Recap: Kamen Rider Wizard, Episode 24 – The Wizard’s Grandmother

Wizard 24

Medusa calls Sora “Gremlin,” but says she won’t trust him until he does “the work.”

Rinko is already back at work, getting the bad guys to confess to their crimes. An older woman arrives at the station hoping for help.

Wizard 24

Across town, Haruto and Shunpei are at the donut cart when they see Kosuke primping. He says he’s waiting for Rinko who called him to meet and he’s happily excited for what he thinks is a date.

Wizard 24

Rinko arrives… with his grandmother.

Wizard 24

Haruto, Shunpei and Rinko listen in as Kosuke and his Granny talk. Apparently, he’s actually a rich boy. She asks why she didn’t even hear from him after returning from the ruins. And what about college? She tells him to return home. Shunpei tries to tell her about Kosuke being a mage, but he stops him.

Granny is pretty strict, so Kosuke can’t tell her about needing to devour Phantoms so he won’t die. Instead, he runs for it. Haruto and Rinko chase after him with Shunpei left behind to take care of Granny.

Medusa meets with the Phantom, Weretiger about a new Gate she’s found.

Wizard 24

Shunpei takes Granny sightseeing, but apologizes for troubling him all because of Kosuke. She gives him a little frog charm to help him return safely from travels. Suddenly, Weretiger appears in front of them, pointing at Granny being a Gate.

Shunpei tries to protect Granny until the others arrive, but gets thrown aside. Haruto henshins and Kosuke goes into position to as well, but stops himself.

Wizard 24

Haruto’s having trouble just as Weretiger summons Ghouls, so Kosuke runs up the stairs out of sight to quietly henshin.

Kosuke jumps back down to save Shunpei, Rinko and Granny from the Ghouls and turns his attention to Weretiger. But he realizes Granny might recognize his voice.

Wizard 24
Wizard 24

So he decides to pretend he’s a girl.

Wizard 24

He fights Weretiger as a female Kamen Rider Beast. And when Haruto joins in, the Phantom retreats.

Haruto dehenshins and rejoins the others while Kosuke says bye and skips away. This is all very amusing for Sora.

Wizard 24

They take Granny back to the shop and explain everything, except that Kosuke is Kamen Rider Beast. He shuffles Wajima away before he can mention it and tries to take Koyomi shopping when Granny thinks she’s the magical girl beast.

Wizard 24

How obnoxious, Granny says. She tells him to calm down, but he says none of this would’ve happened if she had just stayed in Fukui instead of coming to Toyko.

I’ll return as long as you’re with me, she replies.

Wizard 24

That evening, Kosuke is at his camp eating a cup of noodles alone. Haruto comes and says he should’ve eaten with them. Back at the shop, Shunpei gives Granny a massage. She apologizes for bothering him again, but he says it’s okay. He’s a grandma’s boy and was always spoiled by his own granny before she passed away when he was in middle school.

Wizard 24

Must be nice to have a loving grandson, she says, because Kosuke doesn’t even like her.

Kosuke tells Haruto about Granny being against everything he did as a kid, including wanting to be an archaeologist.

He was such a reckless kid, she tells Shunpei, that she couldn’t help but be strict. It’s only natural he’d distance himself from her.

Not so, Shunpei says. Kosuke only wants he to return to Fukui for her own safety and besides he already save… er, in any case, Kosuke probably doesn’t hate her.

Kosuke asks Haruto see Granny off for him.

Meanwhile, Sora meets Weretiger who is stumped at how to drive Granny the Gate to despair. Sora tells him about Beast not wanting her to know he’s a mage.

Wizard 24

Next morning, Haruto and Shunpei are accompanying Granny to the station. Shunpei says Kosuke should’ve at least said goodbye and Granny says she doesn’t expect it from him and thinks they’re more reliable anyway.

Wizard 24

But Kosuke, in a full disguise, follows them.

Wizard 24

They get on the bus to the station, but the driver closes the doors before Haruto can get on. Shunpei tells the driver, but it turns out to be the Phantom. Haruto tries to chase after it, but it’s no use.

Weretiger recklessly drives the bus and unleashes Ghouls in the bus. Shunpei takes out the frog charm Granny gave him and tries to fight them off, but just gets knocked back.

