Recap: Supernatural, Episode 8.16 – Remember the Titans


Sam spits out globs of blood, still hiding his new symptoms from Dean, before they head out to investigate an alleged zombie.

Actually, it’s a guy named Shane who, after dying and resurrecting twice since we first meet him, tells the Bros it’s been this way for as long as he can remember. Only problem, he only remembers up to a few years.


The Bros slice his arm and make him drink holy water and he seems fine, so they decide to sleep on it. But that night, a catsuited woman sneaks into Shane’s motel room and is sadly surprised when he doesn’t recognize him. They then fight as the Bros storm in. Shane demands she tell him who she is, but she only says she’s his new worst enemy and disappears.

The Bros ask Shane if he’s alright, but he tells them that was the first time he’s ever been in a fight, despite going all kung fu on the woman. He then has a heart attack.


As the Bros sit, waiting for him to wake back up, there’s a knock on the door. It’s a woman and child. Her name’s Hayley and the boy is Oliver. She asks about the missing corpse. She knows his name is Shane, that’s what she calls him. And the boy is his son. She sees Shane’s body inside and goes to him.

She later explains how she was on a mountain climbing trip with a bunch of friends in Europe when an avalanche occurred. All her friends were lost, but she had found Shane who eventually helped her down the mountain. When they were together, he died and resurrected everyday too. That scared her, so she ran away, but not before they had a night together and she got pregnant.

She had hired a private investigator to look for him, but they had given up and so had she.


Before she can tell them what made her start looking again, Shane walks outside of the motel room. Hayley gets up and introduces him to Oliver.

While the reunited father and son are at the swings, Sam tells Dean he might have figured it out. Shane is Prometheus, a Titan or the gods before Zeus and friends. The legend goes he had stolen fire from Olympia to return it to the humans and because of it, Zeus had cursed him with every day death. The catsuited woman might be Artemis, Zeus’ daughter.

The Bros fill Shane in on who he is. He wants to get far away from Hayley and Oliver to keep them from danger, but the Bros say they will help him.

Suddenly, Hayley carries Oliver into the room. He’s fallen and he’s dying. But he’s got the same curse.


The Bros bring them to the Bat Cave. Hayley tells them this only started when he turned 7.

They fill Hayley in too, but she struggles to understand. They say the plan is to summon Zeus and kill him and hope the curse dies with. Hayley is still not sure as Oliver wakes up and she goes to him.

Shane agrees to work with Sam and Dean to fight Zeus and try to find what they need to do. Hayley rejoins them when Dean finds out what they need: dragon penis.

Dracopoolus = Dragon Penis

Sam reads the findings of the hunter, Dracopoolus. They can kill Zeus with wood from tree struck by lightning. To summon him, they need “frozen energy from the hand of Zeus,” or fulgurite, and the bone of a worshipper.

Sam and Shane go to a nearby cemetery to dig up bones from some Greek pagans while Hayley tells Dean they can get fulgurite from any ol’ crystal shop. (Last season, they got it from some rich couple when they wanted to bind Death.)


At the cemetery, Shane asks Sam why they’re risking their lives to help them. Sam asks why Shane, er, Prometheus risked his life to get fire. Good question.

You pretty much saved the world, Sam says. But it doesn’t matter if he can’t even save his son, Shane replies.

Dean drives Hayley and Oliver. She’s worried and still trying to grasp this whole situation. Dean tries to reassure her and reminds her Zeus is not going to be her friend.

They get to a warehouse/auto shop and summon Zeus. They have him on a seal.


Zeus says why can’t they be a little more civil about this. Sure, Dean says. Break the curse on the kid and they all walk away. Zeus offers to do it, but only if they break the seal first.

No going. They’ll leave him to rot on the seal for all they care. Sam, Dean and Shane walk away, but a desperate Hayley smudges the seal and Zeus walks free.

Zeus sends the men flying and laughs. The Bros try to sneak up, but Artemis pops in and stops them.


Shane looks at Artemis, who again seems sad that he doesn’t acknowledge her more fondly.

