Recap: Power Rangers Megaforce, Episode 12 – "I didn't see a gun to jump over!"

Recap: Power Rangers Megaforce, Episode 12 – Last Laugh

Megaforce 12

The Rangers are out and about and they see a pair of comedians performing in the plaza. Noah doesn’t think they are funny at all, but the others seem to be enjoying.

Suddenly, the audience, including Gia, get captured by NoJoke who traps all people who laugh in his purple squash.

Megaforce 12

Robo Knight meets with the Rangers as they chase NoJoke. After fighting a little, NoJoke manages to escape.

He meets with Bigs and Bluefur who are happy about their successful plan.

Megaforce 12

Jake is anxious to go save Gia, but Troy tells them they have to make sure they don’t laugh when they next meet NoJoke. But how? Robo Knight says to just not laugh, “Laughter is not a necessity.”

NoJoke captures everyone at a kid’s birthday party and starts skipping away until he runs into the Rangers. They will use Noah and Robo Knight’s lack of humor to fight off NoJoke.

“You failed to engage the enemy in a synchronized fashion. What happened?”
“What happened is you jumped the gun!”
“I didn’t see a gun to jump over!”

Megaforce 12

But Noah and Robo Knight aren’t working together well. That allows NoJoke to capture Emma and Jake after tickling them. Robo Knight says he’s not tickling and doesn’t laugh, so he must fight NoJoke alone.

NoJoke targets a bunch of old ladies downtown then a bunch of teens at the skate park.

Megaforce 12

Troy tells Noah to make him laugh so NoJoke will come to them. But Noah knows no jokes. Troy decides to try and make Noah laugh.

Megaforce 12

And he does from Troy’s dumb jokes.

NoJoke hurries over to their laughs. Robo Knight arrives too. NoJoke sends more ticklewind, but they defend against it, so he decides to unleash his biggest weapon… farts. This immediately makes Troy explode with laughter and he gets sucked into the purple squash.

Megaforce 12

NoJoke turns his attention to the two remaining Rangers. But Noah has a plan, they need to make NoJoke laugh and get sucked into his own purple squash.

But Noah needs Robo Knight’s help.

“Why do seagulls fly over the sea?”
“If they flew over the bay, they’d be bagels.”

Megaforce 12

NoJoke tries to keep himself from laughing, but he starts getting sucked into his purple squash, so he destroys it instead, releasing all the people.

The reunited Rangers go Ultra and defeat NoJoke.

Admiral Malkor is upset, but Vrak summons his Zombats to embiggen NoJoke.
The Rangers summon their Megazords, but they are getting a beatdown.

Megaforce 12

Troy tells Noah to summon the Sea Zords to help and they form the Seaick Gosei Great Megazord to finish off NoJoke.

Noah thanks Robo Knight for helping be the straight man for him. Now Noah has more confidence in telling jokes, but the others tell him to quit while he’s ahead.

Megaforce 12

Episode Thoughts
This might have been my favorite episode yet. It was absolutely absurd, like the rest of the season, but this time, it was on purpose!

And zomg!!!11!, Andrew Gray turned in his best performance yet! All it took was Troy being happy and goofy instead of the stoic, emotionless robot Troy has been. Today, Andrew was loose and full of emotion. So really, all Andrew Gray needs to turn in a better performance is for Troy to be more like…. Alata.

Oh well.

Also, this was the first episode where Robo Knight’s roboticness was actually funny and not dumb.

But I really enjoyed this episode. Honestly. It was fun and funny (again, on purpose!) and the jokes and puns in this episode top any of the puns we’ve suffered through during the Saban II Era. Let’s not forget, or maybe we should, Samurai‘s pun parades.

This was definitely a filler episode, but it was better than any of the important episodes we’ve had so far. Really though, should they have any filler episodes considering they’re condensing a 50 episodes into 20?

How different is Megaforce from Goseiger?
Corresponding Goseiger Episode: Epic 26 – The Laughing Gosei Angels

I might actually give the edge to Power Rangers on this one! And I think this is the first time that’s happened since I’ve started comparing.

The Goseiger episode was fine, but I guess a lot of the Nossan/old man jokes in Japanese went over my head. And of course, I understand the English puns a lot better so it was much easier to laugh at the lameness of the jokes.

Now, the Goseiger episode completely played to each character’s personalities very well. Being the only directly translated episode so far this season (if I remember correctly), this was the first time we saw the Goseiger mannerisms transferred to the Megaforce Rangers who are completely different from their Sentai counterparts.

I kept harping on and on about that during Samurai, but I give it a pass here, since they haven’t really done it on a regular basis. And also because this episode was actually more enjoyable than the non-translated episodes, I don’t care.

So overall, a great episode of Megaforce. (Really!) But of course, this is relative to what we’ve been treated to so far.

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