Recap: The Amazing Race (24) All-Stars 2, Episode 11 – "No, please God, please don't say that that's not right!"

Recap: The Amazing Race (24) All-Stars 2, Episode 11 – “Hei Ho Heidi Ho”


The penultimate Leg begins as teams take a train to Madrid to catch a plane to London, England.

Once in London, teams hop into brand new Ford Focuses and must drive themselves to Anfield Stadium in Liverpool. While Dave & Connor and Brendon & Rachel leave Heathrow first, they get stuck in traffic allowing Leo & Jamal to arrive at the stadium first.

TAR2411 TAR2411

At Anfield Stadium, teams will put on a soccer uniform and head onto the field to each make two penalty kicks against professional goalkeepers.

Leo & Jamal are loving it, being soccer fans themselves. And they manage to score their four goals just as Caroline & Jen and Brendon & Rachel arrive at the stadium.

Caroline & Jen get started first, but struggle to even kick the ball. That allows Brendon & Rachel to come in and quickly get their balls into the net.

TAR2411 TAR2411

Dave & Connor come in just as Brendon & Rachel leave. Caroline & Jen think their goalkeeper is “mean,” but they finish next with Dave & Connor in last place.

After playing soccer, teams must drive to Pontcysyllte Aqueduct for their next clue. Leo & Jamal are lost, so they stop at a gas station to ask the locals for directions. Brendon & Rachel catch up at the same gas station, but go straight inside and get the info they need. They say hi to the Afghanimals before leaving and Leo & Jamal decide to follow.

But Brendon catches on and does some stealthy moves that make Leo & Jamal take the exit instead of staying on the highway. Now Leo & Jamal are lost.

TAR2411 TAR2411

Caroline & Jennifer and Brendon & Rachel arrive at the Aqueduct together and they find the Road Block.

In this Road Block, teams will hop in a canal boat and work with an instructor to learn a Welsh poem, “Y Sipsi!,” during the 15 minutes it takes to cross the aqueduct. When they get to the other side, they must perform the verse to the Welsh linguist who will give them their next clue.

Brendon runs ahead of Caroline and gets in the first boat.

TAR2411 TAR2411

Meanwhile, Leo & Jamal and David & Connor arrive close together next. Jamal and Connor decide to do the Road Block.

While their teammates are cramming in the boats, Rachel, Jen, Dave and Jennifer enjoy their time together watching rainbows.

Brendon, Caroline, Jamal and Connor each give it a try with the nice Welsh lady, but they all get the thumbs down.

TAR2411 TAR2411

Brendon gives it another try and the nice Welsh linguist happily gives him the next clue. Caroline is close behind in 2nd. But both Jamal and Connor fail their 2nd attempts.

Jamal gets it on his 5th attempt. That leaves Connor in last and he finally gets it on his 4th attempt.

Teams must now head to Bolesworth Estate for their next clue.

Brendon & Rachel stay in the lead when they get to the estate where they find the Detour.

For this Detour, teams will dress up in traditional English garb.
In Shoot It, teams must shoot down 16 clay pigeons with a 12 gauge shotgun.
In Boot It, teams must search through a pile of Wellingtons to find a pair of either size 9 or 11 boots. Filling them with water, they must go to the starting line and continue to throw their Wellies along a course until they cross the finish line.

TAR2411 TAR2411

Since it is so windy, Brendon & Rachel decide to choose Boot It. They are excited to play games with the Downton Abbeyers. They search through the Wellingtons, but Rachel takes two size 10 boots instead of 9 or 11. They head to the starting line, not knowing their mistake, and get started.

Caroline & Jennifer and Dave & Connor arrive and they both choose Shoot It, while Leo & Jamal are lost.

Caroline & Jennifer use their John Wayne and Daniel Boone ancestry to finish the Detour and get the next clue pointing them to the Pit Stop at Peckforton Castle. Dave & Connor are close behind and both teams each go a different way.

TAR2411 TAR2411

Leo & Jamal arrive at the castle and decide on Shoot It. They see another team is doing the Detour.

Brendon & Rachel get to the finish line, but the Wellie judge says they have to do it again. They cannot believe it. Brendon checks the clue and they realize their mistake. Rachel is beside herself.

The Downton Abbeyers continue cheering them on as Brendon tells Rachel to stop crying and to focus.

