Recap: Power Rangers Dino Fury, Episode 34 (Season 2, Episode 12) – “Radiation blotches! This is the end for me.”

Recap: Power Rangers Dino Fury, Episode 34 (Season 2, Episode 12) – Ultimate Mystery

Recap: Power Rangers Dino Fury, Episode 34 (Season 2, Episode 12) – “Radiation blotches! This is the end for me.”

Amelia is filming a story on Area 62 for Mystery Buzz and interviews Pop Pop who once worked as a janitor here. Pop Pop, however, doesn’t have any interesting stories about his time here. Though he is very much afraid of the radiation that is still present in the area. He thinks he’s already developed radiation blotches on his body, but it’s just blueberry juice.

Since this story didn’t pan out, Amelia and her crew decide to pursue a viral video of a supposed Bigfoot sighting. But Jane doesn’t think it’s worth pursuing and insists they deliver an Area 62 story for tomorrow’s show.

Amelia decides to go after the Bigfoot story instead. Though her team is initially hesitant to go against Jane’s wishes, Amelia gives her team, Stan and Annie, some of the Bigfoot research she’s collected over the years to look through as she excuses herself when Solon calls her back to the command chamber.

Stan and Annie find a picture of Dinohenge in the research and decide to go there to dig around.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 34 Recap

Amelia arrives at the command chamber where everyone is assembled to receive an urgent call from General Shaw. They’ve experienced a jailbreak and she has confirmed that one of the escapees is headed to Pine Ridge.

The alarms sound and the Rangers hurry downtown. Amelia recognizes that the monster is the Bigfoot from the viral video. The Rangers morph to battle Lothorn. And while their physical attacks don’t do much to him, their verbal insults do and he leaves.

The Rangers return to the command chamber, wondering why Lothorn is so intent on harming Power Rangers in a town so far away from Coral Harbor.

Above ground, Stan and Annie arrive at Dinohenge just as Lothorn begins attacking the statues in order to cut the Rangers’ connection to the Grid. Annie calls the Ranger Hotline and the Rangers are shocked to see the call coming from right above. Amelia realizes they must have followed her Bigfoot research.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 34 Recap

The Rangers hurry upstairs. Amelia takes Stan and Annie to safety before joining the others in countering Lothorn’s attacks. The Rangers wonder who told Lothorn about their base. But for now, they teleport Lothorn back to the middle of the city. After battling some more, Lothorn embiggens himself and the Rangers hop into their Megazords to finish him off.

Over at Buzzblast, Jane and Pop Pop are baking with Area 62 radiation blueberries. It turns into a literal mess, but good for views.

Anyway, Amelia apologizes to Stan and Annie for pushing them to pursue the Bigfoot story with her as it put them in danger. Stan and Annie say it’s alright and at least they learned from the experience.

The Rangers visit Amelia and she tells them she has been interested in weird phenomena like Bigfoot or the Bermuda Triangle and ghosts because of her mom and dad. Her parents died in a fire. Pop Pop doesn’t like to talk about it, but Amelia believes there’s more to the story. And the mystery surrounding her parents’ death is what encourages to look into other mysteries as well.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 34 Recap

Amelia hoped that investigating other mysteries will eventually lead her to the truth about her parents. The Rangers console Amelia and say they are sure she will find those answers by the finale.

Solon calls the Rangers back to the command chamber as General Shaw briefs them on the situation. The GB Rangers have recovered all but one of the convicts: Scrozzle. It appears the jailbreak was all to release Scrozzle who then sent Lothorn to Pine Ridge. And the mastermind behind all this is Lord Zedd.

Aiyon says the Morphin Master who resurrected him said he was the key to defeating Zedd.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 34 Recap

Episode Thoughts

Lol okay.

So, I’m watching this first episode of the second half of the second season of Dino Fury months after the first half of the second season. And I honestly have forgotten much of what happened in that chunk of episodes. Not to mention what happened in the first season which I consider the first half of the one Dino Fury season.

Full disclosure, I’ve seen the spoilers before watching this episode. So I’ll try as much as possible to not take any of what happens later into consideration when commenting on the episodes.

This episode was pretty good. A nice Amelia-focus that reminds us of her dead parents, but introduces the idea that there is perhaps some mystery behind their deaths.

I always enjoy seeing Rangers’ family members pop up on the show. And even more if they’re actually integral to the plot and not just to boost a Ranger’s focus episode.

This episode focused on Amelia through her career and her love of the mysterious and paranormal. And it definitely helped to deepen her character which in turn made that moment at the end where she talks about her parents more impactful.

As for the other big part of this episode. I’ve always been Meh at the callbacks to previous seasons. Especially in this Saban Brands Era and Hasbro Era where they seem to force Easter eggs and the like into episodes just to please the rose-tinted spectacles-wearing old fans.

So having General Shaw pop up and involving Beast Morphers doesn’t really excite me. Nor does the appearance of Lord Zedd which I know does actually excite a chunk of the fandom. If Zedd ends up being this season’s Big Bad, then okay. I don’t really care either way. But his presence merely reminds me of how the show trades off actual effort and good story for any opportunity to shoehorn anything MMPR into the show. We’ll see how that goes moving forward.

Overall, a pretty good episode with a great focus on Amelia.

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