Grimm, Episode 2.01 – Bad Teeth

“The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere the ceremony of innocence is drowned.”

A cargo ship arrives in Portland Harbor with some kind of Wesen having attacked crew and coast guards.

The dark hooded woman sneaks around the outside of Nick’s house and hurries inside as soon as Kimura and Nick begin fighting. She holds off an attacking Nick before stabbing Kimura in the chest. And after a replay of Nick’s realization we get to a new opening credits sequence!

The shocks keep coming for Nick. Before she can answer any questions, Kelly Burkhardt, Nick’s mother, says she has to take care of Kimura first. She drops a “He’s one of the men that killed your father” before Renard, Wu and the rest of the cops arrive. Renard seems intrigued by the tattoos on Kimura’s back.

Meanwhile, Monroe and Rosalee continue working on Adalind’s cat, now much calmer. Rosalee runs some tests and discovers that Juliette might be in more danger than they thought.

After the cops leave, Kelly tries to answer Nick’s many questions. She tells him that her friend Gina died in the car accident. She had sent Gina away with his father to make sure they were safe from whoever was coming after her.

Nick asks if Aunt Marie knew she was alive. She did. Kelly explains that this was the only way she thought to keep Nick safe. Monroe and Rosalee come knocking on the door and Kelly immediately goes after them. Nick tries to explain that they are his friends. She can’t believe it.

They tell Nick that the spell on Juliette will cause memory loss and that they need to stop it soon. They’ve got the ingredients cooking.

Renard goes to visit Juliette and sees her black (blank?) eyes. He immediately heads over to Adalind’s place, but only her mother is there. He threatens her into telling him exactly what kind of spell Adalind put on Juliette while Juliette begins to lose memories of Nick.

Over at Hank’s, he’s still sitting in his living room holding a rifle, but he also downs a couple of pills. Back at Nick’s, he asks his mother where she’s been for the last 18 years. She says she’s been going after those responsible for killing his father.

She says her journey went from merely getting revenge to saving the world from the Dragon’s Tongue and the royal families, to prevent them from gaining control and further creating turmoil in the world.

Next morning, Kelly cooks breakfast for Nick, but he has to leave to investigate the murders on the cargo ship. He and Hank go into the shipping container where the people were murdered and he sees the Reaper’s Scythe symbols on the wall. Nick wants to investigate more, but Renard hands the case over to two FBI agents who arrive in Portland.

Renard visits Kimura in jail and threatens him. He tells Renard about meeting the two Grimms.

Nick returns home to find his mother has cleaned the house. He takes her to Aunt Marie’s trailer and she tells him the story of it. She and Marie bought it when their father got sick. Nick’s grandfather and great-grandmother were also Grimms and that it is inherited.

Kelly says she found out she was a Grimm at 10 years old as soon as she turned 18, her father took her and Marie out on hunts. She never wanted this for Nick, she says.

After looking at all the stuff in the trailer, Kelly reminisces. Nick feels he can trust her now, so he takes out the three coins everyone’s looking for and hands them to her. She says she must take them back home to where they were forged so they can be destroyed.

Nick tells her that he cannot judge her decision, but that he wishes he didn’t have to grow up without her. They hug.

James Frain is in the old country, I premuse, torturing a Resistance member. He receives a call from the Wesen from the ship. When Nick shows mom the victim of the Wesen, she figures out it was a Mauvais Dentes.

Nick goes to threaten Adalind’s mother and when back in the car, tells his mother about what he found out about his key necklace from Aunt Marie.

Renard talks to someone on the phone, in French and says he’ll take care of Kimura.

Back in the trailer, Kelly opens a secret compartment and shows Nick a page from the first diary ever written by a Grimm. She explains, according to legend, that there were seven keys forged by the Knights who fought for the Seven Royal Families. When together, the keys form a large map showing where they did the riches from Constantinople after it was sacked and burnt.

The Wesen fought for the Royals, but the Royals also need the Grimms to control them. She says there was one thing in the treasures, so powerful, that if the Royal Families got a hold of it, they could control the world.

Kelly tells Nick that the Royal Families know he has the key and they want it. How could they possibly know, Nick asks. Mom says they need to get to Kimura to ask him. But it’s too late, he’s poisoned and killed.

The Mauvais Dentes calls the Feds investigating the ship deaths and uses them to lure Nick to a lumber mill. Mom warns him that it will try to deceive him. Monroe and Rosalee call Nick as he arrives at the mill, telling him they need to go to the hospital now.

But the Mauvais Dentes manages to attack Nick.


Episode Thoughts
Well, definitely did not expect a TBC! So the premiere of season 2 was more of Grimm‘s season 1 style. A more slow moving episode leading up to a big final act. In this case, it was a To Be Continued. But there was definitely a lot of information.

And that makes this episode very interesting. NBC gave Grimm a decent sized push during the Olympics and hopes a Monday showcase will bring in new viewers. But while this season premiere was a great episode for viewers who are already fans, it was definitely not the episode to hook new potential viewers.

By now, we know the premiere did reasonably well, but maybe not as well as some hoped. Nonetheless, for any potential new Olympic viewer, they probably would’ve been completely lost and uninterested in all the exposition that occurred in the episode.

For fans, there was a lot of info and history to process. Probably the biggest, the arrival of Mommy Burkhardt. You can’t really be sure about her just yet. From the episode, she speaks so matter of factly. It’s funny, yet suspicious as well.

But from the episode, you can tell the series is quickly delving into the mythology. I do hope they’ll maintain a balance though and not become too mythology-heavy. If this episode was an example, it could be too overwhelming.

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