TAR2411 TAR2411

Dave & Connor end up going the right way and arrive at the Pit Stop in first and win a trip to Fiji. Caroline & Jen take 2nd.

Brendon & Rachel finally finish the Detour correctly and the locals cheer them on as they hurry back to the Ford Focuses. They get on the Mat and are relieved when Phil tells them they are Team #3.

That leaves Leo & Jamal in last and eliminated, in 4th place, again.

Episode Thoughts
It was a solid episode. Very Linear Leg, but good tasks. It would’ve been a nice first hour to a two-hour finale though.

The Route Marker at Anfield Stadium was great and definitely a lot of fun. Not really a task, so much as an excuse to be there and show it off. Which is fine. We need more of those.

The Road Block was really good. Another chance to show off a stunning location while being a challenging and fun task. The Welsh linguist was very sweet. Always great to meet locals. And the fun graphics and music during the recitations was a nice touch. What was interesting though was that teams should have had to ride back in the boat and go through the 15 minutes ride again before being able to recite it to the lady. But Jamal and Connor just stood around at the end.

The Detour was very good as well. The shooting side was simple, but very English. The Wellie wanging side of the Detour was much better and looked like a lot of fun. Rachel’s breakdown made it even better though.

And the bad weather was great, but at least give the nice Welsh lady an umbrella!

I think it was great to have them drive themselves this Leg. Let teams get into the final 3 or lose their shot on their own moves and not because of some taxi. I only hope the final Leg isn’t decided by taxis again. Ugh.

My Subjective Team Rankings

After a Race that’s been very drama-free, you’ve got to let Brendon & Rachel have their one breakdown meltdown insanity. And even better when they still get into the final 3, the only team (hello Eric Sanchez!) to ever run the full Race twice. Rachel’s frustration is definitely warranted. It’s the penultimate Leg and the idea that they would lost because of the same mistake that pretty much cost them the million dollars in TAR20 must have certainly weighed heavily. Otherwise, it was a very good Leg for them. Rocked the soccer task and the Road Block. And maybe could’ve even won the Leg if Rachel had been careful with the clue.

The Welsh Linguist was very sweet. She was so happy to listen to the teams, but dude, they could’ve give her an umbrella? Come on now. A sweet little lady and they let her stand in the rain. Not surprised though since TARUS has gotten so cheap.

What a sucky way for Leo & Jamal to get eliminated. I would’ve certainly preferred they made the final 3. But hey, after bragging about your internal GPS a Leg or two ago, you better back it up. And that’s really been their problem. They can get so cocky, yet always fall short of backing it up. No, they did not lose because of karma U-Turning the Cowboys, they lost because they suck at directions.

Good for Caroline & Jen on actually doing well on their own! Imagine that! If only they actually worked the entire Race like this instead of having to rely on others every Leg.

And Dave & Connor. SO CLOSE! We were so close to not seeing them in the final 3. If only.

They’re back!
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2 thoughts on “Recap: The Amazing Race (24) All-Stars 2, Episode 11 – "No, please God, please don't say that that's not right!"

  1. Sucks that Leo & Jamal got eliminated in 4th place, again. They are definitely Oswald & Danny 2.0. But I totally agree about their cockiness not being able to back up. It was not the first time happened. In Leg 4, they decided to do the Master Mix Detour because Leo bartend for living but they ended up switching on the Mix Master Detour.

    Now for the Final 3, The one that impresses me this leg is Caroline & Jennifer. They showed that they are not as useless as other people think. They actually do well on their own these last two legs and it is a good momentum for them heading to the finale. Brendon & Rachel are officially the first team complete the race twice. But I’m definitely worried for them because they tend to misread a clue sometimes. Just like Brendon said, “Smarter, Not Harder”. I really hope that Dave & Connor don’t win because they are definitely whiners and had a poor sportmanship. Among them, I would love to see Brenchel win. If they don’t, I would be fine if the country singers win. But I won’t be happy if Dave & Connor win, It would make me even more upset why Ron & Christina and Gary & Mallory lose.

    1. omg, exactly. Ron & Christina and Gary & Mallory are true All-Stars who deserved to win their first Races, let alone when they returned for Unfinished Business. They definitely deserved to make TAR history. Dave & Connor? Ugh.

      I’m definitely rooting for Brendon & Rachel. Still meh on the Country girls, but I’d much rather them win than Dave & Connor, that’s for sure. But Brenchel all the way! =]

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