Recap: Power Rangers Operation Overdrive, Episode 16 – “I get no respect around here.”

Recap: Power Rangers Operation Overdrive, Episode 16 – Just Like Me

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 16

Flurious is annoyed by Norg being useless. Norg feels Flurious doesn’t respect him so he decides to leave.

In downtown San Angeles, Will is teaching Tyzonn how to flirt with the ladies. But it’s not going so well. Will says Tyzonn is just built different. Tyzonn says he doesn’t want to be different. He wants to be just like Will.

Meanwhile, Moltor has his Lava Lizards steal a map from a museum in Norway to lead them to the Hammer of Mjolnir. The Rangers find them in the rain forest and they battle.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 16

After taking care of the Lava Lizards, the Rangers get blasted by Moltor and he returns to his volcano. He is surprised to find Norg there waiting for him. Norg says he’s run away from Flurious and now wants to work with Moltor instead. Moltor doesn’t think Norg would be of any use to him. But Norg gifts him some Chiller Stones that will allow him to create his own Chillers.

Moltor welcomes Norg to the team, but only to have him clean the volcano.

Back at the mansion, Rose tells them Mjolnir belonged to Thor. They wonder what connection these mythological items have with the Jewels. Meanwhile, Will expresses his annoyance with Tyzonn shadowing him. Dax and Ronny say he should be very flattered and take it as a compliment.

Tyzonn surprises everyone when he slides down the pole dressed exactly like Will, hairstyle included.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 16

Before they can discuss, the alarm sounds and the Rangers have to hurry to where Flurious is searching with some Lava Lizards. They spot him with the map. Mack says they should just let Moltor lead them to the hammer. But Will says they can’t risk Moltor getting his hands on it before them. Tyzonn copies exactly what Will says.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 16

Will rips Tyzonn’s wig off and the Rangers morph.

Moltor tosses the Chiller Stones to deal with the Rangers while he and the Lava Lizards continue on their search.

Tyzonn takes on all the Chillers himself, saying he did it like Will would have. Will says he would’ve waited for his team. Tyzonn doesn’t understand. He just wanted to do whatever Will would’ve done. Will tells him to quit it.

Mack tells them to put their personal junk in the trunk so they can deal with Moltor. He says they should split up and pairs Tyzonn and Will.

Later, Ronny asks Mack why he would put Tyzonn and Will together. He believes they should work together to solve their problems.

In the volcano, Norg misses the ice den a little bit. He wonders if Flurious misses him now. He dreams of Flurious welcoming him with open arms, letting him sit on the throne and being used as an ottoman.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 16

Back on the island, Will and Tyzonn find Moltor. Will says he’ll call the others and they’ll attack together. But Tyzonn says he is not going to do what Will would do. Instead, Tyzonn will do what he would do. And that is to morph and attack immediately.

Moltor tosses up some Chiller Stones and Tyzonn takes them on. Will jumps in to help and reminds Tyzonn not to be cocky. Tyzonn believes Will can take on the Chillers himself so he can go on to chase after Moltor.

Tyzonn sees the platform where Moltor is walking towards. He uses a zipline to reach it first and he opens the platform to reveal a hammer. Moltor arrives and shoots at Tyzonn. They fight over the hammer and Moltor grabs hold of it. Will arrives and shoots a flare into the sky to alert the others.

Will hops into his Hovertek, but Moltor forces both him and Tyzonn to demorph. Moltor sends large boulders raining down and Will is trapped under one. Tyzonn hurries over to help. Will tells him to go after Moltor instead. But Tyzonn says for one thing, Will is not his boss. And second, Tyzonn will never leave his teammate behind.

Tyzonn uses his Mercurian power to blast the bolder away, freeing Will.

The Rangers find Moltor and they take on Moltor’s Lava Lizards. Moltor uses the Hammer to embiggen three of them. The Rangers hop into the DriveMax Megazord, but Moltor embiggens the Lava Lizards even more.

Tyzonn, however, shoots at Moltor who lets go of the Hammer. Tyzonn catches it and uses it to embiggen the Megazord to match the size of the Lava Lizards. Tyzonn hops into his own Megazord and then enters the remaining Lava Lizard to blow it up from the inside.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 16

Later, Tyzonn hands Will the Hammer. The two of them work out their differences and make up.

In the volcano, Moltor kicks Norg out. Before he leaves, Norg says he’s glad Flurious broke Moltor’s sled. Back in the ice den, Norg arrives to Flurious yelling at him about how worthless he is.

Downtown, Will watches as Tyzonn shows off his smooth new moves just by being himself.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 16

Episode Thoughts

This was a fun episode. The Will-Tyzonn plot was simple, but a good lesson about being yourself and embracing who you are. Don’t try to just be someone else. It was also a fun way to touch upon Tyzonn being an alien trying to adjust to Earth life a little bit. The first scenes of smooth Will followed by awkward Tyzonn were funny.

The best parts of the episode though were the action scenes. The unmorphed battle with the Lava Lizards especially was so good! An excellent job by the stunt team, but the main cast did great in the scenes as well. Very exciting and explosive. Definitely representative of Disney Era directing. A far cry from the blandness of today.

The Norg subplot was okay. I guess it was to fit the Boukenger footage of Chillers with Lava Lizards? I dunno. Nonetheless, it was a harmless sub-subplot that gave solid character moments for the villains.

The mission this episode also does well to highlight the season’s theme of globetrotting and adventure. The exploration aspect is something that helps provide a nice foundation for the season’s overall theme.

Overall, a good, solid episode with some excellent, exciting action.

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  1. The search for this jewel was one of the more fun parts of OO. I liked Tyzonn’s early interaction with the team as a very outsider.

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