Recap: Kamen Rider Wizard, Episode 52 – The Kamen Rider Rings

Wizard 52

Two kids are watching a whole army of kaijin dig up a chest full of Kamen Rider rings. The boy tells the girl they have to do this to save themselves.

Meanwhile, Haruto is taking a donut break on the beach, missing Donut Hungry’s sugar donuts and everyone back home.

Wizard 52

But he suddenly hears someone calling for help. He looks around and finds some strange magic stone. He picks it up and sees the two kids from earlier running inside it before it embiggens and he gets sucked in.

Wizard 52 Wizard 52

Haruto wakes up in a strange home. Dounatsu. He is surprised to see the Donut Hungry Owner, but not the Owner. And the Worker, who’s now an old man.

Wizard 52

The two kids come running in and Haruto watches as the boy uses the W and Fourze Rings to summon Kamen Rider W and Kamen Rider Fourze to fight off the kaijin who are following them.

Haruto picks the chest with the rings up, but then gets grabbed by other kaijin and dragged into strange, different locations just by walking out the door of the home.

The boy summons Kamen Rider Faiz and Kabuto who also join in finishing off the kaijin.

Wizard 52

The Riders go back into the Rings and Haruto asks what this is all about. Not-Owner says these are Rider Rings and if they don’t return them soon, it’ll be a disaster.

Suddenly, an announcement comes over the loudspeakers. It is Amadam, the ruler of this world. He says if the rings aren’t returned soon, this world will collapse and he’s asking for everyone’s cooperation.

Several kaijin appear and Haruto notices purple cracks starting to appear on the kids’ faces.

Wizard 52

Even more suddenly, two school-aged kids come riding up on their bikes. Haruto realizes… it’s Rinko and Shunpei! But they’re not the Rinko and Shunpei he knows.

Rinko tells the kaijin to back off. The rule is to not attack those who haven’t transformed yet. The kaijin return to their human form and say this is only to protect their world. Shunpei is shocked to see the boy have the chest full of Rider Rings.

The boy summons Decade and OOO and he and the girl hop onto their bikes, telling the Riders to take them to Omokagedou.

Wizard 52

Haruto quickly follows on his own bike as do Not-Rinko and Not-Shunpei. He expects to drive all the way into the city when he suddenly passes by Omokagedou in the middle of the forest.

Rinko arrives behind him and quickly ushers him inside. She and Shunpei are exhausted and collapse in the familiar shop.

Haruto thinks, Donut Owner and Wor… Ryu (!!) are older, Rinko and Shunpei are younger. But out comes Wajima, who seems to be the only unchanged one in the bunch.

Wizard 52

Wajima explains the two kids are orphans and he has taken care of them. They are as close as siblings, but soon, they will transform. In is world, after a certain amount of time, the humans turn into different kinds of kaijin.

Wizard 52

Except for the three of them, they seem to be humans who don’t turn into kaijin. So maybe they’ve been a bad influence on the kids, Wajima says, since they don’t want to transform.

Haruto goes upstairs where the two kids are lying in bed, seemingly in pain. He overhears the boy promise to the girl, “It’ll be okay. I swear to save you… Koyomi.”

Wizard 52

So Koyomi in this world is this little girl, Haruto realizes.

Next morning, Haruto wakes up just as Wajima, Rinko and Shunpei quietly take the chest and try to return it to Amadam. But suddenly, Haruto gets yanked out of the shop.

Wizard 52

He appears in front of Amadam in his lair where he is shocked to see Kosuke sitting there waiting for his kabobs.

Wizard 52

Kosuke explains how he got sucked into the magic stone and Haruto thinks he must have been sucked into this world before he had lost Chimera.

Amadam explains this world is where the souls of various kaijn defeated by Kamen Riders get sealed, filled with resentment, all by the Kamen Rider Rings.

And if you pray to the 13 rings when the Earth is high in the sky, the seal will be undone and the kaijin will be unleashed into reality. Haruto promises to get the Rings back and asks Amadam not be rough with the kids.

Wizard 52

After seeing a vision of Koyomi standing in the field, Haruto and Kosuke return to Omokagedou where they find Wajima, Rinko and Shunpei have been sucked into a mirror.

Wizard 52

Haruto gets he and Kosuke inside and the others explain how the kids used Kamen Rider Ryuki to trap them in the mirror while taking the chest and running off.

But Ryuki says the kids are in danger and asks Haruto save them. He releases them from the Mirror World.

Wizard 52

Wajima, Rinko and Shunpei say the kids will do what they believe will allow them to escape this world and their fate of becoming kaijin. They want to be free.

Haruto realizes that is their faintest of hope, so he’ll go and protect it.

The kids are by the river. Kaijin pop out to forcefully retrieve the Rings, but Haruto and Kosuke arrive, henshin and take them on.

Wizard 52

While they are fighting, the boy summons Kamen Riders Hibiki, Kiva and Den-O. They initially fight Haruto and Kosuke, but then turn their attention to the kaijin.

The boy summons Kamen Riders Kuuga, Agito and Blade before he and Koyomi begin praying to the Earth to help them.

Wizard 52

Their calls for help opens up a portal to Earth which a man hears. He jumps in and appears in the magic stone world as… Kamen Rider Gaim.

He handily fights off the kaijin before introducing himself.

Wizard 52

Episode Thoughts
Well that was a trip, eh?

It definitely felt like some prologue-y V-Cinema or even Vs. movie. You’ve got all the elements; an alternate dimension and different world, alternate versions of our favorite characters, cameos from vets (henshined or not), random jokes. It’s all there.

Now the whole episode was full of quirky, random funnies, but it definitely had a different style than what we’re used to with Wizard. You especially notice it in the big fight by the river. I actually enjoyed the scene’s off-screen henshins and the long take/continuous pan shot.

What I didn’t enjoy though was the voice acting. It was pretty obvious it is not Sota Fukushi voicing Fourze. And if I had watched any of the other Hesei Rider series, I might have noticed other too-far-off voices too.

Still, it was overall a fun little episode. The sneak peek at Gaim actually got me really excited about the fruity new Rider. And since I do consider episode 51 as the real Wizard finale, it’s great to revisit our favorite characters again, even though it’s only been a week.

That magic stone though! Very Rover-like. (The Prisoner, if you don’t know the reference, hee.)

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  1. Eeeeeh! I have to watch this I haven’t finished watching kamen rider wizard and I’m gonna watched it right now. BRB. Eeeeeh(I’m fangirling because I’m a girl)

    1. Geeze I’m an idiot. The dude in the big dress looks and sounds gay. But it was cool to Tsukasa-San why didn’t they do Daiki-kun. Also I wanted to see Haruto-San get shocked by Ankh’s hand like Shotaro-chan.

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