Kosuke just can’t sit and watch so he gets up and fights the Ghouls. His disguise gets knocked off and Granny sees him.

Wizard 24

Nothing he can do now. He tells Granny to save the scolding for later and henshins.

He continues fighting off the Ghouls as Haruto catches up on his bike to stop the bus. The passengers hurry off the bus and Shunpei stays with Granny as they watch Haruto go Water and Kosuke use Chameleo.

Wizard 24

After dispatching the Ghouls, they turn to Weretiger. But a quick shot from the Phantom causes Haruto and Kosuke’s rings to fly into the air switch. Kosuke tries using Haruto’s ring, but it won’t insert into his belt. Haruto scans Kosuke’s ring, but for him, it works.

Cool, can I have it, Haruto asks, but Kosuke takes out his Buffa ring instead and asks Haruto to let him eat the big meal today.

Upon hearing that, Granny recalls the Phantom’s words from earlier and realizes Kosuke is the mage that needs to devour Phantoms or die. She walks toward Weretiger.

Wizard 24

Go ahead and drive me to despair, she says, I won’t run or hide.

Now that’s more like it, the Phantom replies as he charges towards her. Shunpei quickly gets up and pushes Granny out of the way, absorbing a big blow from Weretiger and falling unconscious.

Wizard 24 Wizard 24

Haruto gets up to check on him, but Sora steps in front of Shunpei. He giggles, things are getting interesting!

Wizard 24

Sora offers a trade. Shunpei for Granny. Granny gets up, willing to offer herself, but Kosuke shakes his head ‘No.’

Wizard 24

If Kosuke doesn’t bring Granny to him alone, then Shunpei dies. He giggles again before he, Shunpei and Weretiger disappear in flames.

Wizard 24

Episode Thoughts
A very good episode. I always like seeing these Power Rangers and Sentai members and Kamen Riders actually have families. And Granny is awesome. Gutsy Granny.

They way they introduced Kosuke relationship with his Granny and then Shunpei describing his own relationship with his Granny while helping to protect her himself several (!) times in the episode definitely made that last scene very powerful. I liked it a lot.

I see they are now going to put each one of the gang in trouble now? That’s not a bad idea. First Rinko, now Shunpei, I’m sure Koyomi and Wajima are next, maybe even the donut duo. (I hope, at least!)

I’m gonna miss Phoenix, but Sora is definitely a great addition. He’ll kill you for, literally, shits and giggles. Like, literally. Should be interesting to see more from him.

A big chuckle at Kosuke’s big ass in the Beast suit and a big tear at the final scene. I like those combos.

0 thoughts on “Recap: Kamen Rider Wizard, Episode 24 – The Wizard’s Grandmother

  1. If Kousuke thinks he had a date? So does that mean that he likes her? So there are two couples in this show Haruto and Koyomi also Kousuke and Rinko. I wonder who Shunpei-San will be with

  2. I think you are giving Kosuke and thereby the writers to much credit here.
    For one thing, Kosuke directly states that the reason he doesn’t tell is grandma anything is because she would scold him for it and I totally believe it. That is how he was written before and continued to be so in the following episodes. Heck, the next one makes it even worse regarding his character.
    And this story is a good example of how unnecessary he is as a character. This here about Shunpei’s grandma was the last piece of info we actually get about his past and life. Where does he live? How does he earn money? Where is he from? We know nothing about him. And when you get down to it, we never got much out of Wajima, Rinko or even Koyomi either. They should have made SHunpei Kamen Rider Beast and let her be his grandmother. I can see Shunpei being a reckless or dreamer kid who constantly got in trouble and his granny having to be strict. Then we could have had Koyomi be with her or Wajima, using the time to show us more of them. Because at this point in the show both characters become more and more useless.
    You can’t even argue that it would not fit the overall metaplot of the series or that the actors would not be up to, they are fine and the plot would have no problems with it. This is not the worst that comes with Kosuke from my point of view, but its up there. The more they tried to shove this character into our faces the more obvious it was to me how glued on to the show he was.

    Also his whole showing his bud and all when he pretended to be a girl was not funny for me at all since it was a pretty typical way of Japanese media showing of women and this here how the show portrays female Kamen Riders. You will have seen it in the FourzeXWizard crossoever but they do that all the time whenever they can get away with it.

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