Recap: Grimm, Episode 3.13 – "Oh God, I think it's coming!"

Recap: Grimm, Episode 3.13 – Revelation“Still, after a short time the family’s distress again worsened, and there was no relief anywhere in sight.” Grimm 313

Monroe’s father and Nick have a little go before Monroe can break them up. First Monroe’s engaged to a Fuchsbau and now he’s friends with a Grimm!? Who is this boy? Monroe’s parents take their bags and leave.

Monroe is definitely not in a good mood right now, so Nick leaves as well. Across town, Rosalee gets to the spice shop and cries.

Monroe goes to the shop and apologizes, but Rosalee says they need to talk. She can’t be the reason Monroe’s relationship with his parents blows up. She lost her father and didn’t speak to her mother and sister for 7 years. She doesn’t want Monroe to regret that and regret her.

But Monroe insists he loves her and does not believe what his parents believe.

Grimm 313

Over in Europe, turns out Stefania is working with Prince Viktor. Sebastian calls Renard who says they must act fast and get to Adalind before Viktor does.

A park ranger stumbles upon the Wildesheer’s campfire and then the Wildesheer and a new friend. He gets ripped to shreds.

Grimm 313

Next morning, Juliette excitedly tells Nick what she’s found about historical scalping and when Nick says it could be Wesen, she is very worried. A cop and a Grimm is not a good combo. Nick assures her he’ll be fine as he gets the call about the park ranger.

Monroe goes to his parents’ hotel room to talk. He tries to apologize for not preparing them about what Rosalee was, but he still does not agree with his parents’ views on old-time, traditional not marrying out of the Wesen species rules. Monroe’s father takes that and that he’s a vegetarian to mean Monroe is ashamed of who and what he is.

Monroe says he is not ashamed. Well yeah, just like how you’re friends with a Grimm, dad says.

Monroe tries to explain that Nick is different.

“Oh he’s a vegetarian too!”

Grimm 313

Monroe can’t take it anymore. I’m sorry, Monroe says. He is going to marry Rosalee and if that destroys the family, then so be it.

You’ve just chosen to disrespect who we are.
“I’m sorry you feel that way. Goodbye.”

Monroe leaves. “What have we done,” Mom asks.
“The right thing.”

Over in Vienna, Adalind gets a phone call from Renard who warns her she is in danger. She is shocked when he tells her about Stefania and Viktor and that Sebastian works for him.

Why should I trust you? Adalind asks.
“Because I believe the child you’re carrying is mine.”

Meisner and Sebastian are on their way to whisk her into safety.

“You remember when I once told you that you would have to choose a side? Well this is the time.”

There’s a knock on the door, it’s Meisner and Sebastian. Sebastian goes on the lookout downstairs. Meisner tells Adalind to hurry and put on a coat and pack some clothes.

Sebastian calls and tells them that two Verrat are on their way up to take her to the castle. Knock knock.

Grimm 313

Meisner takes his shirt off and hops into bed. He tells Adalind to open the door and let them in. The Verrat order Meisner to get out of bed, but he just pretends to be Adalind’s male companion for the night.

One of the Verrat slaps Adalind’s stomach. A fountain pen starts to quiver. The Verrat move towards Meisner who shoots to kill one of them while the fountain pen stabs the other’s eye.

Grimm 313

Danke, Meisner tells Adalind. But she says she’s not even sure that was her.

Sebastian drives Meisner and Adalind into the forest and drops them off as they make their way on foot to a cabin belonging to Meisner’s family.

Viktor has Stefania dragged to the castle as he think she was the one that tipped Adalind off.

Back in boring ol’ Portland, Nick, Hank and Renard meet Wu at the site of the park ranger.

Grimm 313

Juliette visits Rosalee and tells her about Nick’s case. Monroe comes in and Rosalee tells him about the scalping Wesen and he immediately thinks Caccia Morta. He hurries out and tells Nick what he thinks this could be. And it could be very dangerous.

Monroe’s mother says she is not ready to lose their son. Monroe’s father tells her to do what she wants. That night, Mom goes to the spice shop to talk with Rosalee.

I don’t want to lose my son, she says. I know Monroe loves you and I hope you love him too. I do, Rosalee says. So they have to decide for themselves, Mom replies. But she suggest they do a Vertrautheiten. If that’ll help, Rosalee says.

They both woge and smell each other.

Grimm 313

Monroe goes home where he finds his father waiting for him outside. Things are still very tense, but Dad is really more concerned about Monroe’s friendship with a Grimm. That goes against everything they’ve ever known. Monroe says he and Nick trust each other and have saved each other’s lives. Nick is different and the fact that Monroe is standing here in front of him is proof.

Monroe tells Dad about the Wildesheer. Dad doesn’t want Monroe to go up against a Wildesheer, but Monroe says he needs to live his life the way he wants to. Father leaves as Nick arrives.

Monroe fills Nick in on The Wild Hunt in which the Wildesheer hunt powerful warriors, like the Grimms, the most powerful of all. Since the Wildesheer come to the Grimm, they can choose where they fight. But they need to weapon up first. Monroe’s father follows them as they go to trailer.

Grimm 313

At the trailer, Nick finds a theory from a Grimm that if one were to take the hair of the Wildesheer like they took of their prey, then it could weaken it. Suddenly a rumble of thunder rocks the trailer, signaling the arrival of the Wildesheer.

They head outside, armed, but the Wildesheer are waiting. They fight.

They can’t get close enough to chop off their hair when just like that a big third Wildesheer arrives. But so does Bart.

“Get off of my son!”

Nick gets an opening and chops the hair off of one Wildesheer. Monroe does too and they both go for the third one who is attacking Bart.

Bart says he never thought it would be possible he’d be fighting on the same side as a Grimm. He remembers his grandfather telling them when they were kids that if Wildesheers ever came back, something bad would come right after. Really bad. Something, somewhere that would change the world.

Grimm 313

Jump over to the forests outside Vienna. Meisner is helping Adalind get settled in bed. But suddenly, baby makes itself known. “Oh God, I think it’s coming!”

Grimm 313

Monroe, Rosalee, Alice, Bart, Nick and Juliette are having dinner together. A silent dinner. Until Juliette breaks the ice.

“Well this wedding stuff is pretty exciting! Have you guys set a date yet?”

The four Wesen woge. Nick jumps.


Grimm 313

Nick asks everyone to calm down. Bart apologizes. It’ll just take a little getting used to.

Episode Thoughts
Alright, Grimm is back. A little bit of a letdown with that first scene. While it was an awesome pre-Olympic cliffhanger, I really didn’t expect they’d do something huge like Nick and Bart killing each other or something, right?

But it was really good to finally see them touch on bi-Wesen relationships. We know they exist, but it’s great to see the sort of tradition vs ignorance vs discrimination angle to the whole Wesen world.

I like that it wasn’t neatly wrapped up either. It’s more realistic that they will have to get used to the whole situation. But it was great to meet Monroe’s parents.

I have really been loving Juliette being the eager and excited Grimm assistant. It lightens the mood and gets her involved.

That fight outside the trailer was amazing!

Adalind’s baby already has powers in the womb!?!

The Vienna shenanigans are revving up for what I am assuming will be a big episode next week. And it makes it all the more awesome that the episode will feature a Wesen inspired by Filipino folklore according to Reggie Lee who is Filipino, if you didn’t know. The Philippines has so many different monsters and legends, they could fill have a Grimm season with them, if not 22 episodes of them.

Great to have Grimm back. It might be getting a little too serialized to keep the casual viewers coming back. But for a fan like me, it’s great to see every episode building up to something big.

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