Recap: Mashin Sentai Kiramager, Garuza and Carantula Jamental Institute

Recap: Mashin Sentai Kiramager, Garuza and Carantula Jamental Institute

Garuza brags about his amazing Smog Joukey, but is annoyed at his brother’s meddlesome security policy; the White Kiramai Stone and Kiramai Red. Garuza is confident in his Jamental surpassing Kiramental and Carantula would like to teach him a little more about it.

Carantula inserts an optical disc that will help them recap their battles while describing the three factors needed to control Jamental.

First up, Carantula brags about how awesome the Jamenshi Bros were even if they did turn on each other because Garuza took them out onto the field too early. Carantula says he only grants precious Jamen to the most elite Bechats which are distinguished by their changed colors.

Garuza says subordinates are merely pawns to help with his ultimate goals.

Carantula asks Garuza to apologize for wasting the expensive energy drink on the brothers.

Anyway, the three things needed to control Jamental are wrath, hatred and jealousy. And Garuza hopes to increase all of that against the Kiramagers.

Episode Thoughts

First off, I’m just excited for new episodes of both Kiramager and Zero-One finally starting! Hoping the cast and crew stays safe as they get back to producing more exciting episodes for us.

Anyway, another creative clip show from Kiramager. It was very refreshing to have Garuza and Carantula for an extended period of time even if they were essentially doing commentary on the two episodes they reused here. There were a few deleted scenes thrown in.

The fact about Jamenshi being next level Bechats was a good bit of info to have at least.

And three factors of controlling Jamental were a good insight into Garuza’s character as well. Should set up the conflict moving forward.

Overall, this was essentially a rerun of Episodes 7 and 8 with some commentary. But it was still insightful and interesting.

Regardless, NEW EPISODES ARE HERE! And I am so excited

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