Recap: Power Rangers Dino Fury, Episode 30 (Season 2, Episode 8) – “It’s gonna be nasty!”

Recap: Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 30 (Season 2, Episode 8) – Serious Business

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 30 Recap

Slyther and Mucus report to Void Queen that Void Knight is still missing. Santaura uses a Sporix blob to summon Trackenslash and tells Slyther and Mucus to supervise him as he searches for Tarrick.

Tarrick, who is now in normal-ish human clothes, flies a drone into Buzzblast so he can spy on the Rangers who are trying to figure out if Void Knight is on their side. Zayto says he’s caused too much pain and suffering to have changed so easily.

Jane’s livestream in anticipation of 10 million subscribers is hacked by a strange clownface who tells odd jokes before demanding Buzzblast give them their own show or they won’t return control of the stream. Aiyon laughs at the creepy jokes and doesn’t care when the others tell him to be serious.

“Buzzblast does not negotiate with cyberbullies!” Amelia says they’re on the case as J-Borg takes Jane for some coffee.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 30 Recap

Despite the others trying to explain why this is a serious matter, Aiyon continues to insist that they should lighten up since the jokes were hilarious.

Just then, Solon calls the Rangers to tell them a Sporix is headed their way. Tarrick disconnects the drone and leaves the area, but the drone falls right in front of Jane and J-Borg who thinks it is related to the hacker.

Tarrick watches as the Rangers come face to face with Trackenslash, Mucus and Slyther. The Rangers don’t believe they are hunting their former boss Void Knight so they morph and battle.

Santaura calls and tells Slyther to focus on Void Knight instead of the Rangers so they leave. The Rangers head back to the command chamber where Aiyon continues praising the hilarious jokes of the clown hacker. Izzy recognizes the location from where the hacker was broadcasting so they head over.

At the park, the Rangers split up. A little girl, Mara, approaches Aiyon when he picks up some trash. She makes the exact same jokes as the hacker and when Aiyon shakes her hand, he sees through her memories that she is clownface.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 30 Recap

Aiyon confronts her and she admits that she did it because she really wants her own Buzzblast livestream, but she’s too young. She brags that Buzzblast will adhere to her demands soon. Aiyon takes the wheel off her bike and says he will give it back when she unlocks the livestream. She tells him that the bike wheel is not his to take. Aha! Aiyon says the livestream was not hers to take either.

Aiyon puts the wheel back on the bike and tells Mara it’s not too late to redeem herself.

Meanwhile, Trackenslash and Co. find Tarrick when they see someone who is dressed exactly like him posing as bait. Tarrick tells them to tell Santaura that none of this was ever about hurting ordinary people. When Tarrick leaves, the Rangers arrive and battle Hengemen before focusing on Trackenslash.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 30 Recap

Over at Buzzblast, Mara comes to confess her crimes and offers up a code she wrote herself to beef up the company’s security. When denying she had anything to do with the drone, she accidentally turns it on and Tarrick is able to hear that the Rangers are about to be killed.

Tarrick decides to hop into his Void Knight armor to help the Rangers exploit Trackenslash’s weakness. That allows them to defeat the Sporix.

The Rangers are still skeptical, but Void Knight tries to convince them that he does not care about Sporix anymore. Zayto says they will believe him if he returns all the Sporix blobs he took.

The Rangers head back to Buzzblast and are surprised to learn Mara was the hacker. But even more surprised and impressed that it was Aiyon who set her straight. After she offers Mara a chance to audition, Jane goes on stage to perform a tap dance routine to get Buzzblast over 10 million.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 30 Recap

Episode Thoughts

Umm… okay. Lol It was an alright episode I guess. Funny to make a “we don’t negotiate with terrorists” plot kid-friendly. But it was fine. What’s even funnier is the fact that Mara probably would do a lot better starting her own TikTok or YouTube account rather than do all that for a spot on Buzzblast.

With Aiyon, it’s disappointing that they keep making him this oblivious, aloof oddball because it definitely can be grating sometimes. Like in the beginning of this episode. Thank goodness for him setting Mara straight, but it would’ve been better if he realized she was the clownface by hearing her jokes instead of using his special powers. Now, that would’ve been a great character moment for him.

With the Void Family drama, it’s still hard to take Tarrick seriously with this “I never meant any harm!” nonsense considering (as Zayto rightly pointed out) all the pain and suffering he’s caused to the peoples of Pine Ridge. And with whatever Void Queen is doing, it’s hard to get excited about it until we find out more about what the humans or whomever did to her and/or her family and/or her child, etc. Obviously, that should be a big revelation moment. But with modern Power Rangers, I don’t expect much from the way they execute satisfying reveals or plot climaxes.

Overall, an okay episode. Nothing memorable. Nothing too bad.

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