Music Monday, November 30, 2020 – GOT7’s “Breath of Love : Last Piece” May Be Their Strongest Release Yet

GOT7 is back with their first full album in two years. “Breath of Love: Last Piece” may be their strongest release in a while, if not ever. With every member participating in songwriting and composition, it’s a great showcase for the group and their growth over the last almost seven years since debut.

It’s been great to watch that growth from them over the years. And especially with their most recent releases, the maturity and versatility in their sound and style has been great. Especially as the members have become more and more involved in the creative process.

“Breath,” GOT7

The album features double title tracks. And the first one, “Breath,” was released last week. Co-written by Youngjae under his producing pseudonym Ars, the track is a flirtatiously romantic song. An excellent introduction to the rest of the album and perfect opening track.

The track is also a reminder that Youngjae is long overdue for a solo album release.

(*Disclaimer – Youngjae is my GOT7 bias. =D)

“Last Piece,” GOT7

The second title track “Last Piece” is co-written by JB under his DEFSOUL pseudonym. It is an immediately captivating track. The emotional lyrics are matched by a sort of energetic mellow. You’ll be vibing with the song in no time. Especially with the chorus where JB and Youngjae do their usual (and effortless) tag teaming with soaring vocals. Just an excellent track and possibly one of my favorites of the year.

(*Disclaimer 2 – JB and Jinyoung are also my GOT7 biases. Though technically they’ll always be my JJ Project biases. In that sense, they’ve both become two of my Ultimate Biases. But that’s certainly a post for another time. =D)

Speaking of Jinyoung, he co-writes the 5th track on the album. “Wave” is a midtempo, nostalgic track that reminds me of his solo track “My Youth” from “Present: YOU”. “Wave” may be my third favorite track from the album. And “Waiting For You” is probably my next favorite track. Co-written by Bambam, it has a soft, dreamy vibe.

The rest of the album is also strong. “Born Ready” (co-written by Mark), “Special” (co-written by Jackson) and “Thank You Sorry” (co-written Yugyeom) are great illustrations of the members’ versatile talents. The album closes with the slightly more funky “1+1,” the fun and playful “I Mean It” and the perfect finale in the hopeful “We Are Young.”

All in all, this album could be GOT7’s strongest release of their careers. A confident showcase of their maturity in talent and style.

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