Recap: Kamen Rider Geats, Episode 27 – Lamentation III: A Fun Sengoku Game♡

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 27 Recap Review

Keiwa and Neon are out for some coffee as they talk about how odd it was to see Ace taking a nap in the green room earlier. Keiwa says it was kind of a relief as it showed Ace was human like the rest of them. He tells Neon that he did wonder sometimes, but not too seriously, that Ace might be something else.

Ziin approaches them, saying that maybe they should consider the possibility. He introduces himself and says something really is off with Ace after the appearance of the red kitsune.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 27 Recap Review

After Ace’s unexpected new power, Beroba intends to tweak the rules of the next round of the JGP. She encourages “Micchi” to maintain his lead and get the job done. Michinaga feels his ideal world is within his grasp.

Beroba officially begins round 2 of the JGP by announcing it will be a Sengoku Game.

Tsumuri wakes Ace up to tell him the Jyamar Area has appeared in the city.

Ziin sits and asks Keiwa and Neon what they know about Ace. But the sound of the horagai suddenly fills the city and Keiwa and Neon are suddenly dressed in Sengoku period outfits. Ziin says the new round of the JGP has begun and Keiwa and Neon are appropriately dressed for being the game’s antagonists.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 27 Recap Review

Keiwa and Neon get to fighting the just-arrived Jyamato and henshin. Michinaga arrives and henshins, determined to conquer Commander Niramu and retrieve the Vision Driver.

Keiwa and Neon focus their attention on Michinaga and his team, allowing for Ace to arrive and defend Niramu as well.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 27 Recap Review

Ace henshins directly to MarkII and easily takes cares of the Jyamato as well as drive Michinaga and friends away for now.

Keiwa and Neon are shocked by Ace’s new form and toy. But he collapses after he dehenshins. They bring him back to the DGP so he can rest.

Keiwa and Neon sit in the green room with Ziin. They recount how Ace mentioned he has been playing in the DGP since 1 A.D. Neon adds that Ace is searching for his mother and that it was rejected as a desire when he tried to write it down. Ziin says he’s never seen Ace write that down before. Keiwa wonders if its just Ace playing his usual tricks, but Neon feels he was sincere.

Ziin wonders if that means someone else wished to meet their mother instead.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 27 Recap Review

Later, Ziin confronts Niramu, wanting to ask about Ace. Though the DGP has existed long before Ziin became a fan, he does know of a Dezashin from the Sengoku period who had a strange wish. That winner’s name was Yakumo Eisu.

Ziin doesn’t think it is a coincidence. Niramu asks what Ziin intends to do with such information. Ziin says all he wants is to be moved by Ace, whether it is his life story or the road toward his death. Niramu is amused by Ziin’s passion for the show.

Ziin asks if Eisu’s wish (“A reincarnation of mine will steel his resolve to protect the world someday. Grant him the power to do it.”) was granted. Niramu confirms, much to Ziin’s excitement.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 27 Recap Review

Out in the city, Tsumuri accompanies Chirami who wants to storm the JGP castle to personally take his Vision Driver back. Tsumuri asks him not to be too reckless. But Beroba meets them along the way, mocking them with the Driver in her hand.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 27 Recap Review

Tsumuri declares Beroba will never win over their Producer. Beroba says she will once she is able to henshin with the Driver. And to do that, she needs Chirami’s fingerprint. Which is why it’s perfect that he is here right now.

Chirami thinks Beroba will cut his fingers off. Jyamato hold him and Tsumuri fights off others. But Beroba merely takes a copy of Chirami’s fingerprints and places it over her own. She says she doesn’t want to have Chirami’s nasty fingers anyway.

Beroba laughs as she’s gotten what she needs and walks off.

Back at the DGP, Ace awakens and quickly gets up. But he is met by Ziin in the green room who excitedly says he has found out who Ace truly is. The fact that Ace has been able to draw his strength and maintain his undefeated Dezashin streak through being reincarnated is exactly why Ziin knows he chose the right bias in the game. Unlike most DGP players, Ace is able to inherit the memories of his past lives.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 27 Recap Review

Ziin now understands Ace has been reincarnated many times over the past 2000 years all in order to find Mitsume, the mother of his first life. He has both played in the DGP or lived lives changed by the DGP. And his story that transcends time truly moves Ziin’s heart.

“My life doesn’t exist for your amusement,” Ace tells Ziin.

Ziin warns Ace to be careful as his body is still adjusting to the speed that MarkII allows him. Ace says it is basically just jet lag.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 27 Recap Review

Meanwhile, Keiwa is in the audience room filling Kekera in with the latest gossip. Keiwa asks if there is a specific reason supporters choose to back players. Kekera says everyone has their own reasons and he can’t read Ziin’s mind in this case.

Keiwa asks why Kekera has chosen to support him and Kekera says he just enjoys being entertained by all of them.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 27 Recap Review

In her own audience room, Neon gets a message from Kyuun advising her to watch out for Ziin and others who might endanger her. Neon appreciates the words, but thinks she should be cautious around Kyuun as well since he hasn’t even shown his face to her yet.

