Recap: Power Rangers (Super) Megaforce, Episode (3) 23 – "How dare you!"

Recap: Power Rangers (Super) Megaforce, Episode (3) 23 – “Blue Saber Saga”

Megaforce 23

Skatana, a master swordsman, appears before Prince Vekar to offer his services. He shows his excellent skills by peeling and slicing an apple so they order him to go down to Earth to cut the Rangers down to size.

Emma finds Noah in the computer lab at school and asks if he wants to come take pictures of the moon flower. He says he’s busy, but ends up going with when he sees Emma struggling to carry all her stuff.

Their little flirting downtown gets interrupted when Skatana starts slicing high rises and killing everyone in them. Emma calls Tensou.

Noah and Emma are first to confront Skatana.

“Finally, the challenge I’m seeking. I’ll start with the puny girl!” Skatana says.
Noah comes to her defense.
“Her name is Emma! And don’t you dare talk about her that way!”
“How chivalrous of you.”

Megaforce 23

The others arrive and morph and then go SUPER!!!!

Skatana tells the X Borgs to attack, but he wants Noah to himself. They take their fight into a parking garage. Skatana commends him on his skills.

Megaforce 23

But Skatana unleashes his full power, Blade of Infinity. He forces Noah to demorph. The others arrive and Skatana says they will finish this tomorrow, just the two of them. On the beach.

Skatana leaves and the others tell Noah to just ignore him. But now Noah has huge self esteem issues and says he’ll see them later.

Vekar questions why Skatana let them live. Skatana says all that matters is his duel.

James Jake and Emma are looking for Noah at school but realize maybe he’s out training. Mr. Burley asks James to help him so Emma goes to the forest by herself.

Megaforce 23

She finds Noah training and is amazed by his sword skills. He tells her to stay back and then gets sliced in the arm. But he’s fine. Why are you beating yourself up over this, Emma asks.

“Because I’ve never faced a monster like this before.”
“Are you serious?”

Noah wants to figure out a way to beat this guy. But Emma says we are a team and we can help. But Noah says this is something he has to do himself.

Emma takes a seat while Noah trains into the night.

Megaforce 23

Now it’s morning. Emma wakes up. She’s been sleeping there the whole night. Noah is nowhere to be found.

She stops him on his way to the beach. She gives him her sword.

Megaforce 23

“Good luck.”

Noah meets Skatana on the beach. He morphs directly to SUPER!!!!!! Mega Mode.

Emma watches from behind a rock as Noah and Skatana go at it. But Skatana has Bruisers hold Noah’s feet down as he slices and dices.

Megaforce 23

“How dare you!” Emma says, coming out from behind the rock. “What honor is there in cheating?”

The only honor is victory, Skatana says. And now it’s time to finish him.

Megaforce 23

Emma morphs directly to Super Mega Mode, but puts on her unSuper spandex on first. That gives time for X Borgs to ambush her.

Troy, Gia and James arrive on the Sky Ship and they with Emma take care of the Bruisers and X Borgs. They tell Noah to take care of Skatana.

The Bruisers are getting pretty bruising, so the Rangers decide to go LEGENDARY!

Megaforce 23

“Jungle Beast, Spirit Unleashed!”

They morph into Jungle Fury and then SPD to finish them off.

Skatana unleashes a new powered up attack, care of Levira. Noah doesn’t give up. Emma wants to help, but Troy says, nah, he got this.

They toss Noah their sabers though and now he has five. Skatana unleashes another Infinite Octo Blade Attack, but Noah takes care of it with some out of nowhere moves.

Megaforce 23

CONGRATULATIONS! Gosei says Noah has unlocked these legendary Blue Ranger keys for a final strike: Ninja Storm, Lost Galaxy, Mystic Force, Samurai and… Megaforce?

The keys insert into the five sabers and Noah unleashes a final Blue Strike.

Levira embiggens Skatana and the Rangers hop into their Sky Ship to form the Megazord.

“Hold on tight, people!”

Megaforce 23

CONGRATULATIONS!! The Rangers have unlocked the Mystic Force Megazord.

Mystic Force Legendary Dragon Zord Activate!

Using a Super Mega Ion Strike, Super Mega Star Burst and an Ancient Power Mystic Spell Seal, they finish off a big Brusier and Skatana for good.


The Rangers are excited they unlocked the dragon as they celebrate at the park. They commend Noah for not giving up.

But he says today, he learned that with friends and determination, you can achieve anything!

Megaforce 23

Episode Thoughts
Jason Smith, you’re awesome guy and great to see a Ranger alum be a big toku fan. But eek, you’ve been around the other PR writers too much I think.

It also doesn’t help that he had to adapt/translate an episode that should’ve been skipped.

The episode was written fine… for a Gokaiger adaptation. Problem is, Megaforce is nothing like Gokaiger. It was like some completely different person (Joe Gibken!) possessed Noah.

Where did all that come from? Nowhere. I don’t even think Samurai was this bad in translating Sentai character traits onto Rangers.

There was all that Noah and Emma flirting though and spending the night together (though him leaving her alone… in the forest the next morning).

But why do the insta-morph for Noah directly to Super Mega but use the stock morph for Emma instead?

Gosei’s at it again! He’s doling out prizes to the Rangers for doing absolutely nothing. They unlocked the Mystic Force zord without even morphing into Mystic Force this episode.

OMG! Noah has EARNED the right to use the Blue MEGAFORCE key folks! He can now use his own key. Amazing.

Now maybe the craziest thing so far in these three episodes. We’ve seen three different Vekars. What’s up? Now he’s a full on buffoon. I”m guessing we’ll get a fourth version of Vekar next week.

And I guess Saban Brands doesn’t have the rights to the Disney theme songs? Or they’re just lazy and don’t care to have them play when they morph into Legendary Rangers. Can some dedicated fan re-do those scenes with the themes playing please?

How Much Different Was Power Rangers From Sentai?
Corresponding Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger Episode (s): Episode 4 – “What Are Friends For?”

It was a Google Translated episode, and that was the problem. There are some episodes that actually can be wrung through Google Translate and still be okay (and sensical). This was not one of those episodes. The Gokaiger episode was specifically a Joe episode. There was no way you could directly translate that onto Noah, it doesn’t matter who writes it.

I’d like to see Jason Smith write an episode for a Disney Era season instead, because Saban Brands is not going to give free rein to anyone.

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