Recap: Supernatural, Episode 9.21 – "Can you cook a pigeon on it?"


Leith, Scotland, 1723
Abaddon travels back in time and sets her sights on an innocent Scotsman packing for the New World.


Back in the present, it’s an angel bar. One angel brags about being one of Metatron’s “chosen chosen few” and how awesome he is. But he gets yanked later and chained up to meet… Castiel.

Commander Castiel’s solders have built an amazing command center for their operations. Castiel calls Sam and Dean over to help get information from Metatron’s bragging angel.


Meanwhile in Columbus, Crowley is meeting with his own inner circle to try and instill confidence in the masses. But oops, they’re with Abaddon, who walks in and wants to talk about him helping the Winchesters with the First Blade and the Mark of Cain. She knows after she’s gone, it’s Crowley next on the list.

Abaddon suggests they work together to take out those “cute” Winchesters before dealing with each other. Crowley says he’d never work with her. Okay. So Abaddon brings out her trump card.

In walks the Scottish guy from 1723.

“Gavin, honey, say hello to daddy.”


Crowley is surprised, but he says the boy and him loathe each other and has made it clear in the past that he doesn’t care what happens to him. But Abaddon is not so sure about that since she knows about his little “humanity” problem.

She tests it out by twisting Gavin’s eyes out. He screams in pain.

“You’ve made your point Red, now stop.”

Abaddon lets up.

Metatron’s angel, Ezra, says Sam and Dean won’t be getting anything out of him, even with torture. Dean is ready to stab his eyes out, but Sam stops him. He slyly shifts into another method by calling out Ezra’s bullsh-t only for Ezra to unknowingly spill the beans anyway.


Metatron has a personal portal to heaven that can move wherever the boss wants it to be. Sam and Dean continue their squeeze on Ezra who admits he was passed over for a “key post” in the elite squad. But ground forces are still important.

Gavin’s cleaned up and has his eyes back. But this Crowley is certainly not his father. His father is Fergus McLeod, a simple tailor, a drunk and a monster.

“Sounds about right.”

He doesn’t even look like him. And he’s dead.

A lot can change in 291 years, Crowley says and proceeds to show Gavin that this is 2014. First he shows him the light bulb in the lamp then Abaddon swings the terrace doors open to show Gavin the city and cars below.


“Are we in heaven!? You must be angels!”


Crowley then tells Gavin the story. He had sold his soul for an “extra three inches of willy.” He spent time in hell where he was demonized and eventually made his way up the ranks and forced into another body. He’s the King now.

“I can’t be consorting with a demon!”

Gavin can’t believe it.

Back at Fort Castiel, an angel finds Ezra dead. The Bros tell Castiel he was fine when they left him. Castiel accepts the realization that there must be a mole.

Dean goes to nose around, but Castiel asks Sam to stay for a minute. He wants to know about the time Gadreel possessed him. What did Sam feel? Did he ever feel Gadreel was a danger or threat?

Not really, Sam says. Obviously he’s wrong now, but at the time no. Gives Castiel food for thought.


“Why do I hate you!?”

Crowley counts the ways; he beat him, starved him, was a drunk. But in fairness to him, he had no role models. His mother was a witch.

But Gavin remembers how he would treat him like dirt, like he was nothing. He’d work Gavin to the bone and not even let him go to school. To this day, he can’t read.

Crowley taps his forehead and gives Gavin the power to read.

Gavin is amazed and starts to see the bright side of this. So, if his father is King, then that would make him a Prince? And if he were to accept him as his father, he could keep him from burning in hell, no matter his sins?

“You’re negotiating with me? That’s ma boy.”

Crowley tells Abaddon’s lackey he’s ready to talk.


In a forest, Castiel has his people fetch Gadreel. He tries to tell him following Metatron is not the right path. Castiel knows that all too well. Whatever he suffered through all those centuries locked up, it will be worse under Metatron.

Suddenly, a pair of Metatron loyalists jump out of the forest to attack. Castiel manages to take care of them.

Sam tries to snap Dean out of his Mark of Cain stupor. Crowley calls and says he knows where Abaddon is and he’ll tell them the location of the First Blade. Little do the Bros know, Abaddon is sitting right next to him.

The Bros go to a cemetery to dig up the corpse Crowley says he’s hidden the Blade. But before they can reach into dead body, a hellhound chases after them. They run into a crypt.

Dean calls Crowley and puts him on speaker to let him calm the dog, Juliette, down.

The Bros head back to the coffin and slice through the sewn up corpse. Dean is about to reach in, but Sam says maybe he should do this. Sam sticks his hand in and pulls out the First Blade… covered in guts.

Gavin wants Crowley to send him back to his time so he can board the ship to the New World. But Crowley tries to convince him that’s not a good idea. Gavin slams the door in his face.


