Supernatural, Episode 7.19 – Of Grave Importance

Sam and Dean get a call from an old hunter friend, Annie. She’s working a job in Bodega Bay (no birds involved) and asks to meet with them tomorrow for lunch to give them some of Bobby’s old books.

That night, Annie gets to an old abandoned house. She finds a dead couple and suddenly a large man comes at her telling her she shouldn’t be here.

Next day, Sam and Dean are waiting at the restaurant Annie said she’d meet them at. The both realize that they (and Bobby) have been “involved” with her in the past, if you know what I mean. She’s late, they try calling, but no answer. So they go to her motel room (Bobby in tow) to see what she was working on. They are led to the old Van Ness home. While the bros search through the house, Bobby realizes he can see dead people, well, now that he’s dead. And the house is full of ’em… including Annie.

Bobby and Annie sit down discussing their being dead and ghosts. Bobby tells her about exerting so much effort trying to knock a book off the table, while other ghosts can easily benchpress a piano for warm-up. They see a man come through the wall and he easily moves a chair for him to sit on. They go talk to him.

The calm fellow introduces himself as Haskell Crane. He was killed right at this bar in the home They ask if he can teach them how to move things. He says they must calm themselves or use immense rage to be able to move objects as ghosts.

Suddenly one of the female ghosts screams and flies across the room at them. Haskell tells them about what is essentially “ghost Alzheimer’s” with ghosts deteriorating away.

Sam and Dean leave. Bobby and Annie realize a woman is watching them. Victoria. She was able to use Annie’s phone to leave a message using her “ghost juju.” Bobby poofs away, having to leave the house since he can only follow around the flask in Dean’s pocket.

The bros continue researching the Van Ness home and learn about Whitman Van Ness, heir of the family home who led a tragic life until he died. The home turned into a bordello after Van Ness lost all their money. He took in a convict, Dexter (the big guy that ran towards Annie earlier) who shot Van Ness’ wife.

Back at the house, two guys, friends of the couple that had just died, go in with a camera only to get killed by, not big Dexter, but by Whitman Van Ness.. At the motel, Dean takes a shower and Bobby uses the fogged up mirror in the bathroom to try out his zen ghost powers. He is able to write “Annie trapped in House,” which Dean and Sam see. They ask who’s there and Bobby writes his name. They can’t believe it, but they rush back to the house.

There, Van Ness is scolding Dexter for trying to warn the guys away. Van Ness does sucks Dexter’s “life” away and he disappears. Victoria explains to Annie that Van Ness punished Dexter by draining him. That’s how Van Ness remains so strong, treating all these dead souls in the home as food. He killed all of ’em.

Victoria says she worked there when the house was a brothel as a hooker fancy lady and Van Ness slit her throat. Annie tells her to grab the camera as Van Ness comes to drag the two bodies to a secret room.

Sam and Dean head into the house. Bobby takes the flask from Dean’s pocket and puts it in a drawer. Victoria and Annie give the camcorder to Sam and Dean to let them know they’re there.

Annie asks Victoria to show herself. She introduces herself as a fancy lady and explains that it is all Van Ness’ doing. But Van Ness is watching from upstairs and re-kills Victoria. Sam and Dean decide to go to the cemetery to salt and burn Van Ness’ bones, but Van Ness puts a key in Sam’s coat allowing him to follow them out of the house.

Now that Van Ness is gone, Bobby and Annie go searching and find the room where all the bodies are stored. Seeing her dead body, Annie tells Bobby she wants a hunter’s funeral. She’s ready for some peace and that she’d rather be gone forever than just wandering around.

On the road, Van Ness takes control of the car, but Dean manages to stop it and they get out. As he’s about to kill Sam, he finds the key stuff in his pocket and throws it to the ground as Dean shoots it, sending Van Ness back home.

The Bros get take care of the bones just in time to save Bobby from getting double killed by Van Ness.

After taking care of the bones, including Annie’s, the Bros and Bobby have a talk outside.

Winchester Bros (and Bobby) Emo Moment of the Week
Bobby says he wanted to stay and help. Dean is visibly upset, but Bobby says he thought it was kind of important for him to help when they still have some work to do. “Sorry, what was I thinking” he says as he pops off.

In the car, with Bobby in the backseat, Sam says maybe they can make it all work. But Dean says he has no idea. This isn’t the natural order, that everything is supposed to end. He is worried this won’t end well.

Episode Thoughts
If Grimm this week gave a big history lesson, Supernatural gave a little ghost lesson. Our first full episode of ghostBobby and it was definitely interesting to see the hidden, kinda, ghost world and how they all interacted with each other. Makes you wonder how many ghosts are just wandering around you right now, just going unnoticed and maybe not really wanting to be noticed.

The most important thing to take away from the episode was, no not Sam, Dean and Bobby all sleeping with the same woman (though I guess Sam’s got the excuse that he was soulless, lol), but the new angst that’s appeared between Dean and Bobby and his decision to stay on solid ground.

I guess you can understand both sides. Bobby genuinely wants to help the boys, but maybe he also is afraid of the unknown. Dean’s struggled to accept Bobby’s death only to have him hanging around again. Just a few more episodes left this season, I wonder how they’ll be resolving that (if they will) and I’m actually kind of dreading the next few weeks since we’ll have to deal with the Leviathans. Ugh. Oh well, hopefully we’ll be rid of them soon, yes?

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