Recap: Power Rangers (Super) Ninja Steel, Episode (9) 29 – “Wanna see my trophies?”

Recap: Power Rangers (Super) Ninja Steel, Episode (9) 29 – Outfoxed

While the Rangers wait for Mick to solve their problems, Preston snubs Sandy, a new girl who asks if he wants to study science together. After the Rangers leave, Victor swoops in and wants to show her his trophies.

Meanwhile, Badonna oversees the recharging of the medallions for Madame Odius’ Foxatron. Wolvermean and Venoma want their medallions back, but Madame Odius says they can get them back if they can kill the Rangers in the two hours remaining for full charge.

The Rangers head over to the Command Shop. Mick still hasn’t solved all their problems so the Prism teases them with video of new zords. Mick tosses some shurikens into it, but the Prism doesn’t spit out their deus ex solution. The new Stars are stuck inside.

Suddenly, three Dementors pop out of nowhere and offer to help them with the Blaze Zord Stars. They say the Rangers have to prove themselves worthy. They then pop back where they came from.

The alarm sounds and the Rangers have to go downtown to face Wolvermean and Venoma.

The Rangers morph and the ninjas battle. Venoma retreats and the Rangers deliver a Ninja Strike Steel Slash at Wolvermean. But he’s still alive and he retreats as well.

The Rangers think that’s enough for the Prism, but no change. Mick has another idea and he need supplies from the science lab. The Rangers all leave to gather the items. But they run into Mrs. Finch who dropped her mother’s wedding ring in a grate.

Calvin says he and Hayley will stop to help while the others go on.

At the science lab, Victor and Monty are with Sandy working on her science project. Preston warns Victor and Monty not to mix the two chemicals together, but they do anyway and get their heads stuck together. They leave.

Sandy is worried because her project is due today. Preston apologizes for totally brushing her off earlier and decides to stay and help her.

Brody, Sarah and Levi hand the supplies to Calvin and Hayley. Sarah takes a bottle of solvent to pour over Victor and Monty to get them unstuck.

With everyone back at the Command Shop, Mick starts the shock therapy on the Zord Stars and it works! But they don’t have time to do all six. Just then, the Prisms spits out the Blaze Zord Stars.

The hooded figures pop out again and tell them their good little deeds proved them worthy. They leave, but say they will meet again.

Wolvermean has already embiggened in the city. The Rangers hurry downtown and summon their new Blaze Zords. They combine them into the new Ninja Blaze Megazord.

The medallions are charged and Madame Odius hops into Foxatron. She heads down and kills Wolvermean herself. The Rangers and Madame Odius battle.

The hooded figures watch from a rooftop and the tallest one shows off his Time Force morpher. They agree these new Rangers with attitude might be helpful in the future. (Like on Tuesday at 8pm.)

The Rangers start glowing and they get shot out of the chest canon to destroy Foxatron for good. Badonna runs over to Madame Odius whose face has cracked.

The Rangers are back at school and they decide they’re epic do-gooders. Hayley still wonders who the mysterious cloaked strangers are.

Sandy thanks Preston for the ‘A’ she got on her science project. He invites her to play pool with them. Also, everyone laughs at Victor and Monty’s bald spots.

Episode Thoughts

So this was an interesting episode. It was a very standard, straightforward good deeds-type of lessoning. The Prism being the deus ex machina-spitting prism it’s always been feels very tired. It’s like, they’ve done it so many times before, any other attempt at doing otherwise is just a waste of time. Like you know the Prism will have all the answers anyway.

Looks like Preston is getting a love interest. It was kind of creepy having Victor and Monty just shuffling the girl away like that at the beginning though.

So, I don’t know if that teaser for the anniversary episode was more lame or 10x better than anything Megaforce did. It could go either way. lol I had a feeling the tall one was Wes even before he flashed the morpher. Even distorted, the voice was so Jason Faunt. The previews though pretty much confirm the other two cloaked figures were Gemma (YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and Koda.

I’m cautiously optimistic for the episode. I’m most excited for Gemma and other alums that we haven’t seen in a team-up episode ever or in a long time.

So overall, an okay episode. Nothing special other than that anniversary tease.

6 thoughts on “Recap: Power Rangers (Super) Ninja Steel, Episode (9) 29 – “Wanna see my trophies?”

  1. Did you look at Sarah’s face? Sarah looks like she was totally jealous or heartbroken when she saw Sandy and Preston together. This might be the end of Preston and Sarah getting together. I have thought that Preston was always interested in Sarah not Sandy.

      1. Me too looks like this might be the end of Preston and Sarah getting together. And plus I have heard that Sandy will be in two more episodes.

  2. Well, it was a good episode. The Rangers got new Zords, but of course, the hype was the prelude to the anniversary episode. It was a wise move to introudce the legendary Rangers in this episode, to save some time for the next one.

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