Recap: Power Rangers Operation Overdrive, Episode 25 – “I’ll have to reformat you if you ever confide this to anybody.”

Recap: Power Rangers Operation Overdrive, Episode 25 – Things Not Said

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 25

Mack shows the Rangers photos of a fishing trip with his dad where he caught a huge fish. Dax thinks the photo looks weird since the tree casts a shadow, but not Mack or Hartford. Mack says it really happened. Spencer even took the photo.

Spencer interrupts them and says Hartford has called them downstairs. When they leave, he picks up the photo album with a worried look.

Hartford believes they are close to obtaining the Star of Isis. To help, Rose has developed a new weapon using the Sentinel Sword and new robotics she’s invented. Dax asks if he can use it, but Hartford says it is not to be used by humans. It’s for their zords.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 25

Just then, the alarm sounds and the Rangers hurry downtown. Before they head into the building, Mack stops them and thinks this might be a trap. He tells the others to check out front while he goes to the back.

Kamdor is busy working on the computer inside the building. Miratrix says she will go take care of the Rangers, but he wants her here with him. Kamdor instead makes a monster out of another computer, Datum, to face the Rangers.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 25

The Rangers, minus Mack, morph and battle the new monster. Mack morphs and finds Miratrix and Kamdor inside. Miratrix takes Mack on herself while Kamdor continues working.

Kamdor embiggens Datum and Ronny calls Mack to hurry back outside. They summon the Battlefleet, but Datum ties it up in his cables which he uses to zap it.

The Rangers are able to break free and transform the Battlefleet into the Megazord. They make quick work of Datum. Kamdor is excited to see that Datum was successful. Miratrix looks at him confused.

Back at the mansion, the Rangers wonder why it was so easy to defeat Datum. Will is worried that it was too easy.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 25

The power suddenly goes out in the mansion for a few seconds. Hartford thinks they have picked up a computer virus that shorted out their electrical grid. But they luckily have generators and everything looks back to normal.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 25

“Good thing,” Mack says.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 25

Over and over again.

The Rangers turn to look back at Mack. Dax walks forward, but Hartford stops him. The Rangers’ faces immediately drop when they realize something is wrong.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 25

Later, Mack wakes up and asks his father if something has happened to him. He looks around and sees his head is not attached to his body.

After they reattach his head to his body, Mack asks his father what he is. “You’re my son,” Hartford replies. But Spencer says it’s time Hartford tell Mack the truth.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 25

Hartford says Mack is an android and that he created him. Mack doesn’t want to believe it, but Spencer says it is true.

Hartford continues to explain that Mack “came online” about two years ago. Mack does not understand. He has memories of his childhood. But Hartford says he gave them to him so he could be like every other kid.

“I’m not! I’m a machine!”

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 25

Hartford says Mack is the son he always wanted. He had always been so busy with work that he hadn’t been able to find the right woman.

“Why didn’t you just make one of those too?!”

Hartford and Spencer are taken aback. Mack leaves the command center.

Meanwhile, Kamdor explains to Miratrix that he had Datum upload a virus into the Rangers’ mainframe and has also been able to decode the location of the next jewel. That location is in some place called “Florida.”

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 25

The Rangers welcome Mack back and are happy to see he’s doing better. Before Mack can explain everything to them, the alarms sound. Mack says he won’t be going with them this time and assures them that he’s okay.

The Rangers zoom toward the Florida Everglades where Miratrix and Kamdor are already searching. Kamdor summons monsters and the Rangers each take one.

Kamdor tells Miratrix to stay here and fight while he goes for the jewel himself. Will hops on his Hovertek and chases after him.

The other Rangers are having a little trouble against Kamdor’s warriors. They try to call the zords, but they are not responding.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 25

Back at the mansion, Spencer finds Mack who says he can’t join the others for fear he might just break down again and hurt the team. Spencer says he doesn’t recall Hartford programming self-pity into Mack and thinks it’s probably Mack’s own doing.

“Very funny.”
“It wasn’t meant as humor.”

Spencer asks permission to be a little forward with Mack and he obliges.

“Snap out of it!”

Spencer says he understands what Mack must be feeling now. But he must also remember that he has a father and friends who love him. Spencer admits he loves Mack too.

Hartford comes running in to tell Mack that the Rangers need his help. He is their only hope.

Mack says he will go, but he will take Rose’s new weapon with him. Hartford does not want to endanger Mack in that way. He does not want to lose him. But Spencer says that is a risk he will have to take.

While Mack arrives in Florida, Kamdor finds the fourth jewel: The Star of Isis.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 25

Mack whips out the Sentinel Sword and upmorphs to Red Sentinel Ranger. The new power has him easily taking care of the warriors.

The Rangers surround Miratrix. But Kamdor pops up with the jewel and shoots at them, forcing them to demorph and allowing Miratrix to escape them.

However, before Kamdor and Miratrix can leave, Ronny uses her super speed to swipe the jewel herself.

The Rangers are happy Mack is back in action. But Rose is a little confused why Mack was not fried to a crisp while using her technology.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 25

Back at the mansion, Mack explains his situation to them. They don’t see it as a problem. He’s still the same Mack that they have been friends and teammates with. They try to cheer him up.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 25

Hartford and Spencer walk in and the others head downstairs. Mack wants to leave, but Hartford says they have a lot to talk about. Mack says he’s had a long day, so Hartford suggests tomorrow. But Mack says tomorrow will be a long day too.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 25

Episode Thoughts

One of THE best episodes of the entire franchise right here. I still remember what a big shock it was when the episode first aired. It truly was an amazing twist. And still is. For whatever faults some have with Operation Overdrive, you cannot fault them for ambition and effort in their storytelling.

I’ve seen so many fans try to discredit this plot twist using some of the most random and unfair criticism over the years. Some even really disgusting suggestions too all in an effort to confirm their developed hatred for the season.

But I think Operation Overdrive did excellently leading into this big episode. And it only gets better with the fallout that reaches all the way to the finale.

The moment Hartford realizes something is wrong with Mack is amazing. Like, watching it now knowing what’s going on, it is really a powerful moment. The way the Rangers’ faces immediately drop, though not knowing what’s going on, was so good. By this point in the season, you’ve developed a good relationship with the characters. So knowing what’s ahead, this is truly an OH SH!T moment.

The writing was definitely there for the big moments in this episode. The dialogue hit all the marks. Imagine Hartford talking about not being able to find the right woman to marry and Mack snaps back with “Why didn’t you just make one of those too?”

The emotions in that scene and the next were on point.

I’ve always believed that in addition to the tight writing, a big reason this story worked is that it had the right actors to bring it to life. James Maclurcan, Rod Lousich and David Weatherley delivered such great performances here and throughout the season. That scene where Mack learns the truth is a great example of that.

And of course, David Weatherley was amazing all season long, solidifying himself as one of the best mentors in the entire franchise. His scene with Mack after is also the kind of direct, realistic conversation that you absolutely would not see on dumbed down Power Rangers today. Spencer’s “Snap out of it!” as well as him admitting that he loved Mack as well really shows the kind of great character development that is also absent from the last ten years in this tired franchise. Moments like that would be hollow and contrived today. Back then, it was all just a part of fully realized characters and relationships.

Mack as an android is an ambitious storyline, especially for a show like Power Rangers. It’s obviously only the start with this episode, but watching this again, I find myself appreciating it even more now considering where the franchise has been these last ten years.

Overall, an excellent episode. One of the all-time best.

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