The Amazing Race Philippines vs The World (DryedMangoez Edition Season 20) Race Tracker – Leg 5

The Amazing Race hometown curse almost cost Tia & Fay their spot on the Race. But a late Yield kept them out of last place even though this was a Non-Elimination Leg. After struggling with the riddle, Jak & Sanya decided to use their Fast Forward Note, propelling them to the top spot and a Leg win.

The first flight on El Al was delayed departing Johannesburg resulting in both flights arriving within 30 minutes of each other in Tel Aviv instead of one hour and 45 minutes as originally scheduled.

This allowed all teams to catch up to each other upon arrival in Capernaum. And the nine team scramble to find fish made things even more difficult. As the noontime sun raised temperatures, so did the teams’ frustration and exhaustion

That stress did not help as teams struggled to figure out the riddle at the Church of the Multiplication. Jak & Sanya, dropping to last and deciding not to ask other teams for help with the riddle, decided to use their Fast Forward Note allowing them to go directly to the Pit Stop where they officially checked in as Team #1.

The other teams, meanwhile, were surprised to have to jump into the Sea of Galilee for their next clue. Arthur & Rochelle, Boobay & Tekla and Tia & Fay had to swim back to their boat when they did not bring the photo of their buoy with them when they first jumped into the water. That cost them at least 10 minutes.

On the way to the Basilica of the Annunciation, Boobay & Tekla saw teams running in the opposite direction thinking they were already in last place. Once inside the church grounds, they see Megan & Mikael wandering around. Believing they were the last two teams, Boobay & Tekla decide to Yield Megan & Mikael.

Megan & Mikael, meanwhile, decide to Yield Mlee & Quoc Anh who they see running up toward the Yield behind them.

Team placements shuffled further after the Road Block as teams struggled to navigate the cobblestone alleyways of Nazareth. The Yield ended up being the deciding factor as Mlee & Quoc Anh arrive at the Mat just two minutes after Tia & Fay. But they were lucky enough to get a reprieve with the Non-Elimination Leg.

Johannesburg, South Africa to Tel Aviv Israel
Port of Jaffa, Tel Aviv
Jaffa Clock Tower, Tel Aviv
Tel Aviv to Nazareth
St. Peter’s Church, Capernaum
Church of the Multiplication of Loaves and Fishes, Tabgha
Church of the Primacy of St. Peter, Tabgha
Sea of Galilee
Tiberias, Israel
Basilica of the Annunciation, Nazareth
Nazareth Village, Nazareth
Mary’s Well, Nazareth
Fauzi Azar Inn, Nazareth

El Al – scheduled arrival at 7:05am
actual arrival at 8:30am

Boobay & Tekla
Tia & Fay
Rachel & Elissa
Mlee & Quoc Anh
Martina & Phil
Turkish Airlines via Istanbul – arrived at 8:50am
Megan & Mikael
Jak & Sanya
Danica & Ciara
Arthur & Rochelle
ROAD BLOCK: Who wants to be an apprentice?
Jak 4 – 3 Sanya
Arthur 5 – 3 Rochelle
Danica 4 – 4 Ciara
Martina 5 – 3 Phil
Boobay 4 – 4 Tekla
Rachel 5 – 3 Elissa
Megan 3 – 5 Mikael
Tia 3 – 5 Fay
Mlee 4 – 4 Quoc Anh
Kean 4 – 3 Chynna
Tom 3 – 3 Tyler
Dave 2 – 2 Irina
Bold teammate indicates who performed this Road Block.
Road Block counts are as of this Road Block.
*Jak & Sanya used the Fast Forward Note and was not required to perform the Road Block.
Check-in at Pit Stop
Fauzi Azar Inn – Nazareth, Israel
Jak & Sanya – 3:28pm
Danica & Ciara – 5:03pm
Martina & Phil – 5:15pm
Arthur & Rochelle – 5:29pm
Rachel & Elissa – 5:35pm
Boobay & Tekla – 5:56pm
Megan & Mikael – 6:15pm
Tia & Fay – 6:20pm
Mlee & Quoc Anh – 6:23pm

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