Recap: Grimm, Episode 2.13 – Face Off

“The will to conquer is the first condition of victory.”

Grimm 213

We pick up with Nick shocked to learn about Juliette and Renard. Nick’s ready to go straight to his boss, but Monroe tries to calm him down just as Nick gets a call from the station about four dead bodies outside of the hotel.

Meanwhile, Renard is at Aunt Marie’s trailer. He has an owl-like Wesen give him a key that opens it up and he goes in to explore until he also gets the call.

Sgt. Woo is filling Nick in on what they’ve found so far as Renard arrives at the scene. Awkward.

Holding it all in, Nick watches as Renard gets a call. It’s Juliette and she’s having a hard time and wants to talk.

Back at the station, Renard is on the phone with Vienna trying to sort out why the Verrat are in Portland while the other French dude says their alliance with the resistance is proving to be tricky.

Sgt. Woo and Nick come in with surveillance video of the hotel. Nick tries to diffuse suspicion Sgt. Woo brings up as Monroe is seen clearly on the video.

Grimm 213

Meanwhile, Rosalee calls Monroe and he fills her in on the happenings in Portland. She realizes Renard must have been the one that woke Juliette up, explaining their obsession to one another. More importantly though, she tells Monroe that she’s coming home and arriving tomorrow morning.

Grimm 213

Nick follows Renard as he heads to see Juliette at home. Nick watches as Juliette opens the door, kisses Renard and invites him in. Nick gets out, ready to burst through the door, but Monroe calls and tells him about what Rosalee has concluded. He calms down, a little, and heads back to Monroe’s.

Grimm 213

Renard and Juliette can’t keep their hands off each other. Then they want to stop, get violent, want to sex, stop, punch each other, kiss, then want it all to end. Juliette grabs Renard’s gun. Then they kiss, then they push each other off. She takes the gun and shoots all over the house before Renard runs away, trying to keep himself from wolge-ing.

Monroe and Nick piece together how Adalind and her mother fit into all of this when Sgt. Woo calls about the gunshots at home.

Grimm 213

Nick hurries home. Woo says Juliette isn’t talking and thinks maybe she’ll open up to Nick. She says she shot the gun because she thought the guy was an intruder. She repeats how she really doesn’t understand, but Nick looks her straight in the eye and says he knows “who it is.” He gets up from the couch and tells Woo to write this up as self defense. Done.

Nick returns to Monroe’s and he suggests they get some sleep.

Across town, Adalind is surprised and reluctant when she’s released from jail. It’s thanks to Renard who drags her into his car wanting to talk.

Grimm 213

He takes her into the forest, though she expected to go to the trailer. He demands that she fix him, but she says she can’t, especially since someone took her powers away from her.

I can’t fix you, Adalind says, but I can make it better. She gets all sexy with him and they kiss.

“I want you, the real you. I want what you would never show to her.”

Renard semi-wolges. She likes it. They sex.

Next morning, they have taken their party to Renard’s condo. They reminisce about the past and worry about the future, and Renard’s brother.

Grimm 213

After picking Rosalee up at the station, they immediately head to the shop. They clue Nick in that Renard must be the Royal in Portland. And how important it is they find the exact spell and a cure before it progresses and one of Juliette or Renard will kill the other. They dig through books as Renard digs through the trailer.

Monroe finds it and it’s not an easy one. One problem, they kinda need the cat that infected Juliette, but of course, it’s been run over. But there’s still a way.

At the station, Renard digs through Nick’s desk and finds the key! A recovered Hank sees.

Rosalee is blending a concoction, the one Renard took, to have the drinker go through a purification process. Before Nick takes a sip, Hank calls to tell him what he saw. Nick knows that’s not good and hurries to the station.

Grimm 213

Renard has made an imprint of the key, happy it really is what they’ve been looking for. He shreds the paper before heading out. Hank tries to stall, but Renard is insistent.

As Renard leaves, Juliette calls to tell him Nick knows. Renard heads home and tells Adalind he didn’t find the key. Well that’s a shame, she says as she leaves for the car waiting for her downstairs to take her to the airport and back to Vienna.

“Thanks for last night.”

Grimm 213

Nick arrives at the station, looks in the drawer and finds the key is gone. Hank follows as Nick hurries out. He wants the details, but Nick doesn’t have time to explain. Hank wants Nick to be sure, and he is. He wants to go with Nick and help, but Nick says no, it’s between the Captain and him.

Grimm 213

As Nick gets into his car, Renard calls saying they need to talk.
Renard tells Nick to head to the woods. It is the house of Nick’s first case after finding out he’s a Grimm.

Nick wants to start the conversation with a punch or two and they fight. Renard says they don’t have to do it this way, but Nick is ready to let out all his anger and frustration.

How long has Renard known Nick was a Grimm? Only when Aunt Marie came to town. Renard insists going after Aunt Marie was never about her, only the key.

That’s why he’s giving it back. He tosses the key to Nick and says none of this will end if either one of them are dead. If Adalind gets the key, they’re both dead. That’s why they need to find a way to resolve their differences so they can deal with this.

Renard also insists he wishes the thing with Juliette would stop too. So Nick brings him and Juliette to the shop.

Grimm 213

Rosalee makes another batch of purification juice. Nick drinks it and nothing happens at first. But then it kicks in… hard as he stumbles around then collapses on the floor, turning a bright red. Juliette shows grave concern for him and kneels down to hold his hand.

Grimm 213

Meanwhile, back in Vienna, Adalind is in the bathroom. Holding a pregnancy test.

Grimm 213

It’s positive.

Episode Thoughts
Whew! That was definitely a lot to take in!

First of all, yay Grimm is back! And like the season premiere back in August, it was a waterfall of mythology and continuing stories. It was definitely an episode for the fans of the show and really not for anyone who might want to start and jump in.

So for Grimm fans, this was definitely a full episode.

I think it was great to finally see Nick and Renard face off. It kinda sucked that it was so short though. I think it would’ve been nice to see them fighting a little longer. But are we now moving towards them teaming up and fighting together instead of each other? That definitely eliminates a big thread that’s been with the show. And would be a little bit of a let down. I always thought the whole Renard-Nick confrontation scene would be a big event.

Juliette and Renard’s almost sex scene was so strange. The craziness of it was kinda cool, but it also came off as kinda random and just a great gratuitous action scene. (Action in both sex and violence sense of course. lol)

Great to have Rosalee back in Portland. (And congrats to Bree Turner on the new baby!)

I was actually surprised about Adalind getting pregnant since I was expecting Renard and Juliette to go all the way, resulting in Juliette getting pregnant. So I think Grimm kinda copped-out on that one and are going the easy route. That’s not to say it won’t be just as interesting, but there would’ve been a lot more story to tell with Juliette being pregnant with a quarter-Wesen baby!

So overall, a great episode that kicks right into high gear from the start of the 2nd half of the season.

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