Recap: Mashin Sentai Kiramager, Episode 4 – Princess of the Lost World

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 4 Recap

Tametomo and Sena are arguing over the name of the Neanderthaljin Jamen they defeated yesterday. Mabushina laughs at them and Juru points out that Crystalians make a unique sound when laughing. She says she can’t help it as it’s part of their anatomical structure.

Just then, an alarm sounds when a dark Kiramai Stone appears out of the sky. The Kiramagers henshin and hurry downtown, but Mabushina asks to come with.

The Stone morphs into a train Mashin. Mabushina says it is the private train of the Crystalian royal family, but now with a terrifying face on it. The Mashins know that only King Oradin could summon the train, however.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 4 Recap

The train speeds through the city and threatens to wreak havoc, so the Kiramagers and Mashins do what they can to stop it. The train ends up stopping on its own and the hop out.

That’s when Garuza falls out of the train. Juru recognizes him from his dream.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 4 Recap

Princess Mabushina says that Garuza “was” her uncle until he betrayed them and killed her father. Garuza tries to explain that was being manipulated and controlled by the Yodon Empire. Though sometimes, like now, their control weakens and he regains control of his body.

Mabushina does not believe him, remembering the horrific scene of him killing her father. But Garuza says her father is alive.

Suddenly, the Yodon Empire appears to begin taking over his body again. But he is able to whisper something in Crystalian to her before he runs back into his train and leaves.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 4 Recap

Back at the coconut tree, they try to figure out what to believe. Princess Mabushina, however, has regained hope that her father is indeed alive since only he can summon the royal train. Tametomo cautions her though, saying this sounds too good to be true.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 4 Recap

Later that night, with loving memories of her father running through her head, Mabushina sneaks in to retrieve a piece of the white Kiramai Stone she arrived on Earth in. But Tametomo spots her and asks what Garuza whispered to her earlier.

Mabushina admits that Garuza told her the Stone would save her father. Tametomo says that’s only a trap, but Mabushina insists her father is still alive.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 4 Recap

Juru walks in and tries to explain his concerns as well. But Mabushina temporarily blinds them with a bright light to allow herself to escape with the Stone.

The Kiramagers and Muryou meet in the Operation Room. They cannot find Mabushina anywhere in the tower even though they immediately put it under lockdown. Muryou suggests she might have gone to the crash landing on you site to make the white Stone whole again with the fragment.

Just then, a Jamenju appears in the city. The Neanderthaljin Jamen was able to collect enough darkness to open the gate for the Paleolith Basra Jamenju to pass through.

The Kiramagers hop into Kiramaizin and take it on. But the Jamenju ties it up, preventing them from moving at all.

Over at the mountain, Mabushina arrives at the Stone and is met by Garuza.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 4 Recap

She asks him how he was brainwashed. Garuza says he fought against the Yodon Army on Crystalia. But Emperor Yodon appeared and took control of his body. Yodon took all his feelings and turned him into their assassin.

Garuza says he does not expect Mabushina to forgive him, but at the very least, he hopes to kill Emperor Yodon to avenge the death of his brother. And with the complete white Kiramai Stone, they can do that.

Mabushina is about to hand the Stone fragment over. But Juru arrives and shoots at Garuza. He explains he was able to escape the tied up Kiramaizin after using Daiyakun to have his clone pilot the Mashin.

Juru apologizes to Mabushina and says Garuza has been lying to her. He had his suspicions before. But he is sure now. Garuza said Yodon had taken his feelings, but at the moment he killed his brother, he laughed. And Juru is able to know that thanks to the unique sound Crystalians make.

But how could a mere human like Juru have seen that moment? Juru says he saw it in a dream, but he was able to draw his face right before he first met Mabushina. That’s why he knows it is real.

Garuza begins to laugh again. It must mean Juru resonates with King Oradin to have been able to see that moment.

Garuza says he was skilled at bringing about Mashin. But since he was the younger brother, he was treated only as a pawn. That’s why he now pledges allegiance to Emperor Yodon who he believes acknowledges his worth.

And that’s why he killed his own brother.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 4 Recap

Garuza shows them his new form as he confirms King Oradin really is dead. Mabushina must mourn her father all over again. But she refuses to ever hand him the Stone.

Juru tells Mabushina to run for safety as he takes on Garuza. Juru channels his rage into fierce attacks at Garuza. But Garuza is able to pin Juru down. That is, until the others arrive in Kiramaizin after they were able to break free.

Juru takes over the cockpit of Fire from his clone. But Garuza morphs his train into a Smog Jouki mecha. He is about to deliver a finisher, but Paleolith Basra appears out of nowhere and gets in the way.

Garuza is upset about the interruption and takes his anger out on Paleolith Basra, destroying it for good.

Instead of turning his attention back to the Kiramagers, he wants to save the fun for another day.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 4 Recap

Back at the coconut tree, Mabushina apologizes to everyone for the trouble she caused. Especially to Tametomo after being rude to him when he expressed his doubts. They all say it’s alright.

Mabushina also thanks Juru for his rage and defending her earlier against Garuza as well. The others want to hear about Juru being cool, but he is actually kind of shy about it.

Mabushina reaffirms her vow to her father to work with the Kiramagers and protect Earth.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 4 Recap

Episode Thoughts

Oooo! I very much enjoyed this episode. Definitely my favorite episode so far this season. It was a Mabushina-focus episode. And honestly, I feel like she is the best character so far this season too. She’s gotten great development and depth in the short time we’ve spent with them. She also feels like the heart of the season too. (Along with Juru I think as well.)

So this was a really great episode. It was also the most serious and down to business episode too. Juru didn’t even have a single Himareiking all episode!

The story was interesting. They were able to flesh out Uncle Garuza in a way that didn’t feel like simple exposition. And in turn, it helped build up Mabushina’s character as well.

You match the solid plot with some great action.

Juru and Garuza’s battle was AMAZING. That was some incredible camera work and direction. So exciting and dynamic. You don’t see that on Power Rangers, to be honest. And I really wish they stepped it up in that department. But Super Sentai has definitely done just that the last few years. Keeping the action and visuals fresh.

Juru is obviously a special young man, being able to Hirameiking things out of thin air and having visions of other worlds. It will be interesting to see what that means and what his connection may be to Crystalia.

Tametomo also got a nice, little moment too in those scenes with Mabushina. It helps his character also, softening him a little bit from our first impressions of him and showing that he cares about others.

Overall, my favorite episode so far of the season. A strong, enjoyable and exciting episode.

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  1. Definitely best part was Juru and Garza fighting and Garza’s mecha. It reminds me Toqger train and Dine-themed Sentai dinosaur. Good focus on Mabusheena.
    And I think too, Juru CAN be connected somehow with Crystalia. I’m waiting for more🙂

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