Supernatural, Episode 7.23 – Survival of the Fittest

“Carry on my wayward son….”
You know this is the season finale.

After trapping Crowley under a fancy seal in his office, Dick offers him and the rest of demonkind immunity (as well as Canada! Dick needs fat Americans.) in exchange for him tricking Sam and Dean into a trap. Crowley accepts. Instead of mouth to mouth deal sealing, he pulls out a long written contract.

Bobby is still angry as Sam and Dean head to a nun crypt to find a righteous bone. They choose Sister Mary Constant.

“Well, let’s bone this nun.”

Sam and Dean try to summon Crowley. Meg comes knocking on the door with Castiel who tells them the garrison has been wiped out and Kevin’s been taken. Crowley pops in. He wants to get his revenge on Castiel, but passes when he realizes he’s off his rocker.

He tells them about his discussion with Dick and hands them the vile of blood, but not telling them if it is his or not.

Meanwhile, Bobby wanders the streets and mistakenly touches iron, releasing him from the maid’s body. She begs him to let her go, but as soon as he sees Dick’s picture in the paper, he possesses her again. At Sucrocorp, a lab coated man brings in a girl, Polly, who seems to have been Turduckened.

The Bros mix together the ingredients, but nothing happens. Castiel brings them some sandwiches and maintains that he won’t be going into battle.

The lab coated man brings Polly a change of clothes and Kevin manages to take one of the hair pins in the wardrobe to pick the lock from the room. He listens in as Dick holds a meeting with his Leviathan board of directors.

Dick introduces Additive 3.0 which allows them to weed out the weaklings. Outside, Sam and Dean hack into the security cameras and see lots of Dick, everywhere. They then notice the maid drive up to Sucrocorp and Sam realizes it’s Bobby. He goes after him himself. Sam tries to talk Bobby out of going in, but he attacks Sam. Bobby sees his reflection in the van window, screams and poofs away.

“Because Dick made more dicks.”

Castiel maintains he can’t help them, even though Crowley insinuated that he’d be important. Dean is frustrated and tells Castiel to clean up his mess. He poofs away to grab a Twister board and Meg tells the Bros that Castiel can tell which Dick is the real fake Dick.

Bobby pops in later that night. He tells them about “the itch” and admits he can’t continue like this. He says when it’s their time to go, they go and the Bros say a final goodbye to him by burning the flask.

“Here’s to running into you guys on the other side… only, not too soon.”

Later, Dean asks Castiel to fly him to the Impala and Cas says he’ll help. Castiel asks the plan and Dean says they’ll be making a big entrance.

Meg drives the Impala straight into Sucrocorp, armed with cleaner as the Bros and Castiel sneak inside. Two demons sneak up on Meg and say Crowley is ready for her. Sam finds Kevin who tells him they need to blow up the Additive 3.0 lab to save all the skinny people.

Castiel and Dean find the real Dick. Dean drives the bone into him, but nothing happens… but actually, it’s fake and he pulls out the real soaked bone and he sticks it right through Dick’s neck.

He vibrates or emits some electromagnetic wave or something, laughs, and explodes into black goop.

But Dean and Castiel are gone. Crowley pops in and tells Sam they got what they wanted, Dick’s dead. And now he’ll take Kevin. Sam is left alone in the lab.

Dean wakes up in a dark forest. Castiel tells him to get up and tells him they are in purgatory.


Episode Thoughts

Hmm… I don’t really know what to say after that. It’s been almost two months since the episode first aired. After getting back from the Philippines, I’ve tried to avoid anything about it until I got the chance to see it. But I did stumble upon “Dean in purgatory,” which shocked me, yet didn’t at the same time.

It surprised me because I thought, really? Is that going to be the go-to Supernatural finale cliffhanger now? Either one of the Bros getting trapped in hell or heaven or purgatory? Maybe it’s not that bad, but when you look at what we had to go through this season to get here, it’s kind of a letdown and more of an “Ugh, we’re not done with this yet?”

Now Dick, I hope we’re done with Dick. I’ve definitely had my fill of Dick this season, a little too much Dick… no, definitely too much Dick this season. Dick, though played very well by James Patrick Stuart, was a lifeless Big Bad. The whole Leviathan story was lifeless and uninteresting to me. The best episodes of the season where the standalone, monster of the week episodes. The eps that had the Bros being emo about non-Leviathan related topics.

Now Supernatural still has plenty of life in it, as long as there are monsters in the world, but I think they may be running out of overarching story concepts. Heaven vs hell has been played out on the show and I think for season 8, it’s time for the Bros to really get back to their roots and fight off monsters in the backroads of America (or Canada if you must) instead of trying to save the world… again. Maybe even if it’s just a one season break. We can revisit the apocalypse in season 9 (!).

Speaking of, it’s been a wild ride for the show from the WB to the CW. Now the show is in a position of strength for the CW, one of the only things working and delivering at the struggling network. I hope the show at least brings its Friday audience over to Wednesdays and that it can benefit from a different night, away from Grimm and Fringe and as a tentpole for the CW. That’s a lot of pressure, but I hope they can get through it.

Now, maybe the most interesting part of the finale, Bobby officially crossing over. It was interesting and I think a good decision not to show Bobby burning away to heaven. A nice little way for him to say goodbye to the Bros. His descent into vengeful spirit territory was kind of rushed and lacked depth, but you could say that about a lot of the season.

Anyway, I’m still looking forward to next season. It’s great to see the show lasting this long and while it’s been an up and down ride, I’m still hanging on.

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