Recap: The Amazing Race 22, Episode 2 – “We’re not going to whore ourselves out to them.”

Recap: The Amazing Race 22, Episode 2 – Loose Lips Sink Ships

The Leg
TAR2201 TAR2201 TAR2201

The 2nd Leg begins as teams must take a water taxi to the Hilton resort at Motu Toopua Nui where they will search the grounds for a wedding chapel.  After receiving a blessing from the priest, they’ll get the next clue.

The taxis don’t depart until 7:30am, so the other teams except the penalty-carrying Max & Katie and Caroline & Jennifer catch up.  Before leaving, David & Connor talk to Jessica & John about the Express Pass, but the couple, not wanting to commit, says if someone out of their alliance finds out about the pact, the deal is off.

TAR2201 TAR2201 TAR2201

The teams head off to the resort. 

David & Connor find the priest first and open up the clue to reveal the Detour.
In Pick a Pearl, teams head to a pearl farm where they must retrieve lines of oysters underwater and open them up until they find two red pearls.
In Take a Trunk, teams put on a diving helmet to walk along the ocean floor to retrieve a trunk which they must take an umbrella.  Then, after emptying the contents of the trunk, they must set-up an underwater picnic to receive their next clue.

TAR2201 TAR2201 TAR2201

All teams except Beth & Mona choose Pick a Pearl.  But David & Connor do not pick up their supplies before hopping onto their water taxi, so they must go all the way back from the Detour location while everyone else gets started.

Idries & Jamil consider taking a penalty because they don’t want to get in the water.  Meanwhile, the others are breezing through and Meghan & Joey, Jessica & John, Bates & Anthony and even Dave & Connor are already exchanging their pearls for the next clue.

Teams must now take a jetski to the island of Motu Tapu using a provided little map.  As they head off, Max & Katie and Caroline & Jennifer start their Leg and decide to do Take a Trunk together.

TAR2201 TAR2201 TAR2201

Pam & Winnie are leave the twins alone at the Detour, but end up getting lost on their jet skis as the other teams arrive at the next Clue Box and find the Road Block.

In this Road Block, teams must walk on stilts and use them to kick a coconut 35 yards across the beach.

Once they finish the Road Block, it’s a foot race to the Pit Stop.  The first two done are Bates & Anthony and Dave & Connor and they run to the Mat, but Dave injures himself, saying he ruptured his Achilles.

He continues on to the Mat with Bates & Anthony claiming 1st and a trip to London, Dave & Connor take 2nd, and Jessica & John finish 3rd.

TAR2201 TAR2201 TAR2201

There’s another (unnecessary) footrace as Joey & Meghan feel the need to outrun Chuck & Wynona.  The finish 4th and 5th respectively with Beth & Mona in 6th.

Idries & Jamil decide to switch Detours even though they are now in last place.  Pam & Winnie get to the Road Block, but Max & Katie and Caroline & Jennifer catch up.

The country singers manage to finish first of the three and step on the Mat 7th.  Max & Katie take 8th and Pam & Winnie just escape elimination by taking 9th.

That leaves Idries & Jamil in last and eliminated.

Episode Thoughts
Another solid episode.  A simple Leg, but good tasks that definitely showed off the beauty of Bora Bora and French Polynesia. 

Not much to say really.  A good episode even with no drama and relatively simple tasks in a beautiful place.   

Motu Cafe
Bora Bora, French Polynesia

Hilton Bora Bora Nui
Moto Toopua

Povai Bay
Bora Bora

Motu Tapu
Bora Bora

Motu Tapu
Bora Bora


Motu Cafe
Bora Bora, French Polynesia

Jessica & John 2:56am
Teams #s 2-8 before 7:30am
Max & Katie 9:14am
Caroline & Jennifer 9:15am




In order of completion
> or < indicates team switched Detours.

Who did the Road Block?
Who”s a well balanced individual?
In order of completion; Italics indicate who did the Road Block

1 Bates    Anthony 2
1 Dave    Connor 2
2 Jessica    John 1
2 Chuck    Wynonna 1
2 Joey    Meghan 1
1 Mona    Beth 2
2 Caroline    Jennifer 1
1 Max    Katie 2
2 Pamela    Winnie 1
1 Idries    Jamil 2

1 Mattthew    Daniel 1

Moto Tapu
Bora Bora, French Polynesia

1st Bates & Anthony +1
2nd Dave & Connor +1
3rd Jessica & John -2
4th Joey & Meghan +2
5th Chuck & Wynona +2
6th Mona & Beth -1
7th Caroline & Jennifer +3
8th Max & Katie +1
9th Pam & Winnie -5
Eliminated Idries & Jamil -2
Chuck & Wynonna – A solid Leg for them.  They definitely seem like nice, good ol’ country folk that TAR loves.  And they’ve been fun to watch so far.  Definitely hope they can tough it out and go far in the Race.
Pamela & Winnie – They really escaped elimination this Leg.  Their horrible navigation would’ve been their fatal mistake had the doctors not completely wasted their time at the Detour.  They definitely have to step it up now, but an equalizer on the next Leg could easily bring them back into the pack.  
Mona & Beth – A good Leg for them.  They are definitely continuing the Bowling Moms vibe and seem to be a solid team.  Here’s to them continuing to do well. 
Bates & Anthony – A very good Leg for them and it looks like they might be nice guys with a sense of humor.  Couple that with a strong Race and they might be a nice team to root for.
David & Connor – Their rough start to the Leg may have been the bad omen.  While they rocked the Detour and were able to catch up despite having to go back to the last Route Marker, that injury at the end doesn’t look good.  David, while solid, has had trouble keeping up at times and that’s only going to get worse with an injured foot.
Max & Katie – An alright Leg for them.  They had some luck this Leg, but they definitely still have much to prove.  With a likely airport equalizer next Leg, it’ll be their time to prove they have the skills to back up their competitive attitude.
Caroline & Jennifer – They definitely showed a much better Race this Leg.  They were able to step it up and not be defeated even with their penalty and being in last.  If they can keep it up, then they might just make it far.
Jessica & John – They’re okay.  Nothing much from them this Leg.  What’s not good though is they don’t really show any signs that they’ll grow a stronger personality anytime soon.  Their “we want to play the game” stuff doesn’t really come off as believable. 
Joey & Meghan – They’re slowly starting to grate.  Don’t know if I can find myself rooting for them even if I don’t completely dislike them.  Especially with them running past Chuck & Wynona even if they weren’t fighting for last.
Idries & Jamil – Well, kudos to them eventually not quitting, but they sure took a long time to decide not to.  They might have even been able to survive if they had decided to switch earlier instead  of just standing around worrying about water.  Anyway, based on what they showed this week and last week, it didn’t seem like they’d be long for TAR anyway.
Quotes from Episode 22.02

Meghan: “We’re not going to whore ourselves out to them.”

Bates: “Even with our brains, two are better than one.”

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