Dean calls Crowley to tell him they’ve got the First Blade. Good, he says. He tells them to hurry over to Cleveland where he’ll draw the “ignorant” Abaddon out.

“Oh Dean, you need to get a move on. It’s a good day’s drive from Poughkeepsie.”
“What are you talking about? We’re not even near there.”
“Like I said, you need to leave Poughkeepsie right away.”

Dean thinks about what Crowley is implying.

Nice, Abaddon says. But he has been plotting with those boys for some time now. When they get here, she’ll be outnumbered. So she wants to make things a little more fair.

SPN921 SPN921

She takes a gun out of the drawer and shoots Crowley in the shoulder. Like Henry Winchester did to her, she carved a devil’s trap on the bullet she just shot.

Meanwhile, Gadreel tries to convince Castiel that he had no idea those assassins would come. If he did, he would have never agreed to meet. Even if they are on opposite sides, he believes there must be honor.

Doesn’t this prove my point, Castiel says. He tells Gadreel he doesn’t have to leave Metatron’s side, but to maybe give updates on what Metatron’s moves are. Since Metatron has someone in Castiel’s army relaying secrets, it’s only fair he have the same.

Sam and Dean arrive at the hotel. Before they head in, Dean tells Sam that Crowley thinks Abaddon may have some of her demons crawling around the place. They should scope the place out first. He tells Sam to check the basement.

Dean takes the First Blade and goes up to the room where Crowley is. He nods over to a waiting demon which Dean quickly takes care of. But Abaddon walks out and pins Dean to the wall.


Suddenly, a surge of power rushes from the blade to the Mark on Dean’s arm. He is able to fight back against Abaddon’s power and steps back down on the floor.

Abaddon increases her hold against Dean as he pushes back against it. She eventually manages to pin him back on the wall and he drops the blade.

SPN921 SPN921

But the connection is strong. The Blade flies back into his hand, he steps back down on the floor and the immense power pushes him to charge straight for Abaddon.

Sam walks in just as Dean stabs her.


But as soon as Abaddon falls to the floor, Dean jumps on her and beats her. Repeatedly.

Sam tries to get him to stop.

Later, they give Crowley a knife to help get the bullet out of his arm.

The least you could do is help me, Crowley says, especially since he warned them about the trap. Sam doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Hmm… “I sense drama.”


They tell Crowley that his son has to go back to his time. But Crowley knows the ship he would eventually board to go to America sinks and everyone dies.

“He had one chance in this world to change his life, you want that to all end in tragedy?”

The Bros understand, but he has to go back. You change one thing in the past and the ripple effect impacts everything that follows.

Well, can I at least say goodbye first, Crowley asks.
They let him.

“I’ll cheer the day when the last trace of humanity leaves me. Feelings!”

Crowley walks into the other room with his son and shuts the door. When the Bros barge in, they’re gone.

Crowley and Gavin are in a field. He tells his son the fate of the ship he’s supposed to board and says he will have a better life now. Gavin says he has no clue about the 21st century, but Crowley tells him he’ll be fine. Just to avoid cheap whiskey and cheap hookers.


“So this is goodbye then?”
“Yes, forever. Unless of course, I catch you smoking. In which case, I’ll smack you stupid.”
“Goodbye then and thank you, father.”

Gavin goes to hug him, but Crowley does not accept it. Instead, he tells him goodbye. And reminds him not to mention that Prince of Hell thing.

Sam and Dean are on the road. Dean explains that he didn’t tell Sam about Crowley’s warning because he knew that he would want to come into the room with him. Dean says from the very beginning, he knew that would take down Abaddon. And he had to do it alone.


So you had to protect me again, Sam says. Dean says they could afford to screw this up. Anything could’ve happened.

Sam says he’s glad it worked out, but he’s worried the Blade is doing something else to Dean. He suggests they hide the Blade somewhere safe until they’re sure they can off Crowley.

Dean says no.

Episode Thoughts
A very good episode made even better by the mess that was the Bloodlines pilot last week.

First, meeting Crowley… or Fergus’ son was great. I barely even remember that episode we first learn about Crowley’s son since that episode was definitely a Bobby-focus. But getting a clearer picture of pre-Crowley, Crowley was great.

I wonder if we’ll get to see Gavin in the future. Theo Devaney was great with Mark Sheppard.

As for Abaddon, it all felt a little anticlimactic. Yeah, it was kinda cool to see supercharged Dean. But I doubt this will be the end of Abaddon after that simple end. Right? I was actually expecting Abaddon in the finale or something or at least some big battle.

Maybe this just leaves the possibility for the awesome Alaina Huffman to pop up again in the future as well.

So, overall, it was still a very good episodes. I just wish there was a little more oomph to it. Though that scene were Crowley explains everything to Gavin was amazing and awesome. “You must be angels!!” lol perfect scene.

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