Supernatural Season 10 Random Thoughts

Last season, I fell far behind with watching my favorite American dramas Supernatural and Grimm, partly because of my daily recapping of The Amazing Race Philippines Season 2. (But mostly because of real grown up life. *sigh*) =D Anyway, I was able to binge on both series during my family’s May vacation to the Philippines. And while I wasn’t able to fully recap either series last season, I did take some notes of things I found particularly interesting or moments I loved.

Here are my short, random notes about season 10 (SEASON 10!!) of Supernatural. Now I can catch-up on season 11 episodes that have aired so far.

The best arcs of Season 10 had to be Claire whose story was developed well and ended with a great climax and conclusion. The 2nd best was Charlie’s journey.

I don’t know if it was my binging on the season, but it was interesting seeing so many different recurring characters over the course of the season. I know we have plenty of recurring characters in the past, but I guess it was a different feeling when watching the entire season in a week instead of over a nine months.

Rowena was interesting, but I think they stalled too much on her story. If I had watched this season live and week after week, I’d probably have gotten tired of the feet dragging when it came to Rowena and her true intentions.

I most enjoyed the recurring theme of reinforcing the Winchester Bro bond. Especially after their relationship has taken some serious beating in the last few seasons, seeing a huge reinforcement of their bond as brothers and family was great. Highlighting Mom and Dad and even Jess (YEESSS!!!) was awesome to bring home the point. And of course Bobby’s episode and his letter topped that all off.

The climax of the Mark of Cain was okay. And overall, Rowena was fine. I feel like the Markus-aspect of the story was merely a plot device to emphasize that Rowena would do anything and everything to get what she wants.

And The Darkness feels too much like another Falling Angels and Purgatory purge kind of thing. Let’s hope this time, it provides lots more exciting things. Though I really liked the final scene of the finale with that demonic atomic bomb cloud. It was very well done.

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