Recap: Mashin Sentai Kiramager, Episode 37 – Sena 1/5

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 37 Recap

Over in the darkness, Garuza is shocked that Carantula is alive. But he explains that he had Yodonna split him into five just in case his plan hit a snag. Carantula is depressed because the Emperor himself scolded him for his failure. Yodonna is surprised because she has never met the Emperor face to face, yet Carantula has?

Garuza is also surprised that Yodonna, the Emperor’s right hand, has never even met him in person. Just then, the Emperor calls Yodonna and orders her to meet with Oradin.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 37 Recap

Meanwhile, Sena and Sayo are at a café to enjoy some treats. When Sena’s first choice is sold out, she goes with her second choice. Sayo expected Sena would be sad about not getting her first choice. But Sena says as a track athlete, she decided to always consider any possible risks and worst-case scenarios in order to prepare and make the right decisions.

When Sena first decided on doing track full time, she decided on opening a Hamburg steak shop at a beach in Shonan as her back-up plan.

Suddenly, Yodonna pops up and both Sena and Sayo henshin. They battle as Yodonna demands they tell her where Oradin is. When Yodonna whips Sena, she splits her into five having forgotten to switch her whip back after splitting up Carantula.

Four of the Senas and Sayo surround Yodonna as one of them tells her that Oradin is in Atamald. Yodonna decides to leave with that information.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 37 Recap

They head back at the coconut tree to explain the situation to the others.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 37 Recap

Mach is very excited to see so many Senas. Each one of them with a distinct personality. Sena 1 is the momentum-focused athlete Sena, Sena 2 is the cutesy Sena, Sena 3 is the responsible Sena and Sena 4 is the emotional Sena.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 37 Recap

Sayo finds Sena 5 hiding under the counter. Sena 5 says each version is only a fifth as strong as the whole. And even though they’ve split, there is only one Kiramai Changer and they might not even be able to henshin if they’re not whole.

Sayo realizes Sena 5 is the Sena that thinks of the worst-case scenario.

Meanwhile, Yodonna and Garuza go to the island to try and get Hakobu to take them to Atamald. But Hakobu manages to fly away from them. Yodonna decides they should lure Oradin into the open.

Back at the coconut tree, Muryou has an idea. He grabs Sena 1 and Sena 2 and slams them together. They are rejoined! Sena 3 runs over and hugs Sena 1+2, rejoining them. And Sena 4 does the same. Now four out of the five Senas have returned.

They approach Sena 5 who says it might be better off if she doesn’t rejoin the others. Muryou says he understands her point. Keeping Sena positive would make her more powerful.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 37 Recap

Sena 5 thanks them for everything and bids them farewell. But Sayo grabs her and says she must return to her body. Sena 5 says Sayo is the only one who even tried to think of a good reason for her to stay. And it’s not enough. Sena 5 runs out.

Sena 1234 remains positive and says they’ll be fine without her. Garuza appears in the city in Smog Jouki so the Kiramagers quickly hop into the Mashins. Sena1234 pilots King Express Zabyun with Tametomo. But Sena 1234 zooms around, attacking Smog Jouki with zero hesitation. Sena 1234 calls Carry who scoops up Smog Jouki’s feet. Sena 1234 proceeds to push Smog Jouki toward the others.

But Sayo spots a stalled car right in the path of the two huge mecha. And a family is trapped inside. Shiguru tells Sena 1234 to abort the attack. But Sena 1234 is positive nothing will go wrong. The others beg Sena 1234 to pull back, but it’s too late for her to change course.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 37 Recap

Meanwhile, Sena 5 is at Shonan Beach. She’s got a packed bag as she stares out at the ocean thinking how much the others are enjoying themselves without her. Sena 5 says she’s made up her mind. She unties her hair and begins to walk down the beach.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 37 Recap

Sayo appears and says she remembered how Sena mentioned wanting to work here in Shonan as a back-up plan. Sena 5 says that’s not what she meant and she takes off toward the water. Sayo chases after her and tackles her before she can make it further out.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 37 Recap

Sayo tells Sena 5 that they were in big trouble without her. She tells Sena 5 about Sena 1234 being too reckless. Thankfully, the others were able to save the family in the car before they were crushed to death. Tametomo and Shiguru scold Sena 1234 who apologizes, but still believes nothing can go wrong.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 37 Recap

Sayo says she understood that the whole Sena was able to speed forward in situation because of Sena 5 being a part of her. Being able to anticipate and prepare for worst-case scenarios is part of Sena was a whole person.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 37 Recap

Sena 5 realizes she is truly needed after all. Sena 1234 appears and says not only can Sena 5 return, but she wants Sena 5 to return. Sena 1234 apologizes to Sena 5.

