Recap: Power Rangers Beast Morphers (Season 2), Episode 26 (6) – “That’s bananas!”

Recap: Power Rangers Beast Morphers (Season 2), Episode 26 (6) – The Blame Game

Recap: Power Rangers Beast Morphers (Season 2), Episode 26 (6) – “That’s bananas!”

While the Rangers play football in the park, Steel notices a father punishing his daughter for littering. The Rangers explain that he’s just teaching her a lesson so she won’t repeat the same mistake.

Steel thinks that’s a great idea.

Over in the Crystal Dimension, Scrozzle creates Controlatron to help Evox’s plan to kidnap Nate. Blaze and Roxy accompany Controlatron to GBHQ where they will have Nate touch a virus-controlled puppet which then places Nate under his control.

At GBHQ, Steel scolds the security guard Cole for not scanning a GB employee’s lunchbox. As punishment, Steels orders him to go sweep the plaza outside. The others think that’s a little too much, but Cole accepts his punishment. It’s been his dream to work at GB and he apologizes for his lapse.

Outside, Blaze tosses the package with the virus puppet over to Cole who picks up a puppet of his own, allowing Controlatron to control him too. He makes Cole deliver the package to Nate inside and Nate comes under the control of the Robotron.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 26

Over at Riptide, Steel explains to the others how he has gone around GBHQ punishing people for their mistakes. He even tries punishing their server, but the others stop him. Before they can explain that he’s going too far, Commander Shaw calls about a Robotron at GBHQ.

They hurry over, but are met by a morphed Nate under Controlatron’s control. Nate attacks them, upon Controlatron’s orders so they morph and take on Nate and Tronics.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 26

They finish off the Tronics, but Controlatron takes Nate with him to the Crystal Dimension. Evox has Nate complete the programming for his secret project and mocks Blaze and Roxy for being completely useless.

Back at GBHQ, Steel drags Cole to Commander Shaw after they find CCTV footage of him delivering the unscanned package to Nate resulting in his capture. Steel says he is fired and Commander Shaw agrees, relieving him of his duties.

Cole apologizes and Steel tells him to get out.

Just then, the alarms sound as two Gigadrones arrive in the city. Ravi, Zoey and Steel hurry to their zords.

Devon, meanwhile, is outside looking for Nate. Nate tries to sneak up behind him, but Cole walks by just in time and warns Devon.

Cole watches as Devon and Nate both morph and battle. Devon is able to break the puppet connection, releasing Nate from Controlatron’s control.

Devon goes Beast-X and he and Nate work together to finish off Controlatron. They then hurry over to help the others and they finish off the two Gigadrones.

Back at GBHQ, Nate explains what little he remembers from his time under Controlatron’s controlatron. Steel realizes that Cole must have been puppet-controlled too.

Commander Shaw asks Steel how he should rectify his mistake.

They summon Cole back to GBHQ and Steel apologizes for all his mistakes and overreactions. Commander Shaw invites Cole back to work at GB.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 26

Ben and Betty grow a tree.

Episode Thoughts

So, the preview clip from the week looked interesting. But the episode itself was kinda meh. And I’m a little sad since it was a Steel episode and most of the Steel episodes so far have been okay.

The whole “mistakes should be punished”/”learn a lesson” plot didn’t make sense in the end. It felt half-baked. They could’ve used it as a way to teach Steel some human emotion and thinking. But they didn’t. Or they could’ve played it for laughs, but they didn’t either.

The kidnapping Nate plot was done last year, so it felt boring here. And it didn’t really have anything to do with the story. It was just as if Scrozzle had done the programming for Evox instead. And they didn’t even play up the Nate vs. the Rangers angle either.

It felt like just a way to use Go-Busters footage and it fell flat.

Overall, a disappointing episode. It wasn’t bad. But it could’ve been much better than it was.

4 thoughts on “Recap: Power Rangers Beast Morphers (Season 2), Episode 26 (6) – “That’s bananas!”

  1. Nice to see Pierre Beasley as Cole, who played Chaz in Super Ninja Steel (Fan Frenzy).
    While it was nice to see him playing one of Grid Battleforce workers, I liked him more as werewolf IMO; which is strange, since I didn’t like Ninja Steel that much. Didn’t expect in million years that there’s something that Ninja Steel did better than Beast Morphers. What a shock.

    Speaking of Grid Battleforce, they really do have louse security, don’t they?
    After year of battling against Evox and Cybervillains, you would think it would have improved or something. It’s especially annoying, since this is the first season since RPM, that has big organization. At this rate, Grid Battleforce might be the weakest organization ever in franchise, but I digress.

    I find Steel to be kind of annoying, regards to enforcing rule.
    Since when did he have that kind of authority?
    Does being ranger (and robot) automatically gives you higher authority?
    I’m pretty sure organization like Grid Battleforce has several higher authorities.
    It was bit over that top in that regards and bossy.

    The Evil Nate idea was done last year, which was handled better, felt weak here.
    Since Scrozzle made cloning of Blaze and Roxy by scanning in previous episode, it makes me wonder why Scrozzle couldn’t scan to create copy of Nate (just in case if Nate is freed), to make another general, but I digress.

    Ben and Betty subplot weren’t as annoying compared to previous.
    Didn’t know Nate makes fertilizer… that can grow tree in seconds with overdose.
    Nate should win novel price for that. lol

    I found discipline/following rule plot felt short.
    I can understand what they were trying to do, but it kind of felt rushed and forced IMO.
    This is the type of episode I expect from previous season.
    Despite its flaw, it’s slightly better than previous.
    As for Steel centric episode, this was the weakest so far.
    Best part of the episode was a preview for new weapon (bow); looking forward to see how that turns out.
    Two mediocre episodes in a row for second season; what a surprise indeed.

    1. Oh yes! I recognized him and when I looked him up, I saw he was in NS.

      True about the security. Was it last episode or the other episode when the Blaze, Roxy and the Robotron were able to sneak into the GB garage? I think it was Ravi’s focus episode. lol Very easy to infiltrate GBHQ.

      They could have done a good story about teaching Steel some “human” emotions and decision making when it comes to punishments. But they only played it off as a joke.

      I agree that the kidnap Nate story was already done last year. Felt tired and used.

  2. It was a good episode.

    The Robotron’s gimmick was interesting, to say the least. It was a good lesson to Steel. And I really liked Cole. I hope to see him again soon.

    But I like that in every episode of this season, little by little, we see the bad guys working on Evox’s master plan. Normally they just start on it like, 5 or 6 episodes before the finale, so this is a good change. I just hope that master plan to be something epic.

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