Zeus asks Hayley if Shanetheus has already experienced the boy’s death and if he hurt. She replies Yes. Well good, Zeus says. Imagine the pain of a 1000 children’s deaths and that’s what he feels thanks to Shanetheus.

But one will do. Zeus has Shanetheus immobilized and takes away Hayley’s voice before talking to Oliver whom he has a job for. He signals to Artemis who breaks Sam and Dean’s hold against a pillar.


She has them walking down the hallway and Sam tells Dean about how Artemis is actually their patron saint, the goddess of hunters. But she’s not so powerful anymore. Like hell she isn’t. She has them up against the wall.

Zeus turns his attention to Shane. He wants to make up for lost time and he reaches into Shanetheus’ ribs, torturing him.

Sam tries to soften Artemis up. As a hunter, she couldn’t find Shanetheus living in a shack in Montana? Or maybe she didn’t want to find him. He was in love with you, you know.

She doesn’t believe it. But Sam has it all figured out, being the geek that he is, of course.

She had promised to just let Shanetheus go as long as they kept their tryst a secret from Papa Zeus. But the zombie reports forced her hand.

You’re lying, she says. Oh really, then how would Sam know all this? Homer never wrote about it.


And of course, Papa Zeus would be upset if he knew his daughter was in love with the man he hated most in the world.

Sam makes her feel for the boy that’ll be tortured and suffer and she ends up telling her father to stop this.

She tells him to let them go, but he says he’s doing this for them, for their kind. Shanetheus is the reason they are here on the ground and not ruling the world. He’s the reason people have forgotten about them.

She persists. But he does too. You daughter, you obey, he says.

“You were once my father, now you’re someone else.”


She fires her arrow at him, but Zeus pulls Shanetheus in its path. It pierces his chest, but Shanetheus pushes the arrow further in so it goes straight through to Zeus behind him.

They both die.


Artemis goes to Shanetheus, holds his hand, then looks up at Hayley and Oliver. She takes her father and they disappear.

Dean gives Shane a hunter’s burial with Hayley looking on. She says she’s sorry.


Back at the cars, Sam stays with Oliver and offers to take him for ice cream. The boy talks for the first time, he wants to stay.


Winchester Bros Emo Moment of the Week
They’re on the road and enjoying some fast food when Sam speaks up.

Maybe he was too naïve in thinking he could will himself to go through the tests unscatched.

“Stop with the sullen emo crap,” Dean says. “You’re not going to die like Prometheus.”

How do you know that? Bobby, Rufus, now Prometheus? None of them chose to die. “The life chose for them.”

“If you die, it’s going to be because of something normal.”
“Exactly. Yeah, eat your burger.”


Winchester Bros Emo Moment of the Week #2
Back at the Bat Cave, Dean sits on his bed. He talks to Castiel.

“You know I’m not one for praying, because in my book, it’s the same as begging. But this is about Sam, so I need you to hear me. We are going into this deal blind. And I don’t know what’s ahead. Or what it’s going to bring for Sam. Now he’s covering pretty good, but I know he is hurting. And this one was supposed to be on me. So for all that we’ve been through, I’m askin you. You keep a look out for my little brother, okay?”

“Where the hell are you man?”

Episode Thoughts
Well, that was a pretty good episode. Pretty lofty, but executed well, to totally put a fresh spin on Zeus and friends. Which is expected from Supernatural since they’ve done a good job putting a fresh take on heaven and hell all these years.

It might’ve been a little too quick though. They dealt with Zeus just like that, but it takes seasons to take care of YED or Lilith or little miss Mother of All? I think they could’ve milked this for at least two episodes.

But I guess it’s alright and served its purpose in leading to not one, but TWO Emo Moments of the Week. And no Dean, you must not stop these Emo Moments because they are Supernatural staples and no episode can end without an Emo Moment from you Bros.

With Dean’s prayer at the end, you almost forget there’s actually a lot going on this season. There’s Kevin and the tablet, there’s Crowley off doing whatever he does and there’s that whole heaven’s office deal with Castiel. It’s actually nice to have several threads moving along at the same time, but they might want to sprinkle bits and pieces a little more liberally here and there.

And yeah, Men of Letters… no big deal Dean. lol

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