Recap: Supernatural, Episode 10.01 – Black

We see Sam demanding a demon tell him where Crowley is before we flashback to four weeks previous, doing everything he can to find his brother. He walks into Dean’s room picking up a note: “Sammy Let Me Go.”

Sam calls Castiel, who has a hacking cough, and they talk about how much they miss Dean and hope he’s still got some semblance of Dean in the body.

But where is Dean? Today he is singing “I’m Too Sexy” and having sex with Anne Marie. In Crowley’s bed. Much to Crowley’s disgust. Later, Dean beats the crap out of the Anne Marie’s asshole of a boyfriend.

Hannah visits Castiel to tell him about how most of the angels have returned home to heaven, but there are a couple of rogues who refuse. Two, specifically, are Daniel and Adina. And Hannah wants Castiel’s help to bring them in and punish them.

Dean faces one of Abaddon’s out for revenge groupies, as he apparently has been for a while now as Sam finds out when he watches surveillance video of Dean stabbing a guy, possessed by an Abaddon follower, that was about to attack him in a gas station.

But the biggest thing Sam thinks he’s confirmed is that Dean is possessed.

Needing to stop while on the road, Hannah asks Castiel how he’s doing since she knows his grace is failing. He’s dying and he needs more grace. But Castiel doesn’t want another angel dying just so he can be saved.

Sam is at the gas station talking to the attendant to ask about “porn guy.” He doesn’t know much, but he does have the phone of the man “porn guy” stabbed to death. In it, Sam finds a text pointing out the location of “Winchester” and a “Long live Abaddon” affirmation.

Sam calls the number and it is Crowley who answers. Sam assumes Dean is dead and Crowley is possessing him with some demon But Crowley says Dean is very much alive, though twisted. Sam then asks what Dean thinks of Crowley sending Abaddon lovers after him. But Crowley says Sam really is out of the loop.

Sam vows to save his brother or die trying. Crowley says Sam hates that Dean is with him and is having the time of his life. They’re besties.

Sam again vows to find them, save his brother and kill Crowley. Crowley tells him Good luck before he hangs up. But Sam has already just tracked Crowley’s cell phone location.

Elsewhere, Castiel and Hannah find Daniel, one of the rogue angels. Daniel explains how great it has been to be free here on Earth, contrary to them being bound in heaven. Hannah wants to take him forcibly, but Castiel tells her they can talk.

Crowley tells Dean about sending those Abaddon supporters after him, but it’s only to satiate the Mark’s craving for violence, otherwise he will become a demon.

Crowley also wants Dean to be in tip-top shape for them to rule hell together which Dean is not interested in.

He then tells Dean about talking to Sam and him being on the way. Dean says Crowley’s sold him out, but Crowley insists everything he has done for Dean the last six months has been a favor.

On the road, Sam’s car dies. But it’s a trap.

Anne Marie and Dean have real talk after she brings him home from another night of drunken karaoke.

Meanwhile, Castiel and Daniel are getting through to one another until Adina arrives and gets into a tussle with Hannah. That results in Castiel needing to angel blade Daniel dead to save Hannah and Adina slashing across Castiel’s torso before running away.

Later in the car, Castiel explains Daniel and Adina just wanted to be left alone and free on Earth. Free to experience love, hope, dreams. But those are human things, Hannah says.

The big military hunter guy ties Sam up and says he and Dean go way back. He’s a hunter… of Dean. Sam says that’s not a good idea considering Dean is a monster. The guy agrees, Dean was a monster “many many moons ago.”

The guy uses Sam’s phone to call Dean who says while he promises that he will kill him somewhere down the road, what happens to Sam now is his problem as he already told him to let him go.

Episode Thoughts

It was an interestingly mellow start to the milestone 10th season of Supernatural. It’s actually refreshing since many SPN premieres have always needed to pick up after an action-filled cliffhanger (or Winchester Bro death).

But at the same time, it was a little underwhelming and felt almost like a regular ol’ episode.

Anyway, we at least got some important plot movements. We know Dean is a demon, but still Dean. Crowley is still his, many times unnecessarily, ambiguous self. We know Sam is desperately looking for his brother even though he wanted them to just leave each other alone last season. And Hannah and Castiel make a nice oil and water pair. Even though it seems we’re going to get Castiel eventually turning Hannah into a believer of humans.

Just an okay premiere for me.

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