Recap: Supernatural, Episodes 8.21-8.23 – Sacrifice

Supernatural 823

After getting back from the Philippines in June, I wasn’t necessarily eager to catch up with Supernatural or Grimm. Part of it was because I wanted to catch up on Kamen Rider Wizard first. But also because I didn’t really end either show on a particularly big cliffhanger before leaving the States.

But here we are, the new season has begun and Supernatural season 9 kicks off in a week and a half.

I’m actually kind of glad I waited until now to watch the final three episodes of the season because I now cannot wait to see what happens next. It might be a knee-jerk reaction, but this might have been the biggest cliffhanger the show has had. Yes, even bigger than all those times either Sam or Dean died.

And I say this, if only because those cliffhangers could easily be resolved in the first episode back. But this cliffhanger obviously sets up all of season 9.

But first, let’s see the good and bad in each of these final episodes.

Episode 21 was all about introducing Metatron. It was nice little adventure and a good introduction overall. Plus it helped save Kevin.

It was great seeing Kevin using his 4.0 GPA smarts and figuring Crowley’s plan out. I had a feeling he would figure it out, but it was great seeing him so confident standing up to Crowley.

On to episode 22. Those “flashbacks” to the demon cure trails were insane! There are few times when something on Supernatural is truly creepy and not just blood and guts. This was one of those times. Both creepy and eerie. But definitely interesting.

Now, at this point, I thought it was interesting to see the Bros put Abaddon back together. That feeling will change by the end of episode 23 though.

Metatron’s proposing to work with Castiel to close heaven seemed weird from the very beginning. This was after he introduced himself pretty well in episode 22 as a guy who just wanted to get away from all the heavenly politics and close himself off to everything. Of course, Castiel is going to go along with a crazy-sounding plan. He always does.

But the best (or worst!?) part of this episode was seeing Taylor Cole back as Sarah. Forget that one-night stand with the werewolf or that woman who actually has a husband. For me, Sarah was the only girl I’d accept Sam with other than Jess.

And it’s crazy to realize that that kiss Sam and Sarah shared was all the way back in season 1! Seeing those old clips, Sam looked so young! Storywise, Sam’s been through a lot over these last 8 seasons. But Jared’s definitely matured. He’s gotten to be a very big, muscular moose, that’s for sure. And it was funny of Sarah to point that out.

Crowley targeting the people the Bros have saved in the past was a clever little way to bring back random characters from the past and show some old clips. I actually wouldn’t mind seeing a couple of episodes of Crowley targeting people and the Bros racing to save them again. That would’ve been much more enjoyable to watch than the Leviathan debacle of season 7, yes?

But Crowley did make a great point about what keeps the Bros going. And that is knowing they’ve kept people safe and that they are still alive today because of them.

The final episode of the season started off very fun. Clever way to capture Crowley. And you just had to see Crowley being part of the final trial coming from a mile away. Predictable, but expected.

It made perfect sense to divide the finale between Sam & Crowley and Dean & Castiel.

Going back to Abaddon. You got the sense she was not Team Crowley in the last episode, but that whole scene with her and Crowley and Sam sending her out of the vessel seemed kind of pointless. Of course, it seems to be setup for the future, but it felt too out of place and also been-there-done-that since you could have easily swapped in Meg for a finale shocker and it would’ve been the same result.

The reveal of Metatron’s real intentions seemed like a copout, but it did result in that amazing final scene. His justification makes sense.

But that final scene with Kevin at the batcave and Castiel waking up, seemingly now as a human and Sam and Dean on the ground all watching the angels falling out of the sky… excellently done. It definitely got me amped up for season 9. And I haven’t felt that way about the show in a long time.

Supernatural 823

It wouldn’t be a Supernatural episode without the Winchester Bros Emo Moment of the Week. And in this episode, I think it may have been the Winchester Bros Emo Moment of the Series.

Supernatural 823

Both Sam and Dean have died and resurrected many times before. But I think Sam willing to die to close the gates of the hell and Dean legitimately wanting to give up on all of that if it meant Sam would stay alive may be the most emotional of their pre-death scenes ever. So many different emotions running through that scene and the climax of the finale, it all made it seem that much more epic, I think.

“You wanna know what I confessed in there? What my greatest sin was? It was how many times I let you down.”

Oh man. MaGMCM. That definitely got me.

But at the same time, this whole season’s been about tablets and closing the gates of hell and it ends like this? Angels falling out of the sky? Though that setup for season 9 is interesting and exciting, you also have to look back and think, so… all this trails stuff was for nothing?

Anyway, though it took me the whole summer to finally watch the episodes, I really am excited about season 9. The show has been up and down the last few seasons, but I am rooting for the show to make it to season 10 and maybe end there. It deserves ten nice seasons and it’d be amazing to see the show having gone through so much to get to that 10th season.

I am now starting to think Supernatural ends with God finally revealing himself. Who knows? But first things first… I’m ready for season 9.

Supernatural 823

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