Kyuun listens in to Neon’s verbal thoughts.

Up in the office, Samasu reports to Niramu about Beroba having gotten the authorization to use the Vision Driver. Niramu says it’s time they use force against them then.

Out in the city, Ace stumbles and collapses by old Toei warehouses. A pair of Jyamatos approach him, but Ziin arrives to fight them off. He declares that he will not let them touch Ace until he has truly been moved by his story. Ziin henshins and battles the Jyamato.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 27 Recap Review

But Beroba arrives and says supporters are not allowed to help in the JGP. In order to penalize him, Beroba is able to henshin to Glare2 for the first time.

Beroba is able to boost basic Jyamato with the power from the Vision Driver. She forces Ziin to dehenshin and then turns her attention to Ace.

The Jyamato grab Ace and Beroba shoots at him. Ziin screams in agony.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 27 Recap Review

Episode Thoughts

Another solid episode. It’s basically a continuation of what they introduced last week which was of course the idea of Ace’s past lives. It certainly does explain how Ace has ~aced~ the DGP all this time. And it helps to boost Ace’s backstory as well. Having this long journey for one wish is the sort of epic tale for a title hero you might expect and ejoy. So it will be interesting to see the next steps for that.

And any character-focused development for Ace is a very welcome thing!

I know it was just because he was sleepy from the new power-up. But seeing Ace be a bit lost or unsure was really great. I hope to see more vulnerableAce.

The episode was a bit of a Ziin focus as well. We get to really see his personality here and open up possibilities for his path forward. Being an obsessed, overzealous fan is definitely in line with the season’s reality show theme. So seeing how they’re adding pieces to his character will make any potential descent into a more antagonistic position in the future feel more welcome. And I would like to see it.

And more with the reality show theme, you should of course never fully trust anyone.

I have enjoyed Keiwa and Neon’s roles in the last few episodes. They haven’t been as annoyingly naïve as they have been. And instead, have been much more involved and also observational in a way that helps to focus the story.

Like in this episode, I enjoyed their little conversation about Ace at the start. Keiwa definitely expressed what I had in the back of my mind which is the possibility that Ace is not just some normal human. It was definitely a point used to emphasize Ace’s past lives. But I’m sure there’s still more to Ace being “special” other than having one of his past lives having the foresight of ensuring future Aces have a leg up in the DGP.

It was also nice to have Keiwa point out Ace’s tricks. There was a point where Keiwa would be a bit too gullible to Ace’s kitsune ways. But as long as Keiwa finally acknowledges Ace’s trickery, then it would be nice to see him much more assertive like we’ve seen in the last few weeks.

I also welcome more Kekera scenes!

With Neon, I did wonder if she knew Kyuun was the creepy guy she’s run into. Probably a lost in translation thing for me as I thought she did know. But good to have this episode make clear that she doesn’t. That kind of changes things a bit and makes Neon and Kyuun’s supporter story more interesting than I thought previously.

I very much enjoyed seeing Keiwa and Neon and later Ace fighting in their traditional outfits. I know it wouldn’t be possible, but having a full season set in the Sengoku period would be quite exciting. It was really fun seeing their scenes in this episode.

Also fun was seeing Tsumuri in action. I definitely hope she gets more opportunities in the future.

Finally, Beroba calling Michinga “Micchi” obviously reminded me of a certain other “Mitchi.” And I wouldn’t mind seeing Michinaga going full- Kureshima Mitsuzane-ish in some way. That would be fun!

Overall, a good, solid episode of Geats that definitely moves the story along.

8 thoughts on “Recap: Kamen Rider Geats, Episode 27 – Lamentation III: A Fun Sengoku Game♡

  1. Unfortunately, Keiwa’s skepticism for Ace (which also happened in ep. 7) is actually wrong here that Ace is actually telling the truth, though he should keep it up.

    Neon not being naive is shown in Kyuun part where she points out that Kyuun being secretive makes him suspicious as well not unlike Ziin, compared to her falling for Kanato’s “confession”.

    They didn’t actually name Buffa “Michi”-naga for nothing, they actually had him being called Michi too in series.

    Tsumuri’s actress is a black belt in karate, so it’s good that the show makes use of it, of which Build didn’t with Misora’s actress.

  2. Can we talk about the action scenes for a bit? You can tell that the actors have been putting in that work with their athleticism especially with Keiwa’s actor. It was cool to see Ace’s swordplay as it can reference his past in a way, Neon has been looking more agile than ever, Tsumuri’s actress is a real life martial artist, and Ziin can get in. I love to see Tokusatsu actors put in the stunt work.

  3. The reincarnation stuff is a good way to explain away Ace being an ace at everything DGP. 😂 It’s alright I guess.

  4. They need another reset episode to just get everyone on the same page. It just feels a bit sloppy and maybe even like they don’t know what they want to do. So they’re just hoping that in the end they can figure something out.

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