Recap: The Amazing Race Canada 6, Episode 9 – “I feel like I’m gonna die here.”

Recap: The Amazing Race Canada 6, Episode 9 – The Battle Of The Two Courtneys


Teams must now fly to Mexico City! Once in Mexico City, teams must head to Monumento a la Revolucion. They will take an elevator to the top of the monument where they will receive a special clue from home.

Their loved ones tell teams to head to Fronton Mexico across the street for their next clue, the Road Block: Who wants to live the jai hi-life? For this Road Block, teams must play jai alai.


Both Courtneys decide to play jai alai. Dylan and Mellisa manage to catch up with Martina arriving last.

Dylan scores first and they must now face the Detour: Muertos or Mercado. In Muertos, teams will head to Fuente de los Cayotes and perfectly paint chosen Day of the Dead designs on each other’s face. In Mercado, teams must head to Central de Abastos where they will locate four market stalls to purchase ingredients to make pico de gallo.

Dylan & Kwame choose Muertos. Mellisa scores next and she and Nancy choose Mercado. Martina is able to score next. She and Phil choose Muertos.


Taylor’s Courtney asks what the penalty is for quitting Road Blocks. Adam’s Courtney scores next and they also choose Muertos. Sibling Courtney grows frustrated, but she finally finds a technique that works for her. They choose Muertos too.

Dylan & Kwame get the thumbs up on their faces. They must now make their way to a fancy home where they will choose a telenovela character. They will learn their Spanish-language lines and then perform the scene with the other actors.

Nancy & Mellisa get some help from a kind local and they finish the Detour next. They head to the telenovela mansion. Martina & Phil are next followed by Courtney & Adam.

Nancy & Mellisa’s taxi seems lost, allowing Martina & Phil to arrive second. Dylan & Kwame go for their first attempt, but Kwame messes up his first line. Martina & Phil attempt next, but Phil forgets his line. Dylan & Kwame are on their 2nd take, but get the thumbs down.


Nancy & Mellisa and Courtney & Adam arrive at the telenovela. Dylan & Kwame are on their 4th take and the director gives them the thumbs up. They can now make their way to Alameda Central, the Pit Stop for this Leg of the Race.

Dylan & Kwame officially check in as Team #1 and win a trip to Sydney, Australia.


Courtney & Adam go for their first take, but immediately fail. Nancy & Mellisa go for their first take, but Mellisa forgets her first line. Martina & Phil are on their 4th take and they pass. They officially check in as Team #2.

Taylor & Courtney are on their first attempt, but Taylor messes up his line. Nancy & Mellisa pass on their 3rd take and hop into their taxi. Taylor & Courtney pass on their 3rd take as well while Courtney & Adam pass on their 5th take.

It’s now a Race to the Mat. Nancy & Mellisa are caught in traffic again. Somehow, Taylor & Courtney step on the Mat as Team #3.


It’s a footrace to the Mat between the last two teams. Courtney & Adam arrive as Team #4. That means Nancy & Mellisa are last… and eliminated.


Episode Thoughts

Woohoo! Another international Leg finally. The international Legs are always so different and more exciting than the Canadian Legs these last few seasons. Just being in a different culture and environment is so kinetic and energetic.

But OMG that ending. Now, to be honest, I’ve followed the TAR Canada spoilers and knew Nancy & Mellisa were eliminated in Mexico City. But I was hoping maybe the spoilers were wrong. Moving forward to the final two Legs, there are no longer spoilers about who makes it to the final Leg, so everything will be a true surprise for me here on out.

I’ve always thought I’d see jai alai on TAR first during a Philippine visit. lol Though to be honest, I didn’t know how popular jai alai was in other countries, especially Mexico. I’d always pass a jai alai arena whenever my family and I were back in the Philippines.

This was a good task here though. Thank goodness it wasn’t a Face Off. Lol

The Detour was good as well. Both good features of Mexico City and Mexican culture.

The highlight though has to be the telenovela challenge. It was a great, fun task. I kinda wish they spent more time on it or made it even more cheesy and fun. CTV should post the full scenes of each team, even though it’ll probably be blocked for me here in the US anyway. lol

Also, I wonder what that blurred out painting was? lol

Overall, while it might have been a little less exciting than I expected or hoped for, it was still much more refreshing and enjoyable than many Canadian Legs.

My Subjective Team Rankings

So sad that Nancy & Mellisa had to get eliminated this way. Especially after finally winning last Leg and running a pretty great Race so far. At the beginning, their relationship and how they didn’t know each other before the show was sketchy. (Not to mention Mellisa being friends with Jon.) But as the Race went along, they really became one of my favorite teams. They were fun and Raced well together. Darned taxis!

It was a great week for our Korean Seo Siblings. The telenovela challenge was made for Martina, which is why I was disappointed we didn’t get more of her and especially Phil too. This was his chance to match his noona’s energy, but the show totally skimmed on the footage. Again, they’re peaking at just the right time. Hope they make it to the finale and win it all!

Dylan & Kwame got a much-deserved win this Leg. They too have been able to step it up week after week and are riding towards the finale with good momentum. Courtney & Adam as well. Some iffy moments in the early Legs, but they’re taking advantage of other teams’ luck running out and they’re matching it with much better Racing than before.

Taylor & Courtney seem to be heading in the wrong direction these last two Legs. But even so, I think they have a good shot at making the final Leg. It’s really anyone’s Race at this point. Even with Nancy & Mellisa still in it too.

Episode Quotes

Courtney: “I feel like I’m gonna die here.”

Mellisa: “Gato, habla Ingles?”

Courtney: “You can’t be prettier than me at the wedding, babe.”

Phil: “Noona, stop talking.”

Dylan: “I hope it’s not real whiskey.”

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