Recap: Power Rangers Operation Overdrive, Episode 19 – “Thank you for being the bulldog that you are.”

Recap: Power Rangers Operation Overdrive, Episode 19 – One Gets Away

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 19

Moltor lures the Fearcats to his lair. He wants to give them new super armor as long as they kill the Rangers.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 19

Meanwhile, the Rangers are on a beach and use the compass to find the third jewel in the ocean. Before they can enjoy mission completed, Hartford calls the Rangers to tell them about the Fearcats approaching San Angeles in a robo. Will takes the jewel to bring it to safe keeping while the others go on ahead downtown.

But Miratrix and Kamdor appear. Will morphs and takes them on, but he is overpowered and Kamdor manages to grab the Blue Sapphire from him. Miratrix and Kamdor poof away with the jewel.

At the mansion, Will breaks the bad news to Hartford and says he will resign as consequence of him losing the jewel. Will hands in his morpher and Hartford takes it. He hands it to Spencer and walks out. Spencer, however, hands the morpher back to Will and says “Once a Ranger, Always a Ranger.”

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 19

Spencer says the others are in a donnybrook in the city and advises Will to do what he believes is best.

Tyzonn arrives to help the others when the Fearcats have them on their backs. They decide to retreat, but Will sees them, morphs and hops onto the robo to follow them.

Will hears the Fearcats talk about Moltor’s superarmor. He follows Mig as he uses Moltor’s map to find the location. Will is able to grab hold of the map.

Back at the mansion, Spencer tries to talk to Hartford about Will. But Hartford doesn’t want to hear it. Will lost the jewel and it is only fair that he resigns. But Spencer points out that Hartford just recently lost the crown himself. He then recounts a story of when Hartford was 10 years old. He caused a costly error in an all-star baseball game and quit. But Spencer dug his glove out the trash and drove Hartford back to the field. Hartford made the choice to play again.

Hartford realizes he was wrong to place blame on Will.

Meanwhile, Will reaches a quarry and finds a boulder. It bursts open and reveals a super armor inside. Mig, however, pops in and he and Will battle.

The others arrive just in time. But so does Benglo in the robo. Mig hops in and they grab the super armor. They attach it to their robo. The Rangers hop into the Megazords.

They are struggling against the Fearcats, but Will tells them about losing the jewel and says they can never give up. They try a different formation by separating into their different zords to surround the Fearcats. The Rangers manage to retrieve the super armor from the Fearcats and then proceed to destroy the robo.

Moltor cannot believe how incompetent the Fearcats are. Miratrix admires the Blue Sapphire. Flurious is upset he has neither a jewel nor the crown.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 19

At the mansion, Hartford addresses the team and says he was reminded today that this is not a one battle fight. He hopes they will be able to move forward by winning more than they lose. He thanks Will for picking himself back up and also thanks Spencer for being the “bulldog” that he is.

When the others leave, Spencer also thanks Hartford for hearing what he didn’t want to hear. He promises to always tell Hartford his truth, especially when Hartford trusted his deepest secret to him.

Episode Thoughts

This was more of an action-heavy episode. It felt like mostly Boukenger footage since those were the highlights of the episode. It started out a little bit of a Will-focus, but became a Fearcats-focus and then ended with a Spencer-focus.

I enjoyed the Spencer focus the most. He was definitely awesome this episode. His convos with Hartford were so good, especially the one where he gets Hartford to realizes his wrongs in dealing with Will’s resignation. Just another example of what makes Spencer one of the best characters on all of Power Rangers.

The Rangers found the Blue Sapphire almost too easily. I feel like so far, this might be the least smooth of the jewel searches. That is, the search for this jewel felt a little disjointed. All fun episodes on their own this arc, but not as connected as the first two arcs were.

At the end, it was cool to check-in on all three villain factions before finishing up at the mansion. It seems like a quick refresher before they head into the next big arc.

Overall, a solid episode. Not the strongest, by any means. But good for what it was. And carried very much by Spencer’s awesomeness.

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