Grimm, Episode 1.22 – Woman in Black

“It shall not be death, but a sleep of a hundred years, into which the princess shall fall.”

Nick talks to Monroe about Hank being shaken up about what he’s seen so far. They’re being watched and photographed from across the street by a man in contact with Akira Kimura.

Adalind is back and has just drugged a cat while Kimura is being briefed by his investigator. He suggests they partner up to find the coins, but Kimura doesn’t think so. Adalind brings the cat to Juliette, saying she thinks it is sick. It scratches Juliette while she is examining her and Adalind smiles while the cat shows off her… gold tongue?

Nick and Hank get called to the investigator’s hotel room, now sprawled out on the floor. They find his camera and Nick is shocked to see not only pictures of him, Hank and Renard, but of him and Monroe as well.

Renard walks into his apartment to find it ransacked. Kimura attacks him from behind and ties him up, demanding to know where the coins are. Just as Kimura is about to slice Renard’s neck, Sgt. Wu comes knocking on the door.

The hooded woman, who had checked on the investigator earlier, watches as Nick, Hank and Wu walk up to Renard’s condo. He’s still alive and Kimura goes to his motel, looking through the photos of Nick and Hank.

Nick, Hank and Renard head back to the station to learn more about Kimura. He’s part of the Dragon’s Tongue, an organization connected to the Japanese Imperial Army. Nick goes to Monroe to help him find a way for some time with Kimura to ask about his parents’ death. They find out they can subdue him with some Grimm sleeping potion.

Nick heads home to Juliette and she tells him about Adalind’s cat scratching her. He freaks and says her life could be in danger. He insists she go to the doctor, but she refuses until he tells her what’s going on and why he hates Adalind so much. Nick feels it’s time. He drives her to Aunt Marie’s trailer and begins explaining everything.

Nick starts getting excited while telling Juliette about all the Wesen and the weapons he’s used. She stands speechless, overwhelmed and begins to tear up. She walks out, Nick goes after her. She says he needs professional help. He asks for one more chance to prove to her all he’s said is real.

They head to Monroe’s and Nick asks him to show her, much to Monroe’s surprise.

“I took her to the trailer.”

Juliette wants to go, but Monroe agrees to show her. But just as Monroe Woges, Juliette faints before she can see.

The hooded woman breaks into Kimura’s motel room. Wu is at the motel with a picture of him and heads to the room. He runs into the hooded woman, but she walks away. Wu and his partner go after her and she fights them off before running away.

Nick and Monroe bring Juliette to the hospital. The doctor says she has to be quarantined. Hank calls Nick to update him on Kimura. He and Monroe head to the vet to get Adalind’s cat and they bring her to Rosalee.

Nick leaves to find Adalind. Meanwhile, Hank heads home to find it ransacked. He walks through, getting flashes of the Wesen he’s seen so far. The hooded woman sneaks behind him across the room.

Nick finds Adalind’s apartment empty and Hank calls him. Nick finds the milk bowl on the floor as Kimura breaks into Nick’s home. Rosalee and Monroe work on the cat and Hank sits in his home, stoic, holding a rifle. At the hospital, Juliette wakes up, eyes black. Like, all black.

Nick heads home, the potion soaked bow and arrow in hand. He misses when Kimura walks down the stairs and they fight. In between punches and kicks, Nick asks Kimura why he killed his parents. Nick manages to get the upper hand until the hooded woman arrives. She fights Nick before she fights Kimura. She stabs him in the heart.

The woman turns to Nick.

“Nick,” she says. Nick stops. “Nicky… it’s me.”

Nick replies, “Mom!?”

Episode Thoughts
Well damn! Now that’s a cliffhanger! The episode, like many others this season, started off slower and subdued. But it definitely geared up for the big cliffhangers at the end.

I honestly did not expect the dark hooded woman to be Nick’s mother. Unlike getting sort of spoiled for Supernatural‘s finale after getting back from the Philippines, I went into the Grimm finale knowing nothing at all. And maybe that helped me enjoy it a lot more. I had no clue who the woman was going to be right up until she offed Kimura. Right then, I went, “Oh sh*t, that’s Nick’s mom!”

It was a truly, WTF OMG moment, in the best way possible.

The rest of the episode was great too though. The scene at Aunt Marie’s trailer, Nick explaining everything to Juliette was so awkward and awesome to watch. You could just feel how uncomfortable and utterly shocked Juliette was. (Kudos to Bitsie Tulloch.) Add to that Nick going from not knowing exactly how to break it to her gently to him being excited and almost pumped to tell her all about his sort of cool family background.

I kind of expected the potion would kick in before Juliette fully understands what’s going on. The finale really felt like the first part of a two-parter, so it stands as a huge lead-up to the next season. What is Adalind up to, what does the black eye-ness do to its victims?

The scene of Hank sitting silently in his house with that rifle was almost as eerie as pulling back from Wu sitting in his apartment eating couch. What is going to happen there!?

Needless to say, Nick’s mother being alive isn’t a new concept, but it’s definitely a great, huge jolt to the series and its mythology. It definitely propels the show into its 2nd season.

And yay for having that 2nd season. Grimm has really grown since its first episode. The story and the characters really got going in the second half of the season with every week slowly, but surely building up the excitement.

I am definitely looking forward to season 2 and am ecstatic that I can now enjoy Grimm and Supernatural on different nights!

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