Recap: Power Rangers Dino Fury, Episode 33 (Season 2, Episode 11) – “I doubt the genius society accepts mushrooms.”

Recap: Power Rangers Dino Fury, Episode 33 (Season 2, Episode 11) – The Copycat

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 33 Recap

The Rangers are excited for Javi singing his original song “Spotlight” at the Buzzblast Songathon. Papa Garcia arrives and has Javi perform a bit of the song as one last practice before they head to Buzzblast for the competition.

The first contestant is Pop Pop who plays his violin while singing and dancing. Amelia encourages him and he finishes his performance by shooting his bow at one of the judge’s hats.

Next contestant is Blair Bartlett, douchey former lead singer of the Screaming Zombies. The Rangers are shocked and confused when his song is actually Javi’s “Spotlight.” Javi, Izzy and Papa Garcia step forward to claim that the song has been stolen. Javi says he’s been performing the song for days all over town.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 33 Recap

One of the judges says there is no way to prove whose song it is so he gives Javi extra time to prepare a new song which he can perform as the last contestant tomorrow. Javi says there is no way he can write a contest-winning song by tomorrow. Blair agrees. But the judges’ decision is final.

Over at HQ62, Mucus watching the Songathon has given him an idea. He tells Void Queen about making copies of the Rangers and their zords. Void Queen says she already has a plan in motion and heads into the secret chamber where she has Tarrick in the pod, laughing at how she will set him straight.

Next day at the command chamber, Javi still has not written a new song. He would rather just quit the contest, but Solon says you only fail if you no longer try. Wise words from a fortune cookie that was laying around the table.

The alarm sounds and the Rangers hurry downtown. They meet a mysterious new foe who seems to know them, but the Rangers set aside trying to figure out who it is as they quickly morph.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 33 Recap

The Rangers are easily forced to demorph though. And this new foe reveals that he is Void King, formerly known as Tarrick and Void Knight, but reprogrammed by Void Queen whom he dutifully serves.

Zayto orders Javi to get everyone else back to the command chamber. Zayto upmorphs to Dino Knight and takes on Void King by himself. Void King, however, is able to copy Zayto’s attacks so Zayto retreats.

Solon examines the other Rangers who have to rest and recover. Zayto and Javi figure out how to counter Void King’s power. Javi suggests he use the Void Knight Key to simulate Zayto fighting himself. That will allow him to find any weaknesses he can exploit whenever Void King copies his attacks.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 33 Recap

After a successful training session in which they find out it takes time for the Dino Knight Key to recharge after a Dino Knight Strike, Zayto is ready to take on Void King. Now it’s time for Javi to continue his songwriting, Zayto suggests Javi use the strategy he just came up with for the Dino Knight Key.

Javi leaves and the alarm sounds. Zayto goes to face Void King on his own and his plan works. He is able to deliver a Dino Knight Strike at Void King who retreats.

Later, the other Rangers wake up after a few hours of sleep. Zayto tells them he was able to drive Void King away for now. Javi says he has also come up with a new plan and says he needs an assistant.

Over at Buzzblast, Javi gets up on stage and begins to sing “Spotlight.” But this time, Zayto joins him on stage to pass him various different instruments to include in his performance. The crowd and judges love it. Blair is pissed.

J-Borg announces one last-minute entry and it is Mucus as Mew-Mew who does a performance via Zoom. Slyther is annoyed that Mucus did not ask him to join in, so Wreckmate blasts Mucus and he splatters on the camera.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 33 Recap

Anyway, after voting is done, it is announced that Javi has won.

Episode Thoughts

Well, not much of a mid-midseason cliffhanger episode. But that’s alright. Lol It was at least an above-average Dino Fury episode. So at least they went into the break on a relatively strong episode.

The ep had solid action and a solid plot. The judges of the contest were sketch. Kind of unfair, to be honest. Lol But it didn’t matter. Honestly, Javi probably could’ve won even without the instruments gimmick. Not really a Lesson of the Week-type of episode. More of a “Javi/Chance is a great singer” episode. lol

The Void Family stuff was alright. A very simple, but okay way to introduce the new rubber villain. It makes sense. But it really doesn’t do much to further the soapy Tarrick and Santaura drama.

Overall, a solid episode. Definitely far from the weakest of the season. And a positive way to end this first batch of 2022 episodes of Dino Fury.

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