Recap: Power Rangers Dino Fury, Episode 31 (Season 2, Episode 9) – “You look human!”

Recap: Power Rangers Dino Fury, Episode 31 (Season 2, Episode 9) – The Hunt

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 31 Recap

After Jane sees a ghost engulf a man with their own eyes, an excited Amelia is eager to investigate. Ollie offers to help, as do the others. But before that, Solon directs them to a disturbance near the warehouses. They head over but only run into Void Knight.

Void Knight says he does not have the Sporix blobs yet, but he wants to warn them about Snageye whom Void Queen has ordered to capture them. They ask why would he help them now and he decides to explain everything in an expository speech.

Void Queen, Santaura, is his wife who was in a terrible accident. He barely kept her alive in goop and it was thanks to the Sporix blobs that he was able to bring her back to consciousness. He wanted to immediately leave Earth with her, but now she has become Void Queen in order to get revenge by destroying the planet.

Zayto does not believe Void Knight would suddenly become so noble after all he’s done. Javi says Void Knight already helped them once, but Zayto points out that it was after he has tried to kill them many times.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 31 Recap

Tarrick does not blame Zayto for doubting him, but he will be waiting if ever they decide to accept his help.


The other Rangers feel a bit awkward. Javi suggests he and Zayo return to the command chamber to chill out while the others go ghost hunting.

While investigating the ghost snatching location, Snageye appears and captures Ollie, Amelia, Izzy and Aiyo inside him. Zayto and Javi arrive too late so they head back to the command center to figure out what to do.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 31 Recap

Zayto thinks Void Knight set a trap for them, but Javi says there’s no proof of that. Zayto does not believe anyone can change so fast. But Javi uses his father accepting his music and Ollie and Amelia working together on ghosts as examples of people changing for the better.

Zayto is still not convinced considering everything Void Knight has done to them. But Javi wants to give the purple guy a chance so he leaves. Solon tells Zayto to go with.

They meet Void Knight in the warehouse, but Snageye also appears. Zayto is even more convinced that this was a trap. He touches Snageye’s body and is able to see outside. He is shocked that Void Knight is fighting alongside Javi against the Sporix.

Zayto is now convinced that Void Knight is on their side.

Snageye eats up Javi, leaving only Void Knight to take him on. Tarrick refuses to return to Void Queen. He uses his last bit of energy to punch open Snageye’s chest box. That leaves a small crack that Zayto, but no one else, is able to jump through.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 31 Recap

Zayto apologizes for doubting Void Knight. But it’s okay, Tarrick demorphs and gives the Dino Knight Morpher Key to Zayto. He had used it to create his armor, but it will be in better hands with Zayto.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 31 Recap

Tarrick runs to safety and Zayto uses the Dino Knight Key to upmorph to Dino Knight Armor. With it, Zayto is now more properly matched with Snageye. He is able to destroy Snageye and free the others.

Tarrick reveals himself to the others, but Void Queen appears and whisks him away.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 31 Recap

At Buzzblast, a magician performing for a livestream turns out to have used a drone to create a ghost illusion. So that solves that mystery. Ollie tells Amelia that he’ll join her on her next ghost hunt too.

The Rangers, however, are now worried about Tarrick being in the hands of Void Queen.

Episode Thoughts

A much better episode than the last one.

I think Zayto had his best moment of the entire season here when he was giving Tarrick an earful. It was a great scene that you don’t normally see, especially for redeemed villains and the like. Usually the Rangers just welcome them with open arms, no skepticism. So it was really nice to see Zayto at that moment. But not so nice to see him so easily change his mind lol Especially for something as simple as seeing Tarrick fighting alongside Javi. Quick resolution to what could’ve been a pretty good story.

And considering it was an episode that introduced a new toy that was the result of Void Knight/Tarrick giving up his armor, it was actually a big disappointment in that sense. Obviously, the show isn’t going to do something as heavy as what Ryusoulger did.

But Dino Fury treated the Dino Knight Key like some random thing they found in the forest rather than their nemesis for 20 episodes having given it up to them.

I guess that kind of speaks to the haphazard way they’ve done this heel-face turn for Void Tarrick. It could’ve been a great story. But Zayto was absolutely right in doubting him considering what he’d done. They could’ve done a better job at showing how he didn’t care about collateral damage so long as he saved his wife. Or on the flipside, perhaps recognizing and then acknowledging his mistakes and sins. Especially after Santaura’s turned out to be an ungrateful b-. You know?

Anyway, a solid episode, relatively speaking.

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