Sena 5 gets up and runs to Sena1234 for a hug. Sena is finally whole again.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 37 Recap

Sayo welcomes Sena home and they hurry back to the others who have been trying to hold off Garuza in Smog Jouki. Garuza is able to swipe Express to form Jaaku King Express. Muryou and Mabushina call Oradin who flies over even though he knows he will be flying into a trap.

Sena and Sayo find Yodonna on a rooftop. They henshin and battle. But Yodonna is anxious to meet Oradin. She calls to him and he asks what she wants from him.

Yodonna says she actually does not know. She was only told she had to meet him.

Just then, the Emperor’s voice is heard as the sky turns purple. Everyone is shocked by the dark scene. But that’s nothing compared to what happens next.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 37 Recap

Yodonna sticks her tongue out and all of a sudden morphs into a terrifying embiggened figure…

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 37 Recap

The Emperor!

Everyone, including Garuza, is stunned.

The Emperor says Oradin and Co. assembling all the Mashins last week was a declaration of war which he heard loud and clear. And now he is here to deliver his response.

The Emperor declares that he will rule over Earth. But as it has not yet been completely defiled, he will return to his form as Yodonna until the right time when he will destroy them all.

The Emperor gives them a taste of his power as he completely levels a wide radius in the city. The Kiramagers reel from the impact.

Oradin says the Kiramagers will never allow what happened to Crystalia to happen here on Earth. But the Emperor says they’ll just have to wait and see.

The Emperor returns to Yodonna’s form. But Yodonna does not seem to know what has happened as she looks for the Emperor. Garuza whisks her away back to the darkness.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 37 Recap

Back in Yodonheim, Yodonna tries to grasp the idea that she is a part of the Emperor. Carantula points out multiple personalities existing in one body.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 37 Recap

Episode Thoughts

So… this was me the entire last six minutes of the episode:

Like, my mouth was wide open. Jaw dropped to the floor. I did not expect any of that. (Thankfully I avoided any spoilers!) And coupled with the pretty emotional rest of the episode, this was a roller coaster 30 minutes! They really maximized the impact. Especially when I was not a fan of last week’s Crystas episode. This week though? Now this was a traditional climactic Christmas episode.

The way they set-up the big Yodonna/Emperor reveal by doing the multiple personalities plot with Sena (and partly with Carantula from last episode) was so good. I had an inkling last week when Yodonna was sensing the Emperor creeping about. Who knew he was actually inside of her!? Or is he? Garuza specifically mentioned “Yodonna is the Emperor?!” And Carantula points out the idea of split personalities. There could definitely be more to the idea beyond just sharing a body or possession or something like that.

But the Emperor was absolutely terrifying! The scoring during that scene too was just perfect. I got chills. Another thing Kiramager has done well has been using music and scoring to really enhance scenes. That was definitely the case for that entire final sequence. Such a threatening, foreboding sequence having the Emperor tower over the city and then lay waste to it like that. Then ending with that beautiful shot of the Kiramagers just looking absolutely defeated.
Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 37 Recap

Really an amazing way to introduce the Emperor. One of the absolutely best, most exciting and most terrifying introductions to a potential final boss big bad I can remember.

For the rest of the episode though, it was a great Sena-focus with some Sayo as well. I’m not sure what to think about Sena 5 at the beach. Like, was she really going to walk into the ocean at the beginning? She packed her bags, untied her hair. What does that mean?! That’s very heavy. But the whole idea of sorta overcoming negative feelings and them being just one part of a whole person is well-taken and handled well here.

Really though, that scene of Sayo chasing after Sena who appeared to be running out into the ocean is just… I mean, when you think about it. Boy, that’s a very heavy and emotional moment. And on one hand, I would’ve liked to have seen the episode focused just on that story maybe. On the other hand, it worked well with what they ended up ending the episode with.

Very good character moments for both Sena and Sayo.

In lighter news, more PPAP on the show. Which is awesome.

But overall, this might be one of the season’s strongest episodes. Just so well done all around. Dramatic, exciting, emotional. The absolutely terrifying, foreboding introduction to the Emperor was excellent. Just, a complete winner for Kiramager.

4 thoughts on “Recap: Mashin Sentai Kiramager, Episode 37 – Sena 1/5

  1. This was definitely go down as one of the Best main villain reveals in Sentai. I mean talk about EPIC!

    And it was also a good exploration of Sena’s character. Although, like you, I was wondering if she was gonna off herself in the ocean when Sayo tackled her.

    1. Very epic reveal. They really did a great job building up the tension to it. And I think Sena’s story also helped. You’re already in this kind of tense, sad situation and then you get hit with a literal bombshell.

  2. This episode was such a shock for me… Nobody would expect Yodonna was actually Yodon’s avatar. And it made me sad for her because knowing she had no true existence makes a tragic character out of her.

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