are making their first comeback with the introduction of new human member JDV and another AI member Seung in “Moody.” While their debut “Watch Out” was more colorful and vibrant, “Moody is much darker and dramatic. My understanding is that “Watch Out” is the game world of the first AI member SEAJiN and “Moody” is the fantasy world of Seung. It’s really an interesting concept. And the group is able to deliver an engaging performance with this different style from their first release. They’re definitely a group to look out for.

“New Dayz” by TRENDZ

TRENDZ had a great debut year in 2022. And they start off their 2nd year with another strong comeback in title track “New Dayz.” The rock-infused pop punk track is an exciting and energetic song that allows for the group to deliver an attention-grabbing performance. The cinematic music video perfectly encapsulates the song’s hopeful and youthful message.

“Mirage” by TFN

TFN is back with a new Japanese single “Mirage.” The soft pop track feels very much like it would fit perfectly in an anime OST. The group’s performance definitely supports the nostalgic feels of the song.

“If It’s the Wind” by Y (Golden Child)

Ahead of his enlistment, Golden Child’s Y has released the wonderful ballad “If It’s the Wind.” Y’s vocals soar across the heartfelt track and it is a nice treat to leave fans as he serves his country.

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