Grimm, Episode 1.21 – Big Feet

“He stripped off his skin and tossed it into the fire and he was in human form again.”

It’s nighttime and after getting a call, Juliette heads to see Tom, a rancher friend who sees his horses getting attacked by something in the night. They see the horse has huge scratch or teeth marks. She picks up some hair by some huge footprints on the ground and they follow it into the forest and find the bodies of two Blair Witch/Ghostfacers/paranormal hunters who were attacked just earlier in the night.

Nick and the gang arrive to investigate. Wu suggests it was a “Barefoot man carrying a wolf.” Suddenly a girl (who was with the two guys) comes running out of the woods crying Bigfoot.

At the station, they look at the video the “Bigfoot hunters” took and see a large clothed something dragging the bodies around. Meanwhile, an already sleeping Monroe smells something and goes downstairs to find his friend Larry, a Wildermann, who collapses on his floor.

While Renard happily talks to the press after the news of a murderous Bigfoot spreads, Nick heads over to Monroe’s where he meets the unconscious Wildermann. Monroe says Larry seems to be stuck in the middle of a Woge, the change between Wesen and human form. He insists that Larry is no killer, they were friends and part of a group who met in a sort of support group to help control their urges.

They hear search dogs coming up the street, likely following the trail Larry had made going to Monroe’s house. Monroe “marked his territory” and the dogs are now confused, but he has an even better idea. He puts on Larry’s coat and runs into the forest, leading the dogs on his trail.

“I don’t want my house torched, man. I don’t want crosses burned on my lawn.”

When the dogs catch up to him, he roars and they run off scared. Hank, who was with the search party, continues forward until Monroe knocks him over. Hank sees Monroe in his Wesen form.

Back home, Nick and Monroe talk about what to do when Larry comes into the kitchen and yells for them to “Get it out!” He pulls something from out of his neck before collapsing and dying. They drag Larry into the forest and Nick puts the contraption Larry pulled out into his hand for the cops to find it. Monroe pays tribute to Larry before they leave.

“Everything has an end, only the sausage has two.”

Nick goes to see Doctor Brinkerhof, a sort of Wesen therapist Larry was seeing. He tells Nick about wanting to help Larry control his impulses by using a different method. He’s intrigued by Nick though, but can’t pursue further when Nick gets called away.

Meanwhile, Juliette is at a lab thanks to a favor from a friend, to take a closer look at the hairs she found in the forest. She can’t seem to recognize what it is though. Later, her lab friend gets back to her and says the tests were inconclusive and that the hair was from some kind of para-human, half-human hybrid.

“Holy crap!”

Monroe goes to see a friend, Reynaldo, one of the guys in their support group with the now two victims. He tells Monroe about Larry having found a foolproof cure to their urges from Brinkerhof. Nick gets the results on the contraption, it was a medicine pump and the ones found in the victims/suspects had a mix of steroids and herbs and spices. They find out from the manufacturer that four were ordered by Brinkerhof, two for the ones that already died and another for a Dan Murray.

Monroe calls Dan Murray, also one of his support group buddies, but it is his brother that answers and he tells Monroe Dan died two days ago after going crazy. Monroe goes to Brinkerhof’s office who is writing in a journal about “total malfunction” on the part of what appares to be his experimental Wesen drug. Monroe insists on his way in. Brinkerhof himself begins to grow unsettled. He explains his idea behind the solution and wishing he had more time to test it.

“Are you an animal or are you a man?”

He tries to inject himself with some of the solution, but he drops the bottle and he Woges into his Wesen form. They get into a tussel before Brinkerhof jumps out the window when Nick and Hank arrive.

“What’s he doing here?”

They chase Brinkerhof to an opening night gala at the theatre where he drags a women with him to the catwalk of the theatre. Brinkerhof leaves the girl and is about to attack Nick, but Hank shoots, causing him to fall down onto the theatre seats. Nick and Hank rush down and Brinkerhof is still in his Wesen form. Hank stares at him as he Woges back to being a human. Nick has an “Oh shiiit…” look on his face and tries to play it off, hoping Hank will think he’s just seeing things. But after his encounter with Monroe earlier, Hank becomes even more disconcerted.

As Monroe and Reynaldo toast to their fallen friends, Juliette expresses her doubts on about Larry and the whole Bigfoot thing. She is starting to wonder about things like that.

“What if all of the stories we’ve heard, what if they’re not stories… what if they’re real?”

Episode Thoughts
Well, that was an interesting episode. For most of it, I felt like it was just filler. Not the kind of penultimate episode you’d expect from a serialized, mythology-heavy show like Grimm.

But those moments with Hank and then Juliette’s whole “What if the stories were real” spiel at the end… I have high expectations for next week’s finale (which I’ll have to wait until next month to see! Grrr….

It was also fun to see Juliette as a vet. You almost forget she actually has a career since she hasn’t been doing a lot on her own this whole season. I do hope she’s busier next season.

And once again, incredibly beautiful use of the Oregon greenery. That shot of bewildered/freaked out Hank surrounded by trees and bushes and moss. Just amazing and again, it adds so much to the show.

Definitely hoping the finale delivers. I am expecting some big cliffhanger of course. But I’m probably most happy Grimm is actually coming back next season.

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