Music Monday, June 13, 2022 – TRENDZ, Son Dong Woon, ATEEZ, BTS

It’s still Monday somewhere in the world! Hehe. Here’s four new tracks I’ve checked out this week from TRENDZ, Son Dong Woon, ATEEZ and BTS.

“Who” by TRENDZ

TRENDZ had an excellent debut at the beginning of the year. And these super rookies just made their first comeback with the impactful “Who.” It’s an interesting track that hovers around the idea of smashing different song styles together. But the strength of the pre-chorus and the softer sections of the song keep it from being as messy as others that have attempted the style. Especially recently. I like it, but the rest of the group’s sophomore release Blue Set Chapter 2. Choice. is much stronger I think. “Clique” has the same blend of glossy R&B and strong, charismatic hip-hop as the title. But in a more traditional way, if that makes sense. The album closes with the brighter pop track “Forever More.” And my favorite track from the album though is “re : daybreak,” the R&B-tinged pop-dance track. Definitely more of my speed.

“Today’s Weather” by Son Dong Woon

HIGHLIGHT’s Dong Woon makes his solo comeback with the title track “Today’s Weather.” It’s a great, breezy track, perfect for the fast-approaching summer season. The rest of the album Happy Birthday features similar vibes with some ballads and more uptempo tracks as well. All of them showcasing Dong Woon’s smooth vocals.

“Rocky (Boxers Ver)” by ATEEZ

I don’t know why I’ve put off listening to ATEEZ’s “Rocky.” But I now definitely regret not doing so earlier. “Rocky” is a great, rock-infused dance track that harkens back to ATEEZ’s many charismatic and powerful title tracks. The Japanese track showcases what ATEEZ does best and it’s a welcome treat for fans.

“Yet to Come (The Most Beautiful Moment)” by BTS

BTS releases their first Best Of album and it’s a very welcome release. With the group’s huge steps into the international music scene, they’ve gained A LOT of new fans who may only know them from such tracks as “Dynamite” or “Butter.” The release of Proof allows fans, new and old, to enjoy and absorb the group’s excellent discography from all the way back to their debut until now.

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