Supernatural, Episode 7.22 – There Will Be Blood

Dick is being interviewed on a news program announcing his company’s plans to help America eat well using high fructose corn syrup. His company is very invested “into what makes America living longer and tasting better.”

Dick’s assistant Susan hands him a suitcase with the tablet in it. He tells Dick to eat the news lady’s body to be the face of their company’s PR and to call “Chef Fieri” to BBQ the body for lunch. He then meets Advanced Placement prophet Kevin Tran in a conference room where he’s tied up. Kevin refuses to translate and Dick makes Edgar scare him a little with a knife which he uses to untie him.

Dick tries to bribe him with a letter of recommendation to Princeton, but he refuses still. “I admire your gumption,” Dick says and he motions to Edgar to show him a live feed of his mother with a knife to her throat.

At the cabin, Dean is reading the translation of the Word, having gone over it more times than he’s read Papa Winchester’s old Playboy featuring Anna Nicole (cue Sam’s eek face)

Sam’s still iffy on the plan laid out from the tablet, but Dean says, hey, how much better can you get than the Word of God. Bobby pops into the bathroom and suggests to Dean they call Crowley to get some of his blood for the weapon. Dean is hesitant and that makes Bobby a little upset, causing him to break the mirror.

Kevin finishes typing up the translation and Dick tells Edgar to release his mother. At Rufus’, the Bros summon Crowley who tells them he doesn’t want his blood running around so he tells them to get all the other viles of blood first before he can give them his. He says they’ll have a helluva time trying to get angel blood though and they let him think that. He gives them a tip on an alpha though and he sends them to Hoople. North Dakota.

While a gas station, they leave Bobby in the car and head inside, talking about how closer he’s getting to becoming a full vengeful spirit. They notice in the store how everyone’s out of it and realize they’ve been Turduckened by the corn syrup in everything.

So now, they can only be safe by eating bananas and water. They arrive in Hoople. Bobby scouts the house and gives them an all clear. They head inside and find three vampires with their mouths burned off sprawled on a table. They notice a strange wall and find that it opens up to a secret room with a girl inside.

She’s a virgin, one of those groomed for alphas. She says she was taken when she was 8 and has been living with the vampires since then. They bring her along to where the alpha likes to vacation sometimes. Later, one of the vampires arrives to find his comrades dead as well as Edgar waiting for him.

They go shopping for more food while the girl, Emily, waits in the car with Bobby.

“I can’t live on rabbit food. I’m a warrior.”

They realize the vampires’ insides don’t react well to the Turduckened corn syruped foodstuffs. So they decide to grab some of the contaminated blood to use for when they get to the alpha vamp’s hideout. But how are they going to get blood from any random infected person?

“It’s Woodstock, everyone’s hopped up on the brown acid.”

They spot a guy aloofly drinking a soda on the bench. Dean directly asks for some blood and he holds his arm out.

The Bros leave Emily at a motel watching TMZ after she points them to a monastery in Montana.

“What’s the Kardashian?
“Just another bloodsucker.”

Dean puts Bobby’s flask in the motel safe. Bobby is angry and slams the door in front of them, but they leave. After they’ve gone, Emily calls “daddy” with her cell phone (!) and says she’s sending him a present. She then happily walks out of the room.

Bobby tries to unlock the safe, trying every code he can think of. He gets frustrated and angry and the room goes crazy. When the housekeeper arrives, he pops in and asks her for help, but she tells him to get away from her. She turns to run, but Bobby goes after her and ends up possessing her body.

“Just till I get the bastard.”

The Bros arrive at the monastery and walk in where they are captured and taken to the alpha vamp in the dining room. Emily walks in, much to their surprise of course, and the alpha vamp tells them how he wants to peel off their faces and suck their vlood.

They try to explain how Dick is killing his vamp children by tainting their food and how together, they can stop Dick. Alpha vamp orders them to be brought to the study as Edgar arrives.

“I smell Sam and Dean Winchester,” he says.

The Bros escape the study and head back to the dining room. Edgar tells the alpha “We want you to burn like the little roaches you are” and explains their insignificance to Dick and the Leviathan race.

“I am the son of Eve,” the alpha says.
“I knew Eve, and honestly, your mommy was a whore.”

The alpha vamp splashes borax onto Edgar, but he recovers quickly… until Sam chops his head off. Having realized the Bros were right and for saving his life from Edgar, he willingly gives them a cup of his blood.

“What, no ‘Thank you’?” he asks the Bros, that they hate having to come back and try to kill him another time.

“See you next season.”
“Looking forward to it.”

The Bros get back to the motel room and find Bobby gone. They can’t believe he’d do this. But they can’t deal with him right now. They’ve almost got everything they need for the weapon, they have to focus.

Meanwhile, Dick summons Crowley. “We have so much to talk about.”

Episode Thoughts
It’s always nice to see familiar faces back. Supernatural has always built a big network of characters they can draw from, that’s how we got Crowley for instance.

Nice to establish that the Leviathan are universally hated. (Because they are.) An overall simple episode, but a solid episode heading into the finale. Interesting to see Bobby’s descent towards “vengeful spirit” mode. I don’t know why but I let out a “Oh shiiii…” when Bobby possessed that housekeeper. That was pretty crazy and will likely play a part next week.

Sad I’ll have to wait until next month to see the finale, but my only hope is that the Leviathan are done and gone before “next season” as alpha vamp said.

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