Recap: Power Rangers Operation Overdrive, Episode 26 – “I think he’s strumming my pain with his fingers.”

Recap: Power Rangers Operation Overdrive, Episode 26 – Red Ranger Unplugged

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 26

Dax comes in with a package for Mack. It’s the latest book from his book club. But along with Spencer’s delicious-looking cupcakes that are in front of him, Mack is unsure what he even likes anymore. He can no longer tell the difference between himself and what his father has programmed him with.

Dax says Mack is having an identity crisis and he needs to do some soul searching and to try new things.

“My father always told me, ‘Dax, you can be whatever you want to be. Just as long as you’re not a stuntman.'”

Mack decides it’s time for an upgrade.

Meanwhile, the Fearcats decide it’s time to find the Octavian Chalice. And to help them distract the Rangers while they do so is Fearcat Crazar. Seeing they are moving and with newfound powers, Flurious orders Norg to take an army to Chillers to find and destroy them for good.

Recap: Power Rangers Operation Overdrive, Episode 26 – “I think he’s strumming my pain with his fingers.”

Back at the mansion, the Rangers hurry to the living room to find Mack loudly playing an electric guitar. With a rock makeover, Mack explains that he’s just trying out new things. The Rangers tepidly tell him it’s great and he proceeds to play some more. But Spencer comes in to unplug the amplifier and tells the Rangers that Hartford wants them downstairs.

Hartford tells them about the new Fearcat. Tyzonn immediately recognizes her and says it’s a long story which will have to wait until later. The Rangers hurry out and Hartford tells Mack to change into more appropriate clothing.

Crazar mocks Tyzonn, saying she is not surprised he is a Power Rangers. She shoots at them. Tyzonn is able to leap out of the way, morph and battle her.

While Norg arrives with Chillers, Crazar clones the other Rangers.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 26

The Rangers battles their dark clones while Crazar and Tyzonn continue facing off. Tyzonn is able to drive Crazar away and the clones leave with her.

Elsewhere, Norg continues following Mig and Benglo. When Norg sneezes, blowing their cover, the Chillers storm toward the Fearcats who make quick work of them.

Norg decides to leave.

Back at the command center, Tyzonn tells everyone the full story of the day of cave in. Crazar was there as well and he thought she had died since he never saw her escape. He didn’t tell them before because the memory of his future wife Vella dying in the cave in was too much.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 26

Just then, the alarm sounds. Hartford asks Spencer where Mack is and says he’ll go and talk to him. Tyzonn says he will take on Crazar while the others handle Benglo and Mig.

Upstairs, Hartford finds Mack strumming on his guitar. Mack is open to talking and says he does not know who he is. He asks his father if he is allowed to have his own life. Hartford says he is.

Hartford adds that he wants Mack to grow and explore new things. He is still his son and wants Mack to find his own path. But Mack must not forget his commitment to the team.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 26

Mack says he loves being a Power Ranger. But he just wishes it had been his decision and not his programming. Hartford says it was Mack’s decision. When Mack grabbed that morpher in Episode 1, it was all him.

“At that moment you seemed almost…”

Mack gets up and hurries to join his team.

While the others chase after Benglo and Mig, Tyzonn finds Crazar.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 26

Crazar mocks Tyzonn about Vella’s death before they once again face off. Mack arrives to help.

The others get caught in a net trap above a bottomless pit. Benglo and Mig shoot at the rope and leave. Before the rope breaks completely, Will has Dax reach into his boot to grab his laser cutter. Dax is able to open up a hole and tells the others to grab onto him.

Dax shoots his OO Zip Shooter to pull them out of the net. But Ronny gets left behind as the net falls into the hole. Thankfully, Ronny uses her super speed to jump out just in time.

Mack and Tyzonn morph, but still have trouble against Crazar. Mack upmorphs to Red Sentinel Ranger. But Crazar withstands the attacks and embiggens herself.

Hartford calls the others and tells them to abort the mission to go help Mack and Tyzonn.

Mack calls on Sentinel Knight to take Crazar on himself while waiting for the others.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 26

Tyzonn demorphs and uses a rock to write an old Mercurian battle spell on the ground. Mack tries to protect Tyzonn while he finishes it. But Crazar shoots at them and takes Sentinel Knight down.

Before Crazar can finish Sentinel Knight for good, he transforms back into a sword and flies back to Mack’s hands. That allows the others to arrive just in time. Mack joins them in the Battlefleet Megazord.

“I’m not afraid of you stinkin’ Rangers!”

Crazar gives the Rangers big trouble so Mack decides to try something new. He activates the Dual Drive Megazord.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 26

Tyzonn is ready with the spell and together with Mack, they destroy Crazar.

Tyzonn dedicates Crazar’s defeat to Vella.

At Flurious’ lair, Norg tells him about the Fearcats looking for the Octavian Chalice. Flurious delays destroying Norg thanks to the good information.

Back at the command center, Hartford shows them video footage of the Fearcats finding the Octavian Chalice. The Rangers wonder if it will lead to another jewel.

Hartford tells them to take a break for now. He tells Mack he can practice the guitar some more. But Mack says he’s not interested in that anymore. Instead, he’ll read his new book. Mack turns to Spencer to ask if he has any more cupcakes left.

Spencer takes his earplugs out and says he was just preparing for Mack’s next concert. Everyone laughs.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 26

Episode Thoughts

It was a good episode to get the ball rolling with the aftermath of last episode’s shocking turn of events. I’m sure they could’ve done more fun things with Mack trying out different hobbies. But the episode was definitely jam packed with action.

First, I loved all the battles at the quarry. Was that Boukenger footage or original New Zealand footage? I’d wager it was half and half. It was very exciting. And Crazar was definitely a great new threat.

The Fearcats making moves is good. I think maybe the last few eps, the villains have been a little too stagnant. Though it allowed last episode to focus on Mack of course.

Calling back to Tyzonn’s tragic past was good as well. It’s the kind of continuity you like to see on the show. Drawing upon previous character moments to really drive home the importance and gravity of the situation.

Mack trying to find himself was also good. Like I said earlier, they could’ve filled a whole episode of Mack trying out different things. And it would’ve been a fine episode. Silly, but goes with the idea of Mack being lost and unsure about himself after learning he’s just an android.

Elsewhere, I just had to chuckle at Dax’s line about his father not wanting him to be a stuntman. It’s definitely a familiar sentiment if you come from an Asian family. hehe

Overall, a good episode to follow up the last shocking episode. And aside from the fallout, big movement on the part of the villains as well.

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