Grimm, Episode 2.02 – The Kiss

“If a man of pure heart were to fall in love with her, that would bring her back to life.”

Nick and Mama Burkhardt tagteam the Mauvais Dentes and demand to tell them who is behind this. But he runs to the rafters and stabs himself in the neck.

Nick rushes to the hospital where Monroe and Rosalee are waiting. They head inside and shoo the nurse out of the room to allow Nick to put the concoction Rosalee made into Juliette’s eyes to stop her memory loss.

The doctor arrives, but Mama Burkhardt goes momma bear on him and he goes to call security. Nick asks Rosalee and Monroe to bring Mom home after Hank calls about a new case. On the awkward drive home, Mama Burkhardt tries to get a feel for these two Wesen, but they assure her that as Nick trusts them, they trust Nick.

At the lumber mill, Nick remembers he had dropped his gun during the fight earlier and goes to grab it before anyone else finds it. More Feds arrive and Renard and Co. hand the case over to them. One of the Feds grabs the dead lady fed’s phone and calls the last number she called… Nick.

As Nick throws his gun in the water to avoid ballistics matching the bullets at the scene to it, the threesome arrive home. Monroe tells her about Nick coming to him to help prove to Juliette his explanation of Grimms and Wesen.

This relationship doesn’t make sense, Mama Burkhardt says. Rosalee asks, Why does it have to?

“I’m beginning to think it doesn’t.”

Rosalee goes to hug Mama Burkhardt and she hugs her back. Rosalee thinks she even saw Mom crack a smile.

The Feds arrive at the station to question Nick. When Nick says he wasn’t wearing a gun today, Hank seems suspicious. Renard defends Nick and the Feds only get Nick’s DNA for now.

In the garage, Hank asks Nick about his face and if there’s anything he needs to tell him. I trust you, he says. But whatever you do, “don’t hang me out to dry.”

Renard calls his brother Eric who says he doesn’t appreciate any of Renard’s possible interference in his plans.

Next morning, Nick wakes up at Aunt Marie’s trailer. He heads home to find Mom working out on the floor. Rosalee calls to says Adalind’s mother was just at the shop to pick up the ingredients she ordered. Mama Burkhardt offers to be the one to talk to Adalind’s mom. Nick says to be careful, especially when the Feds are tailing him outside.

While Renard is looking at a news article of the accident that killed Nick’s parents, Adalind’s mother calls to tell him to come pick up the potion. Meanwhile, the Feds arrive to arrest Nick and they confiscate his gun (a new one).

Renard gets to the Schade house and Adalind’s mother hands over the lumpy white liquid. It will purify him, because the only way for Juliette to wake up is to be kissed by a man who’s pure of heart. But the drink will give him quite a ride.

Later Mama Burkhardt pays Adalind’s mom a visit. She says the only way Juliette will be cured is by a prince who she describes as handsome, charming and, literally, a bastard.

How, Mama Burkhardt asks, but Adalind’s mother says she has to earn that info, so they knock each other around the house. But after a couple of slams into mirrors, Adalind’s mother’s neck gets sliced open. Before she dies, Mama Burkhardt asks again how to save Juliette. “You can’t, only he can,” she replies.

The Feds are interrogating Nick and they say the strand of hair they found at the crime scene is a close enough match to him that it could be from a relative. They insist Nick has something to do with the murder of their comrades, but Nick manages to convince them that they are thinking too hard about an open and shut case. Trying to connect him to the murders is “not going to get them back.” They give him back his gun and he leaves with Hank who’s gotten a call to report to another homicide… Adalind’s mother.

At his apartment, Renard hesitates to drink the lumps and his apparent worry prompts him to Wolge, but he struggles to keep it under control. He musters up the stomach to drink the stuff and nothing happens at first. But then he goes stumbling around his bedroom, screams and goes all Incredible Hulk, only he turns a bright red and breathes out black smoke. He returns to normal a little later.

Nick heads home and Mom tells him the info she got from Adalind’s mom; that only royalty can save Juliette and there’s a prince in Portland who could do it.

Nick says she has to start laying very low, but Mom says it’s probably time for her to go. They head to the Trailer and he gives Mom the coins.

“I wish I could do it for you,” Nick says.
“I wish you could have a normal life.”

“Don’t make the same mistake, I did. Don’t leave people you love.”
“Even if that puts them in danger?”
“I don’t have an easy answer. All I have are a lot of regrets.”

“You don’t owe anyone an apology,” Nick says. “I thought about you everyday.”

He hugs her.

“I’ll come back if I can.”

He takes her to the station.

“You’re so like your father,” she says. They exchange “I love you”s before she gets off. Nick drives away, but Mama Burkhardt doesn’t go into the station. She turns and breaks into a car parked nearby.

At the hospital, Renard kisses Juliette and leaves. She wakes up.

Nick arrives just as the doctor and nurses run to her room. He rushes over to her and kisses her, but she pushes him away.

“Who are you!?!” she asks.

Episode Thoughts
Woah. Now this episode was packed. It really seems like they are upping the ante. I definitely liked this episode a lot more than last week’s.

None of the exposition and set-up, just one surprise after another. And Nick being in more and more danger, whether it be getting found out by the non-Grimms and Wesens or getting killed by some royal knight or something.

I was actually genuinely surprised Juliette (seemingly) lost her memory of Nick. I was totally expecting she would only forget about Nick’s confession, but I did not expect she’d forget about Nick altogether. That’ll definitely be an interesting thread to touch for a couple of episode.

Hank’s being suspicious of Nick is kind of interesting and out of nowhere as well. I don’t think there’s really been anything for him to be suspicious about just yet. It’s not like he’s seen Nick transform or think Nick is involved in any of that.

What’s up with Renard eh? What’s all this “bastard” and “prince” stuff?

But Mama Burkhardt eh? I know many people were suspicious of her after last week. I don’t know. On one hand, I think she does care about Nick while still having her own agenda. On the other hand, she could just be using him to help some other power, not to mention she might not even be his mother in the first place. I look forward to having her pop up again in the future. Her fight scene with Adalind’s mother was amazing.

Overall, I really enjoyed this episode. It wasn’t a typical Grimm slowburn. It was action packed all episode long. And I definitely like that.

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  1. I had to laugh at this episode because Nick acted like such a rookie! He forgot his gun, he didn’t pick up the stray shell casing…come Nick, you’re supposed to be a detective. Aside from that, the momma fight was sweet, and I didn’t see the death of Adalind’s mom coming so that got me on the edge of the sofa. I wish she would’ve said more about what Renard is because my girlfriend from Dish keeps telling me that he’s half Prince and half Hexenbeist. I’ll have to watch this episode again since I have it saved on my Hopper. I plan to save it for a while so I’m glad I have a 2-terabyte hard drive to work with. I still have a hard time believing my friend because if what she says is true, then why hasn’t Nick detected this. I agree that the pace of this episode was superb and I really hope that it keeps up throughout the season! My fingers are crossed with hope that Juliette falls madly in love with Renard – wouldn’t that be a twist. 

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