Recap: Kaitou Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patranger, Episode 28 – More Fighting On My Birthday

Umika’s father drops into the Bistro for a surprise visit and chases Kairi out when he thinks he is Umika’s live-in boyfriend. They run into Gangler Ryugu already wreaking havoc downtown by turning people old.

Kairi manages to get Papa Hayami to safety and the Pats arrive just in time. They morph, but Noel sees Ryugu’s power to make people old. He tells the others that they don’t have what it takes to handle Ryugu so he takes him on himself. Ryugu’s Collection Piece power allows him to dive into the ground.

Ryugu is able to escape. Noel leaves to develop a VS vehicle that can help them.

Papa Hayami, Papa-san to Kairi, goes to thank the Pats for saving him and gives them all the info he observed about the Gangler.

Goche doesn’t like Ryugu, but Dogranio is amused by how cruel it is for Ryugu to age humans when their lifespans are already so short to begin with.

Papa-san has a change of heart about Kairi. They return to Jurer as Umika and Tooma follow Kogure’s lead on Ryugu’s whereabouts.

Papa-san explains to Kairi about Umika quitting school and leaving home after Shiho disappeared. Papa-san was against it, but Mama-san allowed her to go. Since then, Umika has called her mother, but not him. He’s here today because it’s her 19th birthday. Kairi tells him Umika is doing fine on her own here.

Umika also tells Tooma about her father and her birthday. He tells her about fiancé Aya’s father also being overprotective of his daughter. Umika appreciates Tooma being open with her instead of treating her like a little kid.

Kogure comes to stay with Papa-san so Kairi can help Tooma and Umika. Outside, Noel has a new VS Vehicle for them to use.

Tooma and Umika morph and take on Ryugu. Kairi and Noel arrive just in time. Umika gets a chance to use Scissors before Kairi uses the Magic VS Vehicle, a bow and arrow weapon.

They drive Ryugu outside and Noel is able to take his Collection Piece. They finish off his first life and Goche reluctantly embiggens him.

Good Striker flies in the Lups hop into Lupin Kaiser. Noel tells Keiichiro, Tsukasa and Sakuya they aren’t needed here since they’re not a good match against Ryugu.

Kairi uses Magic VS Vehicle which can shoot torpedos. The Pats are surprised by the new VS Vehicle. Tsukasa grows suspicious of Noel as the Lups form Lupin Kaiser Magic. Good Striker says they have a new power to use. They try and it’s magic!

Tsukasa wonders why Noel isn’t using the new VS Vehicle himself.

The Lups finish off Ryugu for good with an exploding snowglobe.

The Lups head back to Jurer. Papa-san has gone, but he has left Umika a present of charms. On the back of the Ema plaque is Papa-san’s wish that Umika will return home.

Kairi and Tooma tell Umika to head home and spend the night with her family. She runs out and catches up to her father. She thanks him for the present and they go home.

Episode Thoughts

This was an okay mostly-filler episode. Not as good and fun as last week, but much better than the one before it.

It always good to see the Rangers’ parents or family members on the show. We rarely get to meet family of the Rangers. So it’s always nice when we do. It was a pretty simple and straightforward plot here. We get a little backstory to Umika and a chance for her to mend her relationship with her father.

I’ve pointed out before how I just can’t empathize with the Lups and their situation thanks to how they’ve been developed as characters and the overall flow of the show since the beginning. And also, of course, knowing that everyone will be revived at the end anyway. (I would be shocked, but would prefer, if the frozen people are unable to be revived. High stakes!)

Speaking of frozen, Zamigo’s gone again. And that’s a shame.

Anyway, the most interesting part of the episode was Tsukasa’s growing suspicions. For now, she’s suspicious about Noel. But hopefully that will lead to her piecing everything together about the Lups.

Elsewhere, it was amusing that Goche is also tired of her nursing Ganglers back to health. It certainly can get repetitive, huh Goche? lol

Overall, an okay episode.

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