Recap: Power Rangers Megaforce, Episode 6 – “OH, GOD, SAVE US!”

Recap: Power Rangers Megaforce, Episode 6 – Harmony and Dizchord

Megaforce 6

Troy’s running in the woods and sees Emma ride along in her bike. He calls after her, but she can’t hear.

Up on the ship, Dizchord, a new monster, arrives and Vrak suggests they use his horrible music to terrorize the humans.

Troy catches up to Emma who is singing to the flowers. She says singing the song helps her remember her mother who used to sing it every year when the trees bloom. Emma takes a moment, but Troy is more concerned about getting to school.

Megaforce 6

Dizchord starts attacking downtown with his horrible music as the people, including Troy and Emma who are nearby, collapse from how horrible it is. At school, Mr. Burley seems to be enjoying it as Tensou notifies the Rangers and Gia, Noah and Jake hurry downtown.

Megaforce 6

Troy and Emma seem to be more affected by the noise since they were closer to Dizchord when it first started.

Noah demands Dizchord to turn off the music.

“How dare you!”

Dizchord summons Loogies as the Rangers yell at the locals.

“Don’t just stand here!!”

Megaforce 6

They try to use the Megaforce Blaster, but Troy and Emma are in too much pain and they can’t focus. Dizchord takes advantage and forces Troy and Emma to demorph before leaving.

Admiral Malkor wants to make sure Dizchord keeps focus, so he sends Vrak. That annoys Creepox.

Megaforce 6 Megaforce 6

Back at school, a bunch of punks are booming music through a boombox. Emma can’t take it and Gia uses her irresistible charm and tells them to turn it down, which they happily do.

Gia invites Emma for some froyo, but she just wants some peace and quiet.

Across town, Vrak offers to be Dizchord’s manager and help make him a big star by creating a device that will broadcast his music around the world.

Megaforce 6

At the Brain Freeze, Ernie turns up the disco music and happily dances. Troy’s not so happy though and the loud music is causing a headache. He leaves as Gia joins Noah and Jake.

They can’t hear other speak, so Gia uses her charms again to get Ernie to turn the music down as they discuss Troy and Emma’s problem.

Megaforce 6 Megaforce 6

While Emma is enjoying the peace and quiet of the forest, Vrak and Dizchord are setting up their broadcast center at the (Sentai’s favorite) amphitheatre.

Dizchord warms up and sends his music across town again, which makes Ernie want to dance. He loves it! The Rangers realize it’s the monster’s music and Jake calls Troy, but even through the Morpher, he can’t take it.

Megaforce 6

“He hung up on me!”

Gia says they can handle this on their own and not to subject Troy and Emma to more loudness. They calmly walk out of the mall then BAM! Morphing sequence.

They head to the amphitheatre where Vrak tries to keep them busy while the Loogies ready the transmitter.

Vrak gives them the signal and the Loogies switch it on, sending Dizchord’s music around the world.

Megaforce 6 Megaforce 6 Megaforce 6
Megaforce 6 Megaforce 6 Megaforce 6

It reaches New York, London, Africa, China, Paris, and Egypt!


Tensou calls Troy to say they can’t block the signal. But Troy sees the tree blossoms and gets an idea.

Meanwhile, Vrak continues knocking around Gia, Jake and Noah when suddenly, this horrible sound (according to Dizchord, of course) starts overpowering Dizchord’s music. It’s Emma, singing!

Megaforce 6

Her singing suddenly makes everything around them bloom and flower petals float in the air. This allows the Rangers to get their bearings and attack Vrak. Troy uses the Skick Twist Tornado Card to project Emma’s voice.

“Ugh! So horrible!”

“Hey! Flowers!”

Megaforce 6

Emma’s singing is so bad powerful, it destroys the transmitter.

Megaforce 6 Megaforce 6 Megaforce 6
Megaforce 6 Megaforce 6

The world rejoices.
“We’re saved!”
“How wonderful!”

The Rangers use the Megaforce Blaster to destroy Dizchord’s first life and Vrak immediately sends his Zombats to embiggen him.

Megaforce 6

They hop into the zords.

“Troy, I’m coming!! Ugh!”

Emma gets over that then drops: “Let’s drum a lesson into this guy.”

All together, they muse, “We’re deleting you off our playlist!” and they finish Dizchord for good.

“Regrettably, Dizchord is no longer composing music. Instead, he’s decomposing.”

Admiral Malkor does not appreciate the joke. He does not want anymore buffoonery and mistakes from Vrak and Creepox.

Megaforce 6

Down at Ernie’s, the Rangers are complementing Emma on her singing as Ernie’s comes by with some low fat treats. He also complements the wonderful music from earlier, which he managed to record. He pulls a remote out of his pants and turns on the player which booms the Dizchord rock music. He happily dances back to the counter as everyone leaves the shop.

Megaforce 6

Episode Thoughts
Eeek. Alright, that had to be the weakest Megaforce episode so far, yet I laughed my butt off the entire time.

Though not because I particularly enjoyed it, just laughed at all the mindblowingly crazy things that were going on on my television. The random morphs, Emma turning into a combination of Princess Shayla and Mia, the horribly awkward stereotypes, the return of the pun parade, the opportunity for more stiff acting, Troy not caring Emma just told him her mother’s dead… it was actually a big ol’ mess of things.

How different is Megaforce from Goseiger?
Corresponding Goseiger Episode: Epic 4 – “Play the Angel’s Song”

Same basic monster of the week story. But the big development in Goseiger‘s episode was the introduction of Datas. Also in Goseiger, it was explained why Alata and Eri were affected by the music more than the others instead of just “Oh, we were nearby.”

It was continuing the introduction of each Gosei tribe’s respective powers and abilities. The Skick tribe is one with the wind and have great hearing.

The Goseiger “around the world” scene was a little better since they weren’t all speaking English. It was awkward, but less so. Though interesting they replaced the original African scene in Goseiger from some armed park rangers to a kid and villagers.

Megaforce 6 > Megaforce 6

If we’re comparing episodes (and we can since they adapted the storyline), Goseiger‘s was more fun. If only for the scene of them doing “Do Re Mi” before launching an attack. Hilarious.

So, overall, not a very good episode of Megaforce. A lot of Samurai-ness crept in and that’s not a